Nasty Alabama judge removed from bench after verbally assaulting colleagues, employees

While most people blindly trust that appointed judges are generally of good character and have the best interest of the justice system in mind as they make decisions, that’s certainly not always the case, and especially not the case in Jefferson County, Alabama.

According to the Daily Caller, Judge Nakita Blocton recently found herself unemployed after she was removed from the bench by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. Blocton was accused of a number of egregious outbursts against not only her colleagues, but also against her employees, and shockingly, against several litigants.

Among the many accusations that led to her firing, Blocton reportedly called another judge a “fat bi**h,” and an “Uncle Tom,” a racial slur used against Black people.

Even more bizarre was an accusation from one of her employees, who claims that Blocton made her take a diet pill known as Phentermine in order to have the energy to work late into the night.

Adding to her list of sickening offenses were accusations that Blocton made her employees show up to work even during COVID-19 quarantine periods, and often threatened to fire her employees if they didn’t continually work long hours. She also reportedly berated one of her employees simply for having to use the restroom.

Blocton is a typical example of a judge who believes they are, in fact, above the law, and above everyone around them simply because of an important title.

But perhaps the most frightening — and weird — accusation that Blocton faces stems from an allegation that she used “fake” Facebook accounts to communicate — extremely inappropriately and against all known ethics standards — with litigants of a divorce case she presided over.

Some of her comments in what amounted to “hundreds” of pages of communications included “The devil is watching you,” and, “Leave those Black women democrats alone or the devil is going to get you.”

It’s clear now that not only was Blocton a horrible, poor example of a sitting judge, but she also very clearly needs to seek psychological treatment, as something is definitely not right inside her mind.