Nearly 60K ‘incorrect’ early voting ballots sent to Pinal County, AZ voters

On Aug. 2, Arizona will hold its primaries ahead of the November midterms, and it’ll be one of the hottest, must-watch primary election in the country, as it usually is.

However, at least part of the state has a massive problem just weeks ahead of the election, as it was reported that a staggering 60,000 “incorrect” early voting ballots were mailed out to residents of Pinal County, and there’s not much time left to correct the situation.

Pinal County elections director David Frisk was quick to jump out in front of the situation, as backlash intensified online. “This was not a system glitch or a computer error or anything nefarious,” Frisk said. “It was no fault of anyone in the recorder’s office; it’s my mistake.”

Frisk explained the error was caused by incorrect information being entered into the computer that prints the ballots.

AZ Family noted: “Because of the error, voters in seven cities and towns in Pinal County received early ballots missing their local municipal races. The cities and towns included were Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Eloy, Mammoth, Maricopa, Queen Creek and Superior.”

“We are not sitting on our hands,” said County Attorney Kent Volkmer, as lawsuits have already been filed by at least one candidate, and likely more. “My office, we worked through the weekend Saturday, Sunday. We are exploring all of our options.”

He added: “Right now, I believe potentially holding a separate special election for those districts seems to be the most likely scenario.”

No matter what the outcome in the Arizona primaries, it appears that the state has a number of legal challenges that will have to play out. It’s unclear how it might ultimately affect the state’s general election in November.