Nancy Pelosi scandal ignites – she ignores injured officers assaulted by antifa

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to give the Congressional Gold Medal to the U.S. Capitol Police who defended Congress on Jan. 6, while entirely overlooking those officers who have been protecting government property in Portland for almost a year, according to The Washington Times.

The Federal Protective Service (FPS) officers who have defended government buildings in Portland, Oregon from violent mobs of protesters the better part of a year, all the while being blamed for the city’s ills.

While praise and rewards have been heaped on Capitol Police, Oregon is just beginning to wonder if they were too hasty to ax some of its police force.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the West Coast state has seen a sharp increase in violence following a decision by the mayor and City Council to cut several police programs from the budget.

The microcosm of mob-rule on the West Coast has time and again proven that the dream utopian existence touted by the left is just that: a dream.

If nothing else, the difference in how the police in Portland and Washington D.C. are treated should serve to remind Americans that police, like many groups, are just being used as political pawns.

Pelosi and Biden’s treatment of law enforcement who protected them should remind politicians that law enforcement are crucial to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Sadly, having pitted themselves against rule of law and with violent protesters, it would likely be politically unadvantageous to recognize and appreciate the roughly 300 FPS officers who have been injured in the line of duty.

For now, law enforcement officers unlucky enough to have to defend people and property from liberal protesters will have to satisfy themselves with the knowledge of a job well done.

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  1. Absolutly disgusting the way they have handled everything all of them should be removed from office they are destorying america

  2. Washington DC disgusts me. I love this country,but I don’t like the government. The election was a farce and the democrats scampered to destroy this country. I want my country back. I hope and pray that the 2022 election will out some of the evil in DC. Thanks.

  3. The only thing Pelousy and commie crew cares about is themselves and being the cowards they are they built a fence and pulled in the Guard to protect said cowards. What’s happening on the coast and elsewhere they support to keep the chaos going in those lib meccas to distract. BUT people are wising up and realizing these lib meccas created their own problems and ignoring them while they continue to rot. It’s a local problem created by the voters who installed losers.

    1. he is named LAWLESS ONE and the dems serve him and love him . They have turned there lives over to him. These are the tares who you could not
      recognize at first but after they grew up among us they reveled themselves.!!!

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