Nancy Pelosi’s husband buys stock in company about to receive a military contract

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has caused raised eyebrows due to the actions of her husband, Paul Pelosi, who purchased millions of dollars worth of a stock immediately affected by government movements, according to The Washington Examiner

The report showed evidence that on March 19 Paul Pelosi “exercised call options and paid $1.95 million to buy 15,000 shares of Microsoft at a strike price of $130 each,” a move that turned out to be very advantageous for the couple’s bottom line. 

The information was disclosed in an April 9 form to the House Clerk, which also showed that there was a second transaction for $1.4 million that acquired the couple 10,000 shares at $140 each, on the same day. 

Paul Pelosi also reportedly spent between $500,001 and $1 million on 10,000 shares of Roblox Corporation stock the day it went public, which was March 10. 

Those purchases were noteworthy because Paul Pelosi’s purchase happened to coincide with Microsoft being awarded a contract to build 120,000 HoloLens augmented reality headsets in a massive military contract, according to a CNBC report cited by the Examiner.

 Microsoft’s stock jumped up almost 12 percent on the day of Pelosi’s seemingly planned purchase, and Roblox, which is a platform for user-generated games, increased around 23.8 percent on the day it went public. 

According to the Examiner, members of Congress and their spouses are required to report trades that are valued at more than $1,000 to the clerk, which is how the California lawmaker’s tidy gains made the news. 

MoneyInc estimated Nancy Pelosi’s net worth as being around $120 million early in 2021, but other speculations put it possibly over $200 million, with the exact number being hard to pin down. 

Since the House Speaker takes home just north of $200,000, it has some wondering just how many deals with inside knowledge have gone down benefiting those in “the know.”

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    1. They should check all of the dems in Congress to see if they are also need to get the orange suits that the pelosi should be getting.

        1. Speechless when it comes to criminal activity by democrats they are above the law its astounding what they get away with

        2. You’re kidding, right? You think all or most of our politicians lie cheat and steal? These people are elected to represent the people in their district NOT take advantage of “insider” information. Most were probably honest at one time, probably before they got into politics. Check the $ worth of every person in the house and senate the day they were elected & check it after one term. Bet you $ to doughnuts most would have a marked increase in their worth, $wise but not as a person.

          1. Honest, when? In kindergarten, maybe. Their stash is hidden deep into the Bills; along with lucrative Planned Parenthood that they’re so proud of. Just ask Chelsea Clinton. The apple doesn’t fall far from THAT tree. And IT IS designed to ‘de-populate’ the nation.

      1. How did Biden get several millions of dollars worth of houses on a senators salary for 48 years??????? Why has Hunter not been prosecuted???????

        1. As long as “DADDY” is president; Hunter can kill and mane whoever he wants… Is he making child payment to all those women???

    2. I believe you’re exactly right! Tell me how it is that she gets to do everything in the wide world never gets caught, and never pays the consequences. You think she think she’s God. I got news for, she’s not but trust me God sees her! God don’t like ugly and she’s definitely ugly!

    3. That would be fantastic. I said Nancy got rich by pillow talk with her husband and wow it sure seems true.

      1. If we had a justice system or a honest FBI to investigate the Democrats in Congress making such stocks purchase there may not be as many criminals in government.

    4. Been lots of non-political people jailed for less money! Lock the BOTH up and fine them a few million dollars!


    6. I agree with the sentiment.
      Congress exempted themselves from insider trading. We would go to jail for the exact same purchase.
      Don’t you just love our elected officials taking the American People to the bank?

    7. It IS ‘insider trading’–no matter what ‘label’ they put on it!! ‘Other’ people have been put in prison on those charges but, once again, it seem Pelosi and husband are immune to our laws!! There is a more ‘insidious’ side to this, though. They are buying stock in companies affiliated with ‘war’!! Many Dems made millions, including the Bidens, during war-times. I’m watching Biden in the middle East and it seems to me, he’s stirring up trouble there. Never mind Afganistan! That’s all ‘show’, for ‘our’ benefit!! It’s the Arab countries and his interference that has me concerned. This ‘fool’ is gearing up for war!! What he and Pelosi aren’t taking into consideration is that this isn’t 1960’s!!! War today is much more lethal than it ever has been!!! Global war would be disasterous for everyone. However, all they care about is making money!!

  1. Thought there were…”SUPPOSED”..??….to Laws against having the Inside Track Knowledge with Stocks…..Must Not Pertain to Paul Pelosi, due to NOTHING EVER….Is Done About Nancy Pelosi……..Figures.?? The Corrupt – Just Keep Getting More Corrupt and Nothing is EVER DONE ABOUT IT…… Amazing.!!???

      1. Democrats have a different set of rules and laws to go by!! If that was the average American citizen, they would be in prison…People as Americans we need to stand up and demand justice!!!

    1. Put them in prison for the rest of their lives, take all their money and properties and give it to Trump. That would be the ultimate penalty.

  2. Thought there were…”SUPPOSED”..??….to BE Laws against having the Inside Track Knowledge with Stocks…..Must Not Pertain to Paul Pelosi, due to NOTHING EVER….Is Done About Nancy Pelosi……..Figures.?? The Corrupt – Just Keep Getting More Corrupt and Nothing is EVER DONE ABOUT IT…… Amazing.!!???

  3. I think it’s time to start distroying the people who are distroying us. guantanimo bay for all of them

  4. There’s a saying in Spanish which translates to:You catch a liar faster than a person with a broken foot

  5. pinky big tit nancy is a really greedy little lady…………if martha can go to jail so can she…………inside trading………at ist best i would say……..lets see how se will look in orange. dont sweep under the rug. remember we will vote again.

  6. She is and has been always a crook. The first time I ever heard of Pelosi was when she managed to exempt her husband’s business from having to comply with laws that were to prevent products being sold in the US made with slave level wages. C’mon, Nancy, you belong in jail!

  7. INSIDER TRADING is a crime; but, when You have risen to become Nancy’s level—-THAT CRIME IS A HIGH CRIME. Nancy needs to be removed from Her office Monday Morning–April 19, 2021. Interesting about a financial criminal dead in prison at 82 years—when Nancy P.’s crime comes to light.

  8. We must give this anti American congresswoman and her husband a f——— good slap on the face. These weasels need to de held accountable by the congress. They go to work for us and when there finished they retire millionaires. Something wrong with this picture, can you see it ? All Democrats and a lot of Republicans need to be thrown in jail, and sooner than later. Bastards.

  9. Why is she not removed from office and put in jail, I guess because she is a criminal and they are aloud to get away with murder and it’s ok because they lie, cheat and treat us all like dirt, we are just Proud Americans and they try taking all of our rights away!!!

  10. Pelosi is a total slimebag with no morals or conscious. She professes to be a Catholic and a supporter of the working people😂Nothing is farther from the truth. There is a very hot place waiting for her soon🔥🔥🔥🔥👹👹

  11. Does not China still own Microsoft illegally because of Obama or maybe it was Bush or Clinton? Yes Trump was correct WE allowed the sell off of the United States.

  12. If you break the law. You need to be put into an orange jumpsuit with no bail. Paul and Nancy Pelosi broke the law. Get her off the speaker position!!!!! We need to have honest people that love the USA as a speaker!!!!

  13. Rather interesting that they have that kind of money to spend considering she’s Speaker of the House wonder what he does for a living!

    1. He is the owner of a construction company… with lots of Government contracts!! Makes you wonder why they always say they are going after the fat cats at tax time. Huh.. like you think they are going to tax themselves and their fellow millionaires friends. Gracious people were you all born under rocks? Also, she has been kicked out of the Church, because of her stand on Abortions…

  14. DOJ Why aren’t you doing the work of the people? Could it be you are in bed with all the political crooks? Prosecute or Resign so someone with ethics and backbone can prosecute

  15. This does not surprise me, but neither of them can take it with them when they die and they will have to answer for all of the shady things that they have done, of course the DOJ will not do anything since the democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress, but it would be nice to see if this action is investigated, but I doubt it

  16. You’ve been Busted Nancy!
    Insider trading is against the law. The Securities and Exchange Commission needs
    to do it’s job and open a full investigation. It’s time that crooked Nancy is fitted for an orange jump suit and spend some time in prison.

  17. WOW 😱, and just when is their arrests going to take place? We ALL want camera’s there so we can watch her go DOWN. IF it doesn’t happen then we need to throw out ALL the law’s, because nothing makes sense, good for some but not for other’s. What happened to EQUALITY???

  18. Our controllers are overpaid. The people who wrote the constitution set it up where these people were servants of the people. They’ve made themselves something like royalty.

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