Nancy Pelosi requested teams of machine gunners in Washington DC

We brought you the story yesterday of Nancy Pelosi using the National Guard as her private army. If you missed it you can read it here.

Now we’ve learned that things were even worse than we thought.

As reported by RedState, according to former Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli:

…not only did Pelosi want all those troops, “a division,” to protect the Capitol, but she also wanted “crew-manned machine guns in Washington.” He said, “That was rejected because there’s simply no use for that in a security arrangement for a civilian undertaking. Just — so some of this has gone beyond any legitimate security need.” He meant crew-served vehicle borne machine guns, according to John Roberts.

Oh, my. Was she really envisioning gunning down Americans? Imagine if it hadn’t been someone like Cuccinelli with the good sense to refuse such a request. That’s crazy. But it says a lot, and none of it good about Nancy Pelosi. I’m also confused. Isn’t she against even semi-automatic rifles like AR-15s but now she’s cool with this? Or is it only when they aren’t being used to defend her? When they’re protecting her, any amount of force is cool, apparently.

Again, we ask the question – what is more dangerous to the rights of Americans, a few crazies during a protest, or a leadership that requests 25,000 troops and machine-gun crews to use against American citizens?

As we saw, our regular law enforcement was capable of handling the capitol riots, and although their incompetence made it harder than it should have been, the threat was mitigated in a matter of hours. So why do we need machine gunners ready to sweep the streets of DC with murderous fire?

Nancy Pelosi needs to be fired immediately. The fact that she would even consider such a request shows he to be a dangerous demagogue who would stop at nothing to control the sources of power.

Read the full story here.