Nancy Pelosi confesses that she opposed coronavirus relief for political reasons

After months of refusing to pass a coronavirus relief package, Nancy Pelosi is now saying that she’s willing to pass one – because she’s confident that President Trump won’t get the credit. That has even the leftist media crying foul.

At Pelosi’s most recent press conference, CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju asked Pelosi, “Was it a mistake not to accept half of a loaf months ago? When you said I’m not going to accept half a loaf –?”

Pelosi snarled back: “I’m going to tell you something, don’t characterize what we did before as a mistake, as a preface to your question if you want an answer. That was not a mistake. It was a decision, and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other, shall we say, considerations in the legislation that we don’t want. Now, that is it. Now, the fact is, I’m very proud of where we are.”

She’s proud of denying relief to millions of struggling Americans so that she can play political games? What a disgrace.

Rick Moran, writing for PJ Media, points out:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suddenly found religion — or, at least a coronavirus relief package not authored by a Democrat that she could support.

Pelosi said she agreed to go along with the $908 billion bi-partisan pandemic relief bill and refused to back other bills because we’ve got a “new president and a vaccine.” Is that a tacit admission that she didn’t support extended unemployment payments, money for schools, hospitals, and small businesses because she hated Donald Trump?

Why yes. Yes, it is.

This sort of behavior is what we’ve come to expect from Nancy Pelosi – and it’s also 100% unacceptable.

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    1. I figure now we know how they’ve stayed in office so long! And, it’s not the people voting. At least not the living and legal ones.

    2. We need voter ID to vote cannot trust our government or we would throw Pelosi out. She is a disgrace to our country there are some more but she is the devil. We need to impeach such people. We need honest people running our country. How did we get into this mess.

  1. She is so misguided and stupid. She just told the public if you vote for me or my fellow demoncraps, you will not be helped as long as A real American is President , So the simple answer is to make sure the Demoncraps are voted out and only real American Patriots replace them unless of course we can falsify the results. The fact that she represents California explains a lot.

    1. She is only interested in her agenda and make sure you don’t get in her way. She is evil. She is accepting $908B but turned down $2.1T. Georgia needs to vote Republicans into the Senate. If not we will continue to have Democrats in complete control.

  2. Nancy Pelosi HAS NOT FOUND RELIGION! And if anyone actually believes that, I have a bridge to sell.
    She is the absolute definition of evil, treasonous actions and uncaring disgraced individual that can walk this Earth. She has been told to do what she does, the elites that want to destroy this country whisper in all of the Democrats ears….Satan himself.
    I for one would rather suffer then bend down for any of these vile individuals in our government today.
    We need to stand behind President Trump, pray for our country and fight against the evil that wants us as sheep in the field.
    Lock and Load America…..We are fighting for our lives and freedoms, the free will of OUR GOD Jesus Christ.

    1. Actually, as a Catholic, she is close to excommunication (if she hasn’t been already). So is Biden. Neither can receive the Eucharist in DC. This is all because of the abortion legislation.

  3. What new President!? BIDEN is not the new president! As for the vaccines, they are from President Trump, and are his legacy! They certainly don’t belong to those FRAUDS BIDEN AND HARRIS! As always NAZI PIGLOSI is full of hogwash!

  4. Nancy Pelican is old and out of touch. The people in her district are fools if she gets re-elected, she won’t quit unless she dies in office. Like a pelican she swallows the biggest fish first before any one else eats at the public trough.
    Give it up Nancy. Religion? She is the epitome evil.

  5. We need Trump. Democrats don’t like him, he is not a typical politician. That’s what I like about him. He also says things we are already thinking, but are afraid to say. It’s called the truth.

  6. Nancy Pelosi has wanted total power, total glory and no consequences for herself. Anyone who did not realize what she was doing all the time she denied relief to thousands of those in need was not thinking very clearly. NOW, how is the news media going to play this? HA! They will glorify her deplorable actions as needed, or the right thing to do or some other lame brained scheme. How are the Democrats and Republicans going to handle her nose thumbing of the American People? Are they going to do the RIGHT thing and not only dismiss her as Speaker of the House but remove her from Congress as she has clearly broken her oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States? We will see just what the elected men and women are made of and just how much they are upholding or betraying America.

  7. Nancy Pelosi’s calling her actions “political” is true in many ways – but in reality, it is political speak for her doing it her way and her way only. Just as she uses the virus as her excuse to do things her way…blocking the new stimulus package is all for the same reason.

  8. I truly believe the President should veto any stimulus Bill Nancy Pelosi agrees to. Nancy Pelosi is a worthless piece of s***. And always has been and it’s about time she is gotten rid of no matter what the cost.

  9. Pelosi is a hateful, selfish B**ch, that hates the very people that supposedly voted her in office. I don’t think they did, since all this voter fraud has surfaced. She is anti American and is pro ILLEGAL alien. Get her a** out of America

  10. This proves that Nancy Pelosi and some of the other democrats should be kicked out of office. She has no concern for anyone other than herself and what she feels needs to be done or accomplished. She doesn’t care for any citizen suffering because of this pandemic and this absolutely proves it. I can’t believe that people keep voting for idiots like her, or as others say maybe they’re not and they are so corrupt they just cheat to keep their job and cause grief to those who but her in office. I hope those people wake up and realize how evil she is. We had a president who tried to help those in need and all she wanted to do was fill bills with her special projects for those who in her party to provide for their mismanagement of funds. So many people have given and she hasn’t done a thing. Hope America wakes up soon to end all their corruption and get people in office who care about the people who put them there.

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