MSNBC’s Joy Reid: SCOTUS expansion needed to stave off ‘far-right religious dictum’

Now that the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court has decided not to take a stance on the sort of court-packing proposals so popular among liberal Democrats, far-left cable news host Joy Reid has made the panicked claim that drastic action is necessary to expand the panel from nine members to as many as 15, as Fox News reports.

The aforementioned commission was formed by President Joe Biden earlier this year and was tasked with studying a series of questions related to the future of the high court as well as examining a number of possible reforms – including growing the number of sitting justices.

Just last week, the commission voted to finalize its 288-page final report, deciding to take “no position” on the notion of court-packing in an outcome which was certainly a disappointment to progressives who have been vocal in their support of such a move for some time.

Endlessly frustrated by the conservative shift at the Supreme Court that was ushered in by former President Donald Trump’s trio of confirmed appointments, Reid invited Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to appear on her Thursday broadcast and to commiserate and strategize about what to do next.

Reid fumed that court-packing advocates must succeed in putting “enough” additional justices on the bench “so that three or four people can’t simply decide for the rest of the, you know, the 326 million, how we’re going to live and that we’re going to be forced to live under this far-right sort of religious dictum.”

She also pointed to leftist legal commentator and frequent ReidOut guest Elie Mystal’s assertion that there ought to be 14 or 15 justices at the Supreme Court. WATCH:

Warren did not disappoint in terms of signing on fully to Reid’s rantings, lamenting that “We got a court that over time is taking out the basic notion of the rule of law. The idea that we decide something and pretty much stick with that,” adding her belief that the current court “is there to undercut long-established rules that protect unions, to take away people’s right to their day in court, to take away voting rights.”

To address those spurious concerns, Warren has signaled her intent to serve as co-sponsor of the Judiciary Act of 2021, a bill that would bring the total number of high court justices to 13, and while that is still shy of Reid’s destructive prescription for permanently undermining the independence of the judiciary, the unhinged MSNBC stalwart may just consider it a sufficient place to start.