Nancy Pelosi continues her string of disgraceful comments

Nancy Pelosi is an absolute disgrace to her office.

According to Politico:

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI said on a House Democratic leadership call Thursday night that President DONALD TRUMP is a “psychopathic nut,” according to several sources. The remark wasn’t referring to anything specific, but rather was a broad assessment of the president.

It’s not so much that Pelosi insists on repeatedly attacking her political opponents in the most divisive and demeaning terms possible. It’s that she then has the gall to pretend that she’s taking the high road.

How many times have we seen Pelosi complain about divisiveness in the most sanctimonious terms possible? Remember when she said she was “praying” for the President?

It’s all a farce, which is one reason why Pelosi is widely distrusted, even in her own party. She’s a typical politician, pretending one thing and doing another.