Nancy Pelosi sends a letter to colleagues admitting there is no threat on the Capitol

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted in a letter to her colleagues on Monday that there “does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary security fencing.”

Pelosi cited a letter from Congressional Acting House Sergeant at Arms Timothy P. Blodgett where he further said “Over the course of this week, the [Architect of the Capitol] and [U.S. Capitol Police] will work to reposition the inner perimeter fencing around Capitol Square.”

In layman’s terms, the report appears to be saying that there is no more call for the menacing fencing around the United States Capitol building that has served as a stark reminder of the nation’s political divide of recent years. 

In her letter, Pelosi addressed the change saying that “alterations to the temporary fencing around the Capitol will soon be made, and the National Guard presence will also begin to draw down.” 

She was not, however, willing to admit defeat on the issue of a credible threat. She went on to say that “the USCP will continue to monitor the threat posture, and plans will be adjusted if and as needed.”

Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield reported on what he called the “Permanent Military Occupation” of Washington D.C. earlier in the week, stating the sad way in which the left addressed the Jan. 6 Capitol riot: 

 “The Democrats deployed ten times more troops to fight other Americans than to fight Al Qaeda… D.C. was filled with armed checkpoints. Razor wire cut off the Mall as the city turned into Baghdad.”

The journalist went on to reveal that “$500 million was being spent on the Biden military occupation.” 

Pelosi’s bombshell revelation essentially confirms that the rioters who did, indeed, break the law and do things that they should be punished for, were, as most suspected; a fringe few who didn’t represent any great plot. Just a few hotheads (whose political affiliation can be debated at a later date) who were shut down by Capitol Police. 

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  1. When will this person leave Washington. I hope soon because I am sick looking at her. She is the worst speaker of the house that ever existed. Stay home and bother your neighbors.

  2. It is all about keeping you in jail! So, to speak They can’t put everyone in jail so they are doing the next best thing, they are putting you under house arrest ( they call this a lock down because they can’t legally put you under house arrest ). This way they don’t have to say martial law, which would be illegal. They want to keep you from working or making money, because they want you totally dependent on the state, so that you will vote to become a [email protected] [email protected] I keep trying to tell people this, but they don’t seem to get it, so I don’t know why I waste my time.

  3. Keep following the science, not Dr. Fauci, it will get you there. The science says that you are 80% more likely to get covid 19 in your home, than anywhere else. So, if you want to get it stay home.

  4. Agree to all posts! The old bag is afraid she will be found out! She fears that the antifa and blm thugs she and Schumer hired to breach the building will come to collect their money! She is using the guard as her personal security detail, and mis treating them as well! She should pay for that, and be removed from congress totally! She is unfit to be speaker, a clear and present danger to our country, the enemy in the house! Get her out!!!!!

  5. “FORT PELOSI” IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF WHY SHE NEEDS TO RETIRE OR BE IMPEACHED! Her thoughtless brain is full of lies, deceit and bitterness (just like “old man Schummer). I have never see more un-American crap being spewed out of her mouth. We need to ensure no fricking Democraps are voted in.

  6. Like I said before if PELOSI is afraid of her own shadow she needs to take a few of the millions stolen from the taxpayer and hire her own security detail.

  7. Don’t worry Nancy you won’t be in power for long 2022 will be here before you know it. American people see what you are doing and are trying to do.

  8. Pelosi is leaving the fence as a symbol to keep reminding people that the white house was breached. She wants it on everyone’s mind that this was a “Trump” thing and as long as she can leave it, it will continue to taint Trump. It wasn’t Trumps fault, his team requested National Guardsmen but was denied by Pelosi, it was her fault. They knew there was going to be trouble because they knew BLM/Antifa were going to be in the crowd to start trouble. She purposely said no to the request hoping that there would be big trouble that she could pin on Trump and the people who love him. It’s well over time to take the fence down Nancy, up people paying for it, don’t want it. We don’t want you to keep our guards sleeping in a parking structure, eating rotten or half way cooked food. Let them get back to what they should be doing and quit wasting our recourses and money. By the way Nancy…are you still flying home every weekend in a private plane that we the tax payers are paying for and is it still filled with your favorite booze? Yes folks, we are paying for that as well! These people are suppose to be working for us but it seems to me, they are doing their best to work against us and we are paying them to do so. If anyone out there knows how to fix this, the time to say is now!

  9. Because Piggy is so unsure of any thing in the world so she is following the only one who hates us and that is Satan or the Devil we all know about him.

  10. So this is probably a left-wing spy email that’s fine I’m not hiding anything.
    Pelosi has done more to hurt America and Americans than any other one person.
    Pure Evil is the description that I would give her. The Bible says the devil runs this world and that this world is just a test. Make no mistake about it God is Almighty and you will have a Penance to pay mrs. Pelosi God’s Will will be done.

  11. If that happens then the states should call their troops home they are wasting our money and have treated the national guard disgracefully but that is Queen Nan’s M.O.

  12. Pelosi and the rest of the left-wing community, racist, Communist parties should go live in China and let someone who knows how to run a business lead and protect our country. Oooh who would that be…GO PRESIDENT TRUMP! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  13. They will come up with another threat before this wall comes down. But is a stark reminder of the cages the illegals are in and the cage the white house is in. Fits pretty well. Both illegals

  14. She’s only doing this because the people are protesting!!!!!! and she knows if they take it down they’ll have one hell of a fight on their hands!!!!!!! PEOPLE KEEP TALKING BACK AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!


  15. I know when you speak of some one being senile your speaking of Biden, but I’m thinking Nancy P. Watch her close next time she gives one of her pep talks, she acts like a wild woman. Check out her eyes and flinging hands. She has lost her ever living mind. Biden has lost memory, but she has lost control.

  16. Piglosi again trying to cover her arse! She knows SHE is responsible for that fiasco, but she will deflect, lie, blame everyone else for HER ineptitude! Remove her from congress! She is unfit to be speaker! SHE should be made to pay for all this crap!

  17. Pelosi is scared of shadows and is afraid that the ANTIFA and BLM goons she hired to break into the capitol may come after her for more money !

  18. Nancy and her caucus are a danger to The United States. She doesn’t realize—or doesn’t care— that foreign leaders are watching us carefully. Because of the lies from the fake news, the rhetoric from the radical left, and our current incompetent president, we are perceived to be a racist, weak country.

  19. I noticed she did not mention the shooting death of the lady veteran that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    If the cop charged in the death of George Floyd is convicted and goes to jail, the Capital Cop that shot the lady veteran should tried for that death.
    His was the only gun present and the only shot fired.

  20. Make her pay the bill! Out of her personal bank account! She knows she was LYING! Just had to get the media to help her cover up the TRUTH!

  21. It’s our money was spent for lies and what Democrats created. WJe up America and stand up for our generations. The wrong politicians spent our money for nothing but for them and their families and pleasure

  22. Bout time! Action finally supposedly going to happen from all of Pelosi lies! Time to tear down fence and let the Guard do their real duties!

  23. Nancy is nothing but a Communist opportunist, using everything to destroy America. In fact that is what the Democrats and RINOS are all about!

    1. I would be so happy if she actually meant it. That is why I like Trump. He spent time listening to Americans. America came first with Mr. Trump. Biden isn’t even sure where he is or what is going on and its sad to see so much of his Dementia taking hold on his mind. Please Congress try working with the American Public. We are not all bad people. We just want to be heard.

    1. This senile person that we’re talking about doesn’t even need to bother making any decisions… he’s only the puppet , we must not forget that !!

      1. I think Nancy Pelosi is senile as well. It is time for her to retire and live in the mess she left-beautiful San Francisco which is now a mess. The DemoRats are Communists and remember that Pelosi comes from a Mafia family including her grandfather and father. They know how to scare people. Nancy learned from them by making a prison out of beautiful Washington, DC. She should be thoroughly investigated with her husband Paul and her son Paul, mixed up with Hunter Biden in Ukraine scam. The Pelosis are a corrupt family and it is time for them to leave Washington and stop scamming the American people. Their businesses received the PPA money when it should have gone to people and businesses who needed the money. Nancy knows every company that is going to be on stock market and purchases stock in the company ahead of time with her corrupt husband Paul. They are very rich for scamming the American people who suffered through the covid. $2000 given to ordinary working Americans was a spit in the bucket. Pelos the other higher ups in government took PPP

    2. Pelosi is a drama mama, evil ton the bone, she isn’t happy unless she has started some new crap. I got excited, thought she was going to resign. No such luck, she even has the military in the pentagon in a tail spin.

      1. BUT PLEASE someone tie her hands up! NO its not the Italian in you! I’m Italian and yes sometimes I do when explaining something, BUT you, I keep hoping you will hit yourself in fron of all of us! WOW Don’t remember disliking someone soooo much! YUCK

    3. Yep, Einstein said doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response is the definition of insanity. Enter Nancy Pelosi. So when will we understand that she only behaves this way to incite unrest and chaos in her quest for more and more power and control? When will members of the House refuse to approve her radical moves? Time for them to stand up to her and refuse to support her absurd nonsense!! Show some courage and do what’s right!!

      1. I believe this was an abuse of power, because this fencing went on for too long and cost too much, but as is the normal response from our representatives in Washington nothing will happen to her.

    1. Nancy Pelosi is so afraid of her own shadow. Nancy needs to stop and think before she acts out of the Drama that she craves all the time.
      As long as she has been there she needs to understand that not everyone likes her including a lot of regular Americans.
      Its about time that she realizes that Congress needs to stop acting so Crazy about what is going on. Most of the Normal Americans like myself don’t want any harm to come to anyone. We just get tired of the same old, same old out of Washington. Americans don’t have any say in anything any more. We are never consulted and it just seems like Congress refuses to listen to any one of us anymore. Please try and understand that we don’t want violence. We just want to be heard. Thanks you.

      1. You are being a very kind person, Audrey !

        However, I doubt it that anyone from the democrat / marxists party would really care to listen to you, or any of us !!!
        All they care about is power and control and they already have the agenda in place to follow
        in order to “ fundamentally transform America”,
        as Obama promised !!!
        Obviously, our voices and plans for the future
        don’t interest them so, they will do whatever it takes to force us to swallow their agenda, no matter what…

        1. Bim Bo Piglosi’s father was the Mayor who totally Destroyed and broke Baltimore, Her grandfather was the Main POOBAA of the Mafia in Maryland and other areas of the east coast, her nephew is the Gov of CA, Newsom, her son Paul Jr works with Biden’s son Hunter Biden, and her husband Paul took their huge Seafood company off shore so they wouldn’t have to pay any American taxes or union dues…..and lately they are being investigated for some very high dollar illegal stock trades!!!!! Look it up, it’s all there to be seen!!!

          1. Makes no difference what the demorats do. They have their laws and we have ours. They get away with murder (as been proven time after time with the clintons), theft, bribery, etc, etc, etc. We on the other hand , go to jail.

      2. The White House belongs to the people and she is being called out because the people are not able to visit and Pelosi has taken over. she needs to be stopped and the fence needs to be gone and also the National guard. She was keeping people from the white House so no one could really see what was going on. Also I will continue to repeat The Supreme Court is another group needs to go not from America and the people

        1. Hate to agree, but they have really let OUR People down. Not hearing ALL the folks with written and proven things thst were going on was pure BS on their part! That was allowed to mess our voting rites.! Think there would have been any more riots if you had? Remember that song R E S P E C T? Well I think a lot of us have lost it! Respect is earned not a given! Well hope you sleep well knowing you might have stopped all this BULL!

      3. Quit electing demonRat reps. If the demonRat isn’t responding to the voters, recall them. All demonRats are that way. The only time you hear or see them is at election time. None of them live their “Oath of Office” .

      4. Is it that Nancy Pelosi is afraid of her own shadow or that none existent invisible monster under the bed? Pelosi will milk this so-called threat for all it’s worth. Time to let the National guard go home to their families.

      5. I wonder how much of a connection there is between Nasty Nancy Pelosi and the rioters themselves. Apparently rioters were not there at the instigation of President Donald Trump, since he was not in that area and he did not tell the rioters to “riot”, but told them to be peaceful several times. My personal feeling is that the rioters were, at the least, instigated by BLM and/or Antifa hoodlums, who sought to cause problems and attempt to lay the blame on Trump. Again, personally, I think Pelosi had a significant part in the planning for the riot, especially since the rioters said that planning had gone on for several weeks in preparation for the 1/6 date.

      6. Where is COVID when we need it?? Oh dang, that’s right it was just a Political Ploy by Obama/Biden Administration and the DemocRAT’s working with DemocRAT Fauci to pay China CCP billions to make COVID, then talk it up as a real danger to keep Trump & Conservatives from getting re-elected!!! In actuality, the death rate is lower then most Flu epidemics per the CDC & WHO, Go look up on a REPUTABLE Site!!!!

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