Nashville bomber confirmed dead – killed in massive explosion

The bomber that terrorized Nashville is confirmed dead after an extensive police investigation.

His name was Anthony Quinn Warner, and he was 63 years old. Police are still investigating his motive for the bombing, which is unclear.

Fox reports:

Police said Warner owned the RV that exploded in downtown Nashville early Friday, and that he died in the blast.

Human tissue was found amongst the debris left behind by the explosion, and DNA examinations of tissue samples by The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and FBI were found to be consistent with Warner. In addition, the Tennessee Highway Patrol uncovered a vehicle identification number from the remains of the RV, which revealed it was registered to Warner.

The lack of an immediate motive has eerie similarities to the Las Vegas shooting, as does the age of the shooter. Thankfully, the Nashville bombing didn’t have the same devastating lethality.

But without a motive, police are going to face strong scrutiny. Meaningless acts of violence don’t exist – there’s always a reason, even if it’s hidden beneath the surface.

Authorities said that there is “no indication” that any other suspects were involved.

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  1. Seems very suspicious! And I am sure the fact that dominion machines were in a business in that vicinity had nothing to do with it? Yea ok- nothing to see here…………crooks, liars and downright disgusting government here in the US!

      1. Yup, second comment disappeared. Gee, that almost makes me think I’m being deliberately censored, but since I’m such a dummy, I know that would never happen. We’re guaranteed freedom of speech.

        1. Last try. Lately, it seems, the FBI could get lost in a phone booth, so where did they get the DNA to match against the bomber’s remains? If it was banked somewhere, how did they know whose sample they needed? Will someone answer me that? If I get censored again I will be sorely vexed.

          1. Well, well, third time is the charm. This one showed up. Now all I need is an answer. Someone, anyone, please? How did the FBI know ahead whose DNA matched that of the bomber? It’s a simple question, I will be satisfied with a simple answer. Thank you, whoever you are.

  2. Just saying, if this was the location where all the Dominion Voting Machines were to be taken to be inspected for voter tapering. It might be the reason the bomb was set off in an attempt to possibly destroy the voting machines before they were investigated and any irregularities were found by the FBI or Special Council selected by the New AG to look into the matter.

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