Nearly 1 million non-citizens now eligible to vote in NYC municipal elections

Democrats, in yet another desperate attempt to bolster their voter rolls, just made an eye-opening move in New York City that is already generating extreme controversy at all levels.

According to Fox News, the New York City Council on Thursday approved a measure that will allow a staggering 800,000 non-citizens, which includes green card and visa holders, the ability to vote in future municipal elections. Thankfully, illegal aliens are not included in the measure, and the non-citizens included will not be able to vote in state or federal elections. 

Another eligibility requirement will require those eligible to have resided in New York City for at least 30 days.

Even some of the city’s high-profile Democrats are questioning the move, such as New York Democratic Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo, who claims the move could dilute the Black vote in future municipal elections.

“This particular legislation is going to shift the power dynamics in NYC in a major way, and we do not have the numbers or the information to know how that is going to impact African-American communities,” Cumbo said.

Outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has also expressed opposition to the new idea, saying that such matters should be decided in the state legislature. However, it was reported that he has no plans of vetoing the new measure.

The New York State Republican Party, unsurprisingly, is furious with the council’s approval of the new program and has already vowed to legally fight it until it’s rescinded.

“We pledge action, legal or otherwise, any means necessary to stop this dangerous legislation from undermining our elections,” said New York GOP party chairman Nick Langworthy. He added that the party believes the program will give foreign powers “the ability to influence U.S. elections.

Only time will tell if New York Republicans are able to quash the new program before it gets off the ground, but if not, it sets a dangerous precedent that other Democrat-led cities will undoubtedly follow in the near future.