Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt stock trading scandal explodes

Joe Biden’s recent announcement that he’s moving the federal government to an all-electric fleet provided a boost to electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla.

Now, a bombshell report indicates that one of Biden’s most important allies, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, personally benefitted from the government action.

In a nutshell: 

Yahoo Finance, usually a bastion of left-wing commentary, smelled a rat as well:

Nancy Pelosi made some stock purchases last month that are raising eyebrows — and questions — about the ethics of Congresspeople buying and selling stocks. In December, Rep. Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, purchased 25 call options of Tesla stocks, along with a few other stock purchases. Why does this matter? Because under the Biden administration’s new agenda, with its focus on environmental protections and combating climate change, Pelosi could benefit financially from those political plans.

…Biden also announced on Monday that he would be replacing the entire fleet of 645,000 federal vehicles with electric ones. This could create a conflict of interest, as part of Pelosi’s job will include working to pass these environmental and clean energy initiatives — initiatives from which her family now stands to profit handsomely.

The details are right there in black and white. “According to the disclosure, Pelosi (or her husband, Paul, who runs a venture capital firm) purchased call options at a stake price of $500. Since the calls were bought last month, shares of Tesla have risen from $640.34 to over $890. The call options are now valued at $1.12; they were purchased for between $500,000 and $1 million.”

We’ve known all along that Nancy Pelosi is corrupt and amoral. Her “hairstyling for me and not for thee,” scandal gave that game away. But the scale and audacity of Pelosi’s corruption is shocking. She KNOWS that the media will never report anything that would make her look bad, because it would hurt the Democrat party.

What a mess.