Nancy Pelosi rages at press conference after impeachment plot fails

Nancy Pelosi was just beaten by Donald Trump again – and this time the defeat was so humiliated that it prompted a full-blown meltdown in front of cameras from the House Speaker.

You can watch the moment here:

The Daily Mail reports:

Nancy Pelosi crashed the House impeachment manager’s post-trial press conference Saturday to rage against Mitch McConnell and call out Republicans‘ ‘cowardly’ vote to stop Donald Trump from being convicted for ‘incitement of insurrection’.

Shaking with anger, Pelosi ranted: “Oh these cowardly senators who couldn’t face up to what the president did and what was at stake for our country are now going to have a chance to give a little slap on the wrist…We censure people for using stationary for the wrong purpose,’ she said, picking up a few pieces of paper laying on the podium and waving them around….We don’t censure people for inciting insurrections.’

Aside from being violent and unprofessional, Pelosi’s anger shows just how much of a witch hunt the impeachment trial was. They impeached Trump because they hated him, not because he was guilty. Hatred is the driving emotion behind today’s Democratic party, followed close behind by envy and anger.

Is this someone we trust with the responsibilities of high office?

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  6. Fancy nancy’s rage is merely the cover for her latest “fear of exposure”- – the crimes she has committed, in the past, as well as her most recent involvement in the Jan. 6th riot; mark my words and watch, the truth is coming out ever so slowly, but it is being exposed. For all of you who are not aware, she IS an avowed communist and has been for decades. Prior to taking the Speaker’s gavel the first time, in 2006, she was a chairperson for CPUSA (communist party USA). At that same time, the CPUSA member roster was public information on the internet; the moment she picked up the gavel, that roster disappeared and can no longer be accessed, unless you are a member. It’s called “CYA” – -all politicians do it, or, at least the ones guilty of treason and fraud–and SHE IS!!

  7. Pelosi shows.the dimented with hatred she really is.Unballanced is too nice of a word violent lying treason is a more accurate description

  8. Wish could get All top Democrats & Rinos on one Ocean Cruise Ship aim at a Large Iceberg at “ Full Warp Speed Ahead “ and see if can swim in the water like the Rats they are!!

  9. Could it be that Nancy Pelosi and Her Staff’s vision is so clouded by vindictiveness that they do not pick their fights carefully and typical of Democrat’s, arrogance never think their actions through to completion.

  10. Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi comes from the criminal political mafia family of Baltimore. She sees it as her birthright to control everything around her and to beat into submission anyone or anything which stands in her way. It has left her apoplectic to not totally beat President Donald Trump. Pelosi is an excrescence on the American body politic.

  11. A great day in America is when every damn demorat, rhino in DC including judges are on a cruise ship and it sinks with no mayday 1000 miles from land and the nearest ship. I wonder how long satan will let them treat ocean water.
    Now a damn grea day in America, nay the world is every damn demorat and rhino in office all over the USA and all demorat judges Sorros et al, every rich bastard who supports demorats etc too, are on the same ship and it sinks and no one is there to help them.
    1789 The French Revolution with firing squads and the National Razor they took 20,000 heads.
    I bet if that ever happened in the USA and the rest of the civilized world I would say 20 million…I would be willing to learn how to knit and crochet under on the Lady Razors and say Off with their heads and LOL as the blade chops their heads off like the old hag in Tale of 2 Cities.

  12. The saying “you reap what you sow” is fitting, but also the adage “you create your own problems”.
    Pelosi created those problems in trying to discredit President Trump to no avail, now she’s paying the price of her hate, by slowly going insane.

  13. Well, the Democrats surely do need reminding that “what goes around COMES BACK AROUND! Hope the people remember who the LOONS are when they go to vote!!

  14. Just wait until President trump starts his own web site then watch 75 million loyal followers flood the entire internet, then we will see all the liberals scrambling for ratings. Good luck all u scumbags, the big dogs on the way!

  15. Hate monger that’s all PILLOUSER is about she just can’t let anything go bye bye NUtsey it’s time for you to go!

  16. She and the democrap party is NO JOKE, they are in our face and will be the down fall of this Country! When I see the garbage they are pulling I get sick to my stomach. As much as we complain it does not help America. I don’t know the answer and I don’t want to see our Country dragged through horrible destruction because we have all worked so hard to raise our families and follow the laws of this Country. They make their own laws and rules which will be our destruction. And I don’t know what to do about it but something has to be done.

  17. We need term limits this government should be done. Why are they going to rule the country into the ground. People are going to hate even more what the Dems are doing they have no respect for law.

  18. The Democrats in Congress are purely evil and full of hatred toward President Trump and his followers and the Rhino Republicans are gutless to stand up for what is right. None of these elected officials work for the people or for the good of our country but only for their own self interests and ideology. It is time to get people like Pelosi,Schumer ,Waters, and McConnel out. It is past time for term limits for all of Congress.

  19. Pelosi, is out of control and will suffer a heart attack soon she is putting her own evil self in danger.if there is any one she needs to worry about killing her it’s her own self inflicted wound.this witch is up there with Biden both are very sick and need to be in their basement.the hate is too much for her she is in over drive with hate ,evil,vindictive ways, this woman has no life other than going after Trump she should have learned from the first time she tried to bring him down .that power she dont have and never will and its killing her. pathetic

  20. There is no surprise here, one need only listen to her words and observe her actions to know she has been out of control for a considerable period of time!

    It is astounding how ignorant so many allegedly intelligent people can be when they choose to not observe the truth and the facts, when observing the actions of any individual who has lost control of their faculties there are clear indications of the facts, to ignore them is to invite even more radical actions and activities. Children throw fits when they do not get what they want when they want, they often tear up things and break objects or toys or whatever is at hand at the moment, even a written speech!

    Yet we find ourselves being represented at one of the highest levels of government with an individual who displays these typical activities on a regular basis, truly a spoiled child activity and continued actions. One must ask oneself if this is truly what they want from an elected representative who is in a position of extreme power and influence, do we wish to be led by children?


  22. Glad to see piglosi’s latest effort to impeach President Trump blow up in her face!🤣🤣🤣, now, impeach HER and toss her out of congress! She is unfit to be speaker!!!

  23. hey this Pelosi is a wreck.
    she did a fine job of milking the swamp though
    and made herself stinky rich.
    i simply can not respect a skank like pelosi – ever.
    pelosi, the obama clan the clintons and the biden
    family, one and all, belong in jail for a simple fact.

  24. Face lift plastic face has had her skull tightened so much her brain is being squeezed and is now totally useless. She can’t even smile only has the nasty hate look on that fake face. GO

  25. Well simply put using her own rationale, they allowed Blue State Governors and Mayors including Washington DC to aid and abet crimes which consisted of attacking police, attacking civilians, destroying businesses and Federal Building, killing both police and civilians, allowing protesters and rioters to break Covid rules applied to everyone else, and yet not a single one of those politicians has been taken to task for the billions of dollars worth of damage and the lives they allowed to be destroyed. Yet one of many examples of the double standard employed by the left to further destroy their credibility. Compared to most of them Trump is a veritable Saint.

    1. Don’t forget she all she has overlooked in her own party. Stallwell has not been removed from his commitee. Adam Schift should have been thrown out of congress after the 1st impeachment with all his ranting and lying about Russia. What about the AOC and squad who are nothing but trouble. The Dems should clean up their party and leave Trump alone. I think they have done enough to this man and his family in the last 5 years. It is time for both parties to start working for the people who pay their huge salaries.

      1. They ALL belong in Gitmo for life eating ISIS Terrorist cooked and chosen food only once a day for the rest of their lives!!!

    2. Nancy is a certified lunatic the alcoholic beatch needs to stay home so her rich husband can help her get into reality. Way, way, over the hill, in age, booze and dementia. Can’t believe the Demoncrats back her. Some mentally challenged congressmen and women, along with chucky all need to stay home and take some luxdes. Dump stupid over the hill idiots. Deplorable people. TERMLIMITS.

    3. Piglosi’s father was the mayor who ruined Baltimore Maryland for decades, her grandfather was the head of the Mafia for all of Maryland and other areas close, her nephew Newsom is the Governor of CA, her son Paul Jr has been reportedly working with Hunter Biden and the Biden family for years, her husband took their seafood company off shore to avoid US and CA taxes as well as Union dues and other union charges, she drinks like a fish as can be seen in many videos, need anything more to be known about this witch??? Just look her family up on most information sites, it’s all public information!!!!

    4. Agree 100% The Governors and Mayor are responsible for all the destruction in Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis and others.
      They have done NOTHING TO STOP IT.
      This is PEACEFUL PROTEST so they say.
      We are supposed to be ok with this. Governors are as Guilty of aiding in the destruction of businesses and property and the lives that have been lost. THEY REFUSE TO STOP IT. Democrats need stopped.

    1. The democrats have the guts and audacity to support Kathy for her severed head joke. The woman that is now performing at carnigy hall in a format of off with their heads! Talk about citing a riot! Trying to encourage cutting off the head of the sitting president of the united states of America! Treason! What about turning their backs on 80 billion people that voted for trump. Our votes count. Talk about cowards! Fed up with the democrats and their signing of bills that are not even written down at Biden’s desk. Let’s all give them cartblanch! Pelosi can kiss my royal Canadian! She makes me sick of government and their picking and choosing! What about saying Donald has doggie do on his feet! What about calling trump supporters deplorable. What about the killing of our troops defending our country in Benghazi? Your depths of insighting insurrection democrats! I am ashamed that your values, morals and sheer stupidity is shining for all to see! Your lies, your use of the word cowardly is treason! You need to move to Russia or China Nancy! They would jail you for your mouth! Pam wemer!

      1. AMEN, PREACH ON PAM! These Demwits need to think twice when they lie and try to prosecute anyone . When they do, they put their own in jeopardy when they open the gate for deceit and lies.

          1. Alcohol heck, that woman is possessed! She is terrified of President Trump because he is ready to expose the evil she has committed! And so are the others! They are going down, I have no doubt. To Gitmo and firing squad for all of them. They have committed treason. Put that crazy, evil woman down. She is a mad dog.

          2. I so agree. She should have been gone long ago. i couldn’t believe they kept her in again. This one is on more than alcohol you can bet. I’d hate to be living with her…..she’d drive even dry me to drink!!!!!!


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