MSNBC star fantasizes about a “drone strike” assasination on Trump

The left is still terrified of Donald Trump.

Want proof? Listen to what they’re saying. An analyst for MSNBC is openly fantisizing about drone strikes on the former president.

Breitbart reports:

MSNBC national security analyst, former FBI special agent Clint Watts said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that if international terrorists had the similar rhetoric to former President Donald Trump, “we would be talking about a drone strike overseas.”

…There are several other reasons. Domestic terrorists have open access to weapons in ways that international terrorists did not. Never did we have many ISIS supporters who have acquired handguns, long guns, explosives, explosive primers, if you look at that Michigan militia plot, they were talking about diversionary devices.”

I hope the secret service is listening. What Watt’s is doing isn’t just McCarthyism and fear-monging (Although it is both of those things).

He’s literally saying that a drone strike on Donald Trump is justified, and if “we” didn’t have double standards for Trump, “we’d” do it, immediately.

That’s an incitement to an assassination. Period. If some leftist wackjob like the Bernie Sanders inspired shooter decides to do his own drone strike on the President, MSNBC should be held responsible.

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  1. This is the same S&^T we have had to listen to since the “Great Criminal Loss” in November. Conservative’s values are considered to bad, and Communist drivel is to be the law of their land. I can’t wait for the first “5 year plan”.
    They didn’t work for Stalin, and they won’t work for Biden.

  2. Democrats are insane! Quid-Pro-Joe, is not able to function properly! He is like someone’s great grandfather just bumping into walls and grinning! Tell him what you want, the next day, he signs it into law !
    Soros, Obama, Holder, Ayers, trash! Treasonous Traitorous trash!

  3. Beyond stupid, Biden can barely keep from drooling on himself. His handlers are despicable, disgraceful Tyrants. Apparently being a POS is a modern day leftist ambition. This dogfaced pony soldier has done nothing for this country and is hell bent on destruction.. He and his comrades are pure evil , led by the nose by Lucifer himself.
    Pizza , huh, bacon cheese burger maybe…….

  4. For those that are not armed this is a good a time to do so . The Demo fanatics are scaring the heck out of me. ATIFA and BLM are just the front troops.

    1. Solution: Stay Locked & Loaded 24/7/365, only shoot if personally threatened with death or bodily harm….

  5. He needs to be arrested for inciting violence against former President Trump. If it was said against Biden, Pelosi, Schumer or any liberal it would be investigated.

  6. Kill Trump OK but better not even disagree with a leftist or condemned. Hypocrisy in the left and controlled media is mind blowing.

    1. It is like a thief calling an honest person a thief while claiming to be honest. Reminds me of the 2020 election fraud coverup. Of which, why were about a thousand people who reported voter fraud signing affadavits under great penalty if they lied not given JUSTICE, a day in court as the Constitution demands? “Nothing there” cried by those who cover up their eyes and ears and deny anything but their lying narrative.

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