Nancy Pelosi blasted after retaining disgraced Congressman Eric Swalwell

I can’t think of a more credible person to ask about Nancy Pelosi and Eric Swalwell Chinese spy sex scandal than Trey Gowdy, who spent years in the House of Representatives with both of them. And Gowdy isn’t holding back.

All you’ve got to say is ‘I didn’t sleep with her’, Eric. That’s all you got to say,” Gowdy said on Martha MacCallum’s show. 

Fox News reports:

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy expressed incredulity Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has kept Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., on the House Intelligence Committee despite his relationship with a suspected Chinese spy.

“There are 230 [House] Democrats, and you mean to tell me she cannot find a single one that didn’t date a Chinese spy?” Gowdy, now a Fox News contributor, told host Martha MacCallum.

Swalwell is one of the worst offenders in the Russia hysteria that dominated the Democratic party for years after the 2016 election.

Gowdy added that he and other Republicans are particularly “frustrated” by Pelosi’s handling of the matter because “we listened to him for years.

“He berated Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. for meeting with a Russian lawyer — not dating one, meeting with one,” he recounted. “And then he berates Devin Nunes for a phone call with Lev Parnas, and he calls the president an agent of Russia.

Here’s where Gowdy’s experience comes into play. As he notes: “Unfortunately I know him. This is the same guy that ran for president so he’s not known for his self-awareness,” Gowdy said. “I need to hear from the FBI and the director of national intelligence. What did you all have? I mean, you went to a sitting member of Congress [and] said, ‘Look, you probably should not be having any new faces in your life.’ What did they tell him?

“And I don’t think Swalwell has denied having a relationship with her [suspected spy Fang Fang]. He said it was classified. I’ll be damned if I know what that means: All you’ve got to say is ‘I didn’t sleep with her’, Eric. That’s all you got to say.”

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  1. Swalwell is one of the worst offenders in the Russia hysteria that dominated the Democratic party for years after the 2016 election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has kept Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., on the House Intelligence Committee despite his relationship with a suspected Chinese spy. Amazingly stupid. If this was a Republican he would be in history and prosecuted!

  2. Why can’t we the people can remove these people. The whole world knows the dems lie .The Democrats are like a box of chocolate you don’t know what lie they will tell new. They lie like there father the devil evil people.

  3. Swalwell along with the Biden’s are in bed with China. They are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Action MUST be taken against them and Pelosi and hubby.

  4. I would like to see either Lindsey Graham Ted Cruz, or our own Rick Scott help our President along with Tuberville to stand up for our President if they don’t this is telling us they are in the swamp with all the Democrats along with Mitch McConnell. Our President help everyone of you keep your jobs. If none of you guys do not help our President now you will have no help some of you in two or some again in four. You think you can make it without him you are so wrong. Our President is the ticket our only ticket.
    Over 100 million voted for this President.
    If you people will only look at the fraud you will understand why us American people are so upset with the Republicans and the Conservatives standing up for Biden. This is your last chance so you better pray that you do something for our President before it is to late For all of us.

  5. Double standard Nancy, it’s ok to waist tax payers money falsely accusing Trump & his family for what Obama, Hillary, Swalwell & the rest of your band of crooks could come up with, but now your boy Swalwell got caught red handed & you are not doing a thing. Plus all the other crooks on the democrats payroll, Newsom, Cuomo, Schumer, Shift just to name a few, that have crimes pending against them that you have buried. What a good Speaker of the House you turned out to be did you forget your oath of office, you need to be impeached!!


  7. Getting rid of Swalwell is only one traitor. We need to get rid of the hundreds of others that have access to our most important information and are leaking it to our enemies. THEY ARE THE ENEMY.

  8. It is just like when mr. Kennedy got in. Machines set up, every time. Nixon got 1 vote. Kennedy got 4. But there is an all seeing eye that keeps records. The end of mr. Kennedy came later. The end of all this is coming. Depart from me you workers of iniquity, they are hell bound.

  9. Tell me how all of these American citizens can so openly betray America ? And to just think that some of our so-called leaders are now so openly seeking to destroy all of the values that have made our Country one of the best that there is ! ! ! Really can’t understand this ! ! Let us, together, put an end to their involvement in our Country’s leadership. We can no longer ignore this ! A TRAITOR IS A TRAITOR There is in no way that they should be involved in America’s leadership. Export them to China or Russia. Would love to see their reaction to that ! ! !

  10. I cannot believe all this BS. Pelosi screwed the Americans for years and Swalwell is screwing a known spy. Get rid of them both!! Wake up America. This election BS is even more ridiculous. The courts have been rejecting Trump claiming there aren’t sufficient fraudulent votes to affect the outcome. The crime of fraud is being admitted – it’s not about the degree of the crime or is there a distinction like petty larceny and grand larceny?? Let’s all just wait until there is no more America and our culture and traditions are totally destroyed!

  11. It’s simple. It’s elementary. Political leaders are our employees. They serve us. They work for us. The public constituency is their boss. Not the other way around. We are not their employees. That relationship has not legally changed. Only we have, as constituents and as their bosses, failed to uphold our proper role. We have allowed their mutiny take control of our boat. We need to return that relationship back to its intended purpose. Get on the phones…tell your employees what your future intentions are if they do not shape up. Quit allowing and expecting your other employees to do your job of being that effect boss. It’s us…people. Do your job. Call everyone of them and express your displeasure and future intentions of firing them. It’s so simple. Flood them with two million calls. I’m going to fire you. You no longer have my vote.

    1. Excellent commentary!! Let’s start with Eric Swalwell or whatever, then w Shifty Schiff, the most unscrupulous being in America!! He is a Traitor working for Soros who wants to destroy us. (Heard he is married to Soros sister? Niece??) Says so many lies, I wonder how he keeps track of them!! Or does not care, comes up w another one !!

  12. Mr. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Shiffty should be shot for Treason, he new damn good & well what Swallow boy was doing while he went after Trump…

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