MSNBC panelists reluctantly admit Florida’s successes under DeSantis

After months of assailing Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as “The Angel of Death” and other slanderous monikers over a supposedly careless approach to COVID-19, a panel of liberals on MSNBC was recently forced to grudgingly conceded that his state is, in fact, doing quite well under his leadership, as reports.

In a roundtable discussion that included network host Chuck Todd and Symone Sanders, former senior adviser and chief spokesperson to Vice President Kamala Harris, reference was made to recent data released by the National Bureau of Economic Research examining pandemic outcomes – in the realms of economics, education, and mortality rates among all 50 states.

As pundit Guy Benson pointed out in a tweet assessing the report, “Florida massively outperformed California on economic and learning loss metrics, while the states experienced effectively the same COVID mortality rate (adjusted for the powerful factors of age & obesity rates).”

Confronted by a reality that in no way comported with the narrative they and like minded leftists have been spinning almost since the pandemic began, Todd and Sanders had little choice but to bite the bullet and offer kudos where due.

Describing DeSantis as someone who is “unafraid to put his hand on the hot stove” politically, Todd appeared to suggest that Sanders admit that things in Florida turned out better than his rage-filled critics would have ever predicted.

Sanders, to her limited credit, acknowledged the point, saying, “If you really look at the numbers, Florida actually came out alright, and the economy is strong” and agreeing with Todd’s assertion that DeSantis has “a story to tell.” WATCH:

Not content to leave things there, however, Sanders quickly shifted gears to say that things are “not all rosy” in the Sunshine State and that she was there to “caution us from heaping a little too much praise” on the Republican leader.

Of particular recent concern to Sanders was DeSantis’ Florida Department of Education decision to reject over 50 K-5 mathematics textbooks from possible use in classrooms for failing to meet the state’s new learning standards or for containing “prohibited topics” such as those originating in critical race theory, as the Tallahassee Democrat noted.

Though the MSNBC brigade is certainly late to the party when it comes to taking note of DeSantis’ impressive achievements at the helm of his state, and praise of this sort is unlikely to be forthcoming again anytime soon, the Todd—Sanders exchange was certainly a noteworthy development few would have predicted.