Nancy Pelosi dooms ‘Lynne Cheney’ with poisonous endorsement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made headlines on Tuesday when she heaped praise on House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) calling her “Lynne Cheney.” 

The house speaker uncharacteristically praised the high-ranking Republican for her “courage” and “patriotism” as the Wyoming representative is facing pushback over her opinion on election integrity.

Cheney has criticized former President Donald Trump and said that she believes the 2020 presidential election was fair, and there is no case for election fraud, seemingly indicating her faith in the facts available to lawmakers today, according to Breitbart News.

“I do commend Lynne Cheney for her courage, for her patriotism,” Pelosi said, mistakenly referring to Liz Cheney as Lynne, who is the congresswoman’s mother and wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“I wish her well,” the speaker added. “Perhaps this challenge will make her stronger. I don’t know, that’s up to her caucus. I don’t welcome their participation in our caucus and I’m sure they don’t welcome my participation in theirs.”

Pelosi and her party have been at odds with many Republicans who believe that the results of the most recent presidential election could have been tainted, and have called for investigations to determine its legitimacy.

Additionally, Pelosi is holding onto her majority in the House of Representatives by the smallest of margins, and many believe that the next election may turn that tide.

Good-will with one potentially malleable member of the other side could spell success on some future project that converted some Democrats to the left.

A majority in either house of Congress would be a huge win for Republicans at this point who have been religated to putting the breaks on as many issues as possible, without much luck in most cases.

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23 Responses

  1. There are only a few Republicans fighting back and if they don’t stand up and really fight, there won’t be any Republicans. It’s obvious that the dems are trying to control the country – so tired of the republicans sitting back and doing nothing. Get some backbone = the dems won’t eat you or has Schumer threatened you like he has the superior court. He’s all mouth, ignore him and throw some threats back at him – always works with bullies!

  2. Pelosi needs to go!
    I agree with the comments about Pelosi’s garbage.
    Liz Cheney needs to leave as well.

  3. Cheney needs to be impeached. If Pukelosi is giving slimey kudos then she enrolled as a Republican but pitter patters to the Democrats. Save your selves, get rid of her before she ruins your beautiful state. Kick her to the curb, it is obvious that she has already sold her soul to the Antichrist Biden and his death squad Pukelosi and her KKK monkey Schumer.

  4. How many Democrats have ever criticized Obama or Biden. Two of the worst Presidents ever. ZERO. Way to go Dizzy Lizzy. You’re one of Crazy Nancy favorite people.

  5. Piglosy most likely thinks that by one gesture of good will on the surface makes up for the hundreds of ill will which it doesn’t but glad for one at least. I have to wonder though what she has up her sleeve and time will tell.

    1. That’s an insult to the mentally deficient! Pelosi( the old hag) is an alcohol dependent, ego maniac power hungry old witch that doesn’t care one bit for the people in her district!

      1. You are right, but every time I sit down on the toilet and take a crap I get a charge out of flushing saying there goes PIGLUCY down the toilet into our septic tank, and that is where the old POS belongs…

  6. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Nancy Pelosi got term limited by a terminal case of coronavirus. Or got run over by a drunk/drugged driver. Or got cirrhosis of the liver from her drinking. The coronavirus is free, and the drunk driver can cop a plea….

        1. I agree a 100% I wish somebody would throw a bucket of water on Pelosi! She has committed Treason and a whole host of other laws she Treats the ca.

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