Nancy Pelosi stands by compromised Congressman Eric Swalwell

Despite his connection to a confirmed Chinese spy, Nancy Pelosi says she’s not concerned about Rep. Eric Swalwell’s position on the House Intelligence Committee.

“In terms of Mr. Swalwell — in the spring of 2015, the leadership of the House and the [Intelligence] Committee were informed that overtures from a Chinese person were being made to members of Congress,” Pelosi said. “When that was made known to the members of Congress, it was over.”

When she says “it was over,” what exactly is she talking about? Swalwell is still on the Intelligence Committee, and in the intervening years, he’s also run for President. It’s absolutely unacceptable, in fact treasonus, for Pelosi to adopt such a blase attitude to the presence of confirmed spies on the staff of members of Congress.

And not just any members – a member of the House Intelligence Committee, which hears top-secret National Security information on a regular basis. But when asked by Fox News’ Chad Pergram whether background checks were needed, she replied: “I don’t know that it means that we have background checks for every intern who comes into the Capitol.”

Why is Nancy Pelosi ok with Chinese spies in the US Congress?

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy isn’t having any of it.

“This is a national security threat,” McCarthy said. “Now we have Eric Swalwell, who’s been swindled by the Chinese, but what’s even more interesting here is why did he attack the American Director of Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s report talking about the expansion of China spying throughout … just last week. He attacked … Ratcliffe defending China.”

“This man should not be in the intel committee. He’s jeopardizing national security…When did Nancy Pelosi know of this and why did she maintain him on the committee? Adam Schiff, who has spent four years as chair worried about the foreign intervention into our country, knowingly keep an individual on the committee, if he knew, as Swalwell says, that he was with a Chinese individual who was a spy, who helped him run for Congress?”

Good question.