Nancy Pelosi’s election as House Speaker is in doubt because of the pandemic

Nancy Pelosi’s supporters were sure that she would easily win reelection to her position as Speaker of the House.

Now it appears that she’ll need to successfully perform a “high wire act” to pull it off. 

Pelosi herself claims to have the needed votes – Democrats lead Republicans 222-211 with one seat undecided, and one seat vacant due to the death of incoming congressman Luke Letlow, a Republican. But that assumes that all the Democrats will be there, and that they’ll all vote for Pelosi.

As the AP noted: “The full House elects the speaker, and Democrats will have the chamber’s smallest majority in 20 years in a vote in which Republicans are certain to vote unanimously against her, joined by Democratic defectors….’It’s extraordinarily tricky’ for Pelosi, said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., an 18-year congressional veteran. Still, he said, he expects her to prevail ‘because I don’t see what the alternative is’ for Democrats.”

Those words seem to indicate a really volatile situation for Pelosi. How many times has “the alternative” become clear if the initial voting fails to produce a conclusive result?

The AP again:

But at 80, about the same age as her top two lieutenants, Pelosi remains a source of frustration for younger Democrats eager to climb the leadership chain. Discontent and division have grown after expected gains in last month’s elections evaporated and 12 Democrats lost House seats, prompting calls for fresh messengers in response to criticism that party leaders did a poor job of campaigning on the country’s deep economic problems.

No Democratic rival to Pelosi has emerged, greatly diminishing the odds she’ll be toppled. Perhaps unanimously, Republicans will back Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California for speaker, but he seems destined to become minority leader again.

Even so, Pelosi must minimize the number of Democrats opposing her.

Of 15 Democrats who bucked her when she was elected speaker in January 2019, three lost reelection last month. One is in a race where votes are still being counted and another became a Republican.

That leaves 10 Democrats who opposed her two years ago.

If all 211 Republicans vote against her, only six defectors would be required to unseat her. Wouldn’t that be a great way to usher in 2021?

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  1. I sure hope Nancy loses and is taken down. Power corrupst and absolute power corrupts absolutely as evidenced by Nancy!!!

      1. I agree Nancy should go. But the big question is Who are you going to replace her with??????? I hope it isn’t AOC. GOD FORBID

  2. Now can we count on them to vote her out!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would be the 2nd best news of the new year!! the first will be that our President Trump will be in the White House!!!

  3. Nancy Pelosi has lied so many times during her tenure as Speaker it just doesn’t make any sense to put her in that position again. Put her out to pasture and get her out of our government. She is an accident looking for a place to happen.

  4. At 80 years old, why is she still in office. Vote her out and terminate her. This is ridiculous and absolutely evil for her to still be there.

  5. Pelosi is a hard nose who wants the power to do what “she” wants. She doesn’t serve the needs of Americans caught in this covid/economic tragedy. When Americans were suffering from that Pelosi wanted her way defying trump. She showed her self absorbed tunnel vision by tearing up trumps speech for all America and the world to see. Its long overdo for her “brand” of politics to end.Her on state is on the brink of collapse. Do the nation a favour and quit Pelosi you’ve done more than enough damage to America.

  6. Nancy Pelosi is a senile old delusional hag who thrives on her power that she is second – in – line to be President – she prances around on stage like she is queen – somebody, please take Nancy out ” behind the woodshed ” and put her out of her misery – she is way beyond the point of usefulness to Americans .

  7. Omg! Piglosi bieng voted out would be the answer to my prayers! She is NOT FIT TO BE SPEAKER! She has proved that over and over again! She held up the virus relief package to punish President Trump, but she punished all of us as well! That should not stand! Her political snit fits are disgusting to say the least! She self aggrandizes too much, she thinks SHE is in control, and prances around like a Queen, with her sickening smile and her squalky voice, she sounds more like a harpy than a person. And—- she is an arrogant bully to boot! If there are ANY demonrats with a spine, they will refuse to vote for her, put Kevin McCarthy in as speaker, then something can be done FOR the country, instead of TO it! She has had her place center stage for too long, time to ring down the curtain on her “ sideshow” and vote a REAL person in as speaker!

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