Nancy Pelosi is under investigation for her security failures during the Capitol siege

Nancy Pelosi has called for some of her colleagues to be prosecuted because they don’t agree with her politically and because they were, in her eyes, “complicit” in the storming of the capitol.

In a stunning twist, she’s now under investigation for her failures that day.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested he would investigate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s handling of security of the Capitol building after rioters stormed it on Jan. 6.

“I understand what happened on January the 6th was one of the low points in my time in office,” the South Carolina Republican said on Sunday Morning Futures. “It was horrendous to see people … take over the Capitol, the House, and the Senate, beat officers, defile the seat of government. How in the hell could that happen? Where was Nancy Pelosi? It’s her job to provide Capitol security. We will get to the bottom of that.”

As we all know, “the sergeant at arms of the House is under the direction of Speaker Pelosi and is responsible for securing the Capitol along with the Capitol Police.”

Of course, the media doesn’t want to cover Pelosi’s massive failure, preferring to cast stones at Republicans instead.

But by all indications, Pelosi herself is worried, which might explain why she just announced that an independent auditor will review security at the capitol, no doubt with the hope that her handpicked man will absolve her of guilt.

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  1. Pelosi needs to be investigated for more than that! She should be investigated for inciting violence onto Donald Trump from her fellow Senator Maxine Watters and others! Neither one acted in a manner of a leader in the Congress!

    1. Yes and Maxine waters Tlaib, Omar and AOC , Jamaal Bowman , Ayanne Pressley and the latest creature ( I don´t remember her name).
      They are the worst criminals

  2. Nancy Palosi makes me ashamed of my government! The things she has done and said are outrageous! I do not understand her getting by with such shamefulness! The tearing up the Amenment Papers as President Trump was coming into office was un acceptable! She has no business in office for anything! She has acted like a spoiled brat! She needs to go!

    1. I read that Nancy ;knew days ahead that a group said that there would be violence the day of Trump speech. So that blows her lie that Trump speech caused the violence. Then I read that Nancy ordered the guards to let them in. and guards were seen letting the mob in. Antifa website told members to wear Trump hats and infiltrate, so that was the red hats. They found Antifa and BLM members inside the Capitol.

  3. Pelosi needs investigation for a lot more than 01/06/2021!!! She needs to censure many of her ‘pets’ who do her ‘dirty work’ for her her! The problem is that she has been in her seat far too long …. it is time to get term limits in CONGRESS so we don’t get these ‘fat cats’ calling the shots…. we are to blame for having these people get paid by us and working for the CCP…. Congress is filled with persons who have second jobs as ‘selling out USA ‘ to CCP…. it seems now we have it from the top to bottom…. CCP is no longer in China…. the ‘fox is in the hen house’ …. thanks to our voted Reps and Senators who opened the back door and let them in …. it’s time we cleaned house or perhaps we are to be forced to bow to CCP by our own Government.

    1. Amen it’s been time for them to go for a long time. Now we need to get together and make it happen term limits for all

    2. From what has transpired in this last year it has been proven term limits are to be required just so people like the ones in office will never be allowed to gain as much power as they believe that they hold now speaker polisi is out of control and believes that the sun rises and sets by her order we the American people need to rise and demand that these people follow the constitution of the united states ,!!!!!!!

  4. Pelosi needs to retire or be fired How that woman keeps getting reelected is beyond me. Mcconnell is a traitor he needs to go. wonder how much he sold out for. Schmer needs to go also. We need term limits. These people are evil. They have no morales. We are not allowed to have our own thoughts or believes but have to think like them…They did absolutely nothing for the four years Trump was in office except try to get rid of him. Nothing got done. What a waste of taxpayers money. The next one that needs to go home is that AOC……

  5. I am disgusted with both houses and MSM for choosing to resist Trump and spy on him from beginning. To set up Gen. Flynn and no one but Trump fought back. So corrupt and evil on both sides! FBI CIA DOJ disgusting. Everyone thinks it is ok now that Trump is out. I am life long Dem supported Trump because he was not a politician and had business, economics, financial, negotiating experience. I will never support a Dem or a Rep again! Shameful!

  6. It was all a setup to discredit President Trump. All the complicit should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  7. Biden was inaugurated as President of the USA and wants Unity. He will never get it by letting this Congress and Senate impeach a former President! Such a waste of taxpayers money. Put you big boy pants on, Biden, and speak up or you will never lead our country!

  8. Nancy probably had our National Guard vetted by the FBI.
    They found a few that they were concerned about. Our Soldiers were brave enough to serve in our Military for our Country ,but not good enough for Nancy.
    Will our brave Military that Nancy removed now be put on the list to be deployed overseas to a conflict and NEVER return !!
    Will there be a BIG “R” on their backs (Republicans) the and a BIG “D”on the (Democrats)
    This may destroy our Military and our Country.

  9. Give me a f****** break Lindsey Graham. I wouldn’t hold your breath that anything’s going to be done the pelosi. Lindsey Graham blows a lot of s*** in the air but nothing’s ever going to get done. Every time he says something like oh we want to get down to the see what happened, nothing happens to the person; even if there’s evidence. Same thing with Bill Barr, who covered for the deep state and drag s*** on till nothing ever was going to get done or anybody prosecuted

  10. I have limited funds and no money available to contribute. However: HOW CAN MITCH MCCONNELL, MITT ROMNEY, THE SUPREME COURT (and others) BE SO BLIND AND IGNORANT?IT IS “INTUITIVELY CLEAR TO EVEN THE MOST CASUAL OBSERVER” THAT THIS ELECTION WAS FRAUGHT WITH FRAUD TO OVERRIDE THE LEGITIMATE VOTES!!!!FURTHERMORE; THE SENATE AND HOUSE WERE DERELICT IN THEIR DUTY TO VERIFY ALL LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE COUNTED, AND ENSURE THAT ALL NON-LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE REJECTED!!!!I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America. There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.) Democ’rats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is either ignorant or lacks even an ounce of intelligence.Just make sure as Republican members/candidates for the Senate and House you will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!

  11. Nancy Peolsi needs to be investigated for refusing to take the chinese spy (Slalwell) off the Intel Committee. She needs to go IMMEDIATELY.

  12. While all is said and good we all know one thing, nothing will happen to her, as much as we want so, because she is a democrat and dirt runs off them like a water on a duck. They are made of Teflon and nothing sticks to them.

  13. These investigations should have been started 10 years ago. The colleges need major investigation – radicals are given free run and conservative views are squashed. Our schools are stuffed with communist leaning instructors- all they push is revolution – Clinton and Pelosi are examples of that. Republicans have been spineless and lazy. We have McConnell who’s wife has family in bed with the communist government of China. This kind of stuff has to stop if we are to survive.

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