Nancy Pelosi sends a letter to colleagues admitting there is no threat on the Capitol

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted in a letter to her colleagues on Monday that there “does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary security fencing.”

Pelosi cited a letter from Congressional Acting House Sergeant at Arms Timothy P. Blodgett where he further said “Over the course of this week, the [Architect of the Capitol] and [U.S. Capitol Police] will work to reposition the inner perimeter fencing around Capitol Square.”

In layman’s terms, the report appears to be saying that there is no more call for the menacing fencing around the United States Capitol building that has served as a stark reminder of the nation’s political divide of recent years. 

In her letter, Pelosi addressed the change saying that “alterations to the temporary fencing around the Capitol will soon be made, and the National Guard presence will also begin to draw down.” 

She was not, however, willing to admit defeat on the issue of a credible threat. She went on to say that “the USCP will continue to monitor the threat posture, and plans will be adjusted if and as needed.”

Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield reported on what he called the “Permanent Military Occupation” of Washington D.C. earlier in the week, stating the sad way in which the left addressed the Jan. 6 Capitol riot: 

 “The Democrats deployed ten times more troops to fight other Americans than to fight Al Qaeda… D.C. was filled with armed checkpoints. Razor wire cut off the Mall as the city turned into Baghdad.”

The journalist went on to reveal that “$500 million was being spent on the Biden military occupation.” 

Pelosi’s bombshell revelation essentially confirms that the rioters who did, indeed, break the law and do things that they should be punished for, were, as most suspected; a fringe few who didn’t represent any great plot. Just a few hotheads (whose political affiliation can be debated at a later date) who were shut down by Capitol Police.