National Guard will remain in DC for months

Nancy Pelosi won’t answer questions about how low she plans to keep the National Guard in DC – but emails obtained by Fox News indicate that the Guard will remain in DC through the summer and perhaps longer.

Why do we need the National Guard in the nation’s capital? Are Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi only able to remain in power by the force of a military dictatorship?

Fox reports:

The National Guard could stay in Washington, D.C. for the next several months, with an internal email indicating troops could be on the ground in the U.S. capital until Fall 2021, according to a recent report.

An internal communication obtained by local affiliate FOX 5 DC shows the National Security Council has asked the Department of Defense (DoD) to coordinate plans with the U.S. Capitol Police for continued deployment beyond the previously set March date.

Officials estimate that the total cost for the National Guard deployment at $450 million.

The news had many commentators wondering why the nation’s capital looks like an armed camp. Is this “healing”?

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61 Responses

  1. They are afraid we the people will be shown their corruption any time now and dont want to be burnt at the stake so to speak

  2. Now this old prune is having the military (that’s right military – check out what the National Guard is) protect her from the American people !!! The military is there to protect and defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic – not to keep people away from DC !!! Only a truthful inquiry into the riot of the Nation’ Capitol will tell a true story !!! What’s she so afraid of ??? Maybe her character ??? Or her actions ???

  3. Trump didn’t have anything to do with what happened at the White House. He did request six thousand of NATIONAL GUARD BEFORE JANUARY 6! PELOSI TURN HIM DOWN AND THE CAPITAL POLICE CHIEF AS WELL! It coming out soon! So here is the reason PELOSI want to keep these NATIONAL GUARD there! BECAUSE she is GUILTY OF A CRIME! PLANNED IT WELL WITH THE MAYOR OF DC AND CAPITAL POLICE CHIEF!

  4. These troops need to start thinking hard! We need a military COUP IN THEIR range! All this is something PELOSI going turn the military on the AMERICA people! If these troops understand what they agree to when they sign up! They can see the HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE HAS BROKEN EVERY CONSTITUTION LAWS! So general if you love your COUNTRY. You need to get busy on finding out if this sick Pelosi is trying to do WHAT WAS DONE TO MUSLIM DURING 9/11! SHE WON’T TAKE RESPONSIBLE FOR HER ACTION ON JANUARY 6! TRYING TO BLAME 75 MILLION INNOCENT PEOPLE! FOR HER ROLE IN THE ATTACK ON THE WHITE HOUSE! ONE OF ANTIFA MEMBER WAS ON VIDEO HOLLOWING HE WAS PAY TO START THE RIOT!

  5. Anyone remember howdy doody? Pilousi is a very strong resemblance. You know that puppet of old!!! Somebody is pulling her strings.

  6. Piglosi has them there so if and when this insane administration decides to declare martial law, the n.g. Will already be in place to take over. It’s a no brainer! But—— hopefully, it will blow up in her face, like the two sham impeachment’s! Will that old bag ever learn? Probably not!

  7. When ALL the Proof of Election Fraud comes to light, Pelosi wants to be protected!! That is the reason the NG is there in the First Place!!

    If the Democrats ACTUALLY Won the Election, Without FRAUD, there would be NO REASON for the Walls, Wire, National Guard to be present at The Capitol!!! They currently are so filled with FEAR, that They will be EXPOSED!! THAT The People they are supposed to Represent, Will Come For Them!!! With the Many, Many LIES they told, to GAIN VOTES, only to Betray THEM IMMEDIATELY!! THAT is a Second Reason for the Walks, the Wire, the NG!!! They are Betraying Our Country, Destroying It, With Each EO, and with each Decision They Make To Ignore US, The CITIZENS of THIS COUNTRY, and Disregard What We Want, Wish.
    Washington is supposed to be working for US, the Citizens!! Not Illegal Immigrants!! At This Time, With Covid 19 Rampant, We should not be Accepting Thousands and Thousands of Illegal Immigrants from Our Southern Borders, to Be Released Without Testing!! These are decisions that can cause Irreparable Harm to us!! Increase in Covid 19, since incoming Illegal Aliens are Caught, Released, WITHOUT TESTING!! Because they are Caught and Released, there is also a high possibility that criminals are infiltrating our country!! So, our Citizens will Suffer Death, Harm by those that should Never have been let into our country!!!! All this, because The Democrats just want more bodies here, to vote, for them, in Future Elections!!

  8. First they stold the election and falsely accused president Trump starting a riot at the white house and held a trial to impeach a president that is no longer in office and that goes against the constitution because you can only impeach a president who is still in office. Now she is going to wasted tax payers money on the military to protect her from the American people of this country. I have to say this, but our leaders of this country that we voted in there are cowards and justed as evil as the Democrats who are talking away our rights and freedom. Gods judgement is coming soon apoun you all.

  9. THIS ACT BY PELOSI IS SO OUTRAGEOUS!! What is she afraid of? She is so full of hate and done so much damage it is time to get her out of DC!!!!!!
    How can she be allowed to keep Our Troops at DC for so long they have more important projects!! Plus the cost just because she is scared!!! HELP HELP HELP someone with common sense straighten this out!!! Come on Biden wake up and do your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. why is this happening in the U.S.A. do you think that if all the young men that gave up their lives in all of
    the wars that we were involved in could get out of their graves and see what the crazy people are doing
    to our country do think they would say was it really worth it? may God help us all.

  11. Not sure how old Queen Nancy is but she needs to retire. I am almost 80 years old and had enough sense to retire when the body decided to start to slow down. I have watched the Queen on tv enough to know her and Joe both suffer from diminished mental ability and agility. The only reason to keep the Guard there is to enforce there military dictatorship. REVOLT.

  12. Chill everyone they are there to arrest the Corrupt Politicians in their time, break out the popcorn, sodas and enjoy the show. Be Patient!

  13. We, the American people, want our property back. The WH, capitol, etc. belong to us not Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, AOC, elected representatives. US! Send the NG home and remove the walls and other barriers. Besides didn’t Pelosi say walls don’t work?

  14. How dare big tech sensor free speech!! Who the he’ll do they think they are??? Last I knew, in this country, we have a thing called free speechwhich is guaranteed by the constitution! I don’t recall anything in there giving big tech the right to decide what is or isn’t acceptable. And if our government officials had any spine, they would step up and tell the big tech companies to stay in their own lane.😡

  15. When the truth comes to surface about Nazi Nancy and Biden’s Buffoons they will need more than the NG, barb wire and their hate for America to save them.

  16. Seriously these people need to take a cognitive and mental evaluation. These people are seriously screwed up in the head and they are the ones running our country. Can you imagine if Trump would’ve called out the military like this to occupy D.C. what a load of horse crap. But just relax and take a breath because their house of cards are starting to fall. And they will all be in jail before long. Keep the faith.

  17. Hey anyone listening to this should read the A AMERICAN BOOK Series and really pay attention to it because Nancy Pelosi is trying to do exactly what these books say! I am guessing Nancy has already read this series BUT NOT ALL AMERICANS HAVE AND REALLY SHOULD!! AMERICA WAKE UP and really because then you will see what is about to happen allover America and how you can lose everything you have!!
    You will NOT be able to drive a car or any vehicle before a certain time period as you will all be disabled and need a car or truck that is not full electrical! IT HAS TO BE FULLY standard if at all possible! You need to put away Matches and emergency supplies for tour future and anything that is easily potable too! I am NOT trying to scare you all BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT!SO please for you & your families safety please read A America Series, just ask for them at local library, their are about 8/9 books in the series and is very gripping story telling BUT CAN BE ALL VERY TRUE UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES TOO!!!URGENT PLEASE READ!

  18. It is time that someone put Nancy (Loose Denture) in her place, she is the one who is causing harm to this beautiful Country, because she does not know what she is doing. It is time for Nancy to earn her money, because right now she is getting paid for hating Trump, this is all what she is doing. Because she hates Trump so much, she does not care who she hurts and this is not good for the Country. We must have some Law abiding people who are not afraid to fly in her face and tell her she is going in the wrong direction. C’on sensible people, stop letting this crazy OLD WOMAN who does not know what she is doing waste the tax people money. Do something for God sake, do something about this OLD WOMAN. She is too old to be TOPS. We need Young Blood not old senile woman.

  19. when does nancys’ impeachment trial start? mainly for holding back the extra security from national guard that was asked of her 2 days before jan.6 ?????? now she wants the guard there 24/7 365 days i guess to ease her own mind for all the damage she created and the country

  20. These actions by Piglosi only costs American taxpayers monies, if she had to use her OWN MONEY, they would have never been there in the first place!

  21. It’s too bad that we can’t control where we want our tax money to be spent. Definitely not here and so many other places where the Democrats want to use it!

  22. Someone needs to close Pelosi’s office, drive her to National, with a one way ticket to her palace in California, place her in a wheel chair, add a blanket, and make sure her shaky hands are underneath. Delete all her e-mail accounts so no one hears from her ever again. This is called JUSTICE

  23. If the people in the WH that scared then they need to change there profession and stay home cause they r only a wasted expense to the American tax paying people they r suppose to take care of us and that is NOT happening so they are FIRED

      1. I agree all the states should recall their National Guard troops! Then Pelosi will have to buy her own personal guards because America has found her out and she is running scared!!

        1. I agree. I’m her age and she pisses me off that I can’t stand seeing her face. Maybe I can take her behind the capital and teach her a lesson she would never forget. Nothing but a lying piece of crap. Hope her grandchildren find out what she is and hate her forever.

    1. January 6th came out precisely as vindictive Nancy Pelosi designed she knew trump would be there she deflected all the help on January 5th all in an effort to make our good president Look bad then they falsified information in an effort to impeach Trump. The only thing Democrat’s can fix is elections

      1. Let them idiots keep going,, its going to keep boiling right up till it explodes like a zit,, and they’ll all end up in Guantanamo,,,

    1. All they are doing is driving already enraged millions of conservative Americans deeply into more actions. I guess this is Biden’s version of bringing unity. The left may live to regret this.

      1. January 6th came out precisely as vindictive Nancy Pelosi designed she knew trump would be there she deflected all the help on January 5th all in an effort to make our good president Look bad then they falsified information in an effort to impeach Trump.
        The only thing Democrat’s can fix is elections. The insurgence people were BLM and ANTIFA dressed up like trump supporters, I only can hope through facial recognition that they are arrested , but than again they were invited by the Democrat’s that means (no Punishment) I have seen pictures of their busses Arriving.

    2. Totally agree – they do not care about the American citizens at all. Everything is about their stupid pet peeves!! They all should be thrown out of Washington DC. Those troops have families and jobs and there is no need for this stupidity at all! If they weren’t so crooked and dishonest, they wouldn’t be playing scared.

      1. This stupidity is at the hands of Nancy Pelosi along with Schumer and Biden. We all recall how Biden made the remark at the time of inauguration that he thought they would shoot him, well Pelosi is scared that someone is after her after the pigs head on her property along with the red paint and message. Now with two people going to the WH wanting to deliver a letter to Biden over the weekend and when they were arrested they had loaded guns. Yes Pelosi is scared But look at all the vindictive things she has done not only to Trump but also to hurt the American citizens. Her best bet is to resign and go live elsewhere.

    3. The Democraps are scared that Trump will be back and take over. He never concede. When all these cases end up in the courts Trump will be president. Hopefully he brings in his own military. Remember, there is still some 22 cases of voter fraud still going through the court system.

        1. Why not? Maybe the 25th amendment can be used to impeach a treasonous President!
          Appears to me that from President Biden down to the least one of the cabinet positions
          Etc are sitting in an illegal chair! Isn’t’t it a domino effect/affects? If someone else has the
          right answer to this…….then please share with all of us who have been politically abused by a stolen Uncle Joe Biden regime!

      1. Maybe the troops are not there at Nancy Pelosi’s request, and that is why she can’t answer the questions !

    4. January 6th came out precisely as vindictive Nancy Pelosi designed she knew trump would be there she deflected all the help on January 5th all in an effort to make our good president Look bad then they falsified information in an effort to impeach Trump. The only thing Democrat’s can fix is elections. Nancy’s afraid every body wants to do away with her, she belongs in orange for treason.

      1. May I advise you to try deleting. Please …. I am 1000 % for Trump and every single one of my 100 million + Brothers and Sisters. All winners , I’m sure you are one of us too ..Nothing they can do ,no lie nor by force could they make us losers . A winner is sure , confident and secure .WANNABE winners ,losers can act but they will be scared . The whole world knows the truth. Please ,I do not want trouble for you over a comment .Most of the world probably hug you for it but it can also be used against you and I do not wish that for you. Please delete before it is noticed


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