MSNBC launches political attack on wife of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a highly-regarded justice on both sides of the political aisle despite his conservative leanings, has been in the headlines recently over the liberal mainstream media’s desire to attack his activist wife, Ginni Thomas.

According to the Washington Examiner, a number of hacks at MSNBC, particularly Jane Mayer, who recently penned a piece for The New Yorker titled, “Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court?”

Mayer, among others, are now raising questions and making statements about Ginni Thomas, describing her conservative activism as “astonishing and worrisome.” Mayer also pointed to a liberal ethics expert who described her activism as “undermining the administration of justice and the rule of law.”

As far as specific issues that have apparently triggered the leftists in the liberal mainstream media is a recent letter Ginni Thomas wrote to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), in which she demanded “that the House Republican Conference remove Congresswoman Cheney and Congressman Kinzinger due to, quote, ‘Their egregious actions as part of the House of Representatives’ January 6th Select Committee,'” the Examiner noted.

Ginni Thomas highlighted the ridiculous appointment of the two anti-Trump Republicans to the Jan. 6 House Committee was just so that it could be called a “bipartisan” committee, even though every single sitting lawmaker on it is vehemently against Trump and every one of his allies.

Mayer was questioned during an MSNBC interview about Ginni Thomas’ political activism, and Mayer gleefully responded with her take.

“Well, I mean, she has been an issue for quite some time because she’s such a vocal activist in politics. And the court is supposed to be seen as, kind of, above politics. In fact, her husband has made a point of saying so,” Mayer said.

As the Examiner noted, Brent Baker, vice president of research and publications for the Media Research Center, perfectly summarized the developing situation.

“The news media/left-wing political industry in action. A far-left journalist with a long history of hostility toward Clarence Thomas writes a story to get Thomas and his conservative voice recused from cases, and MSNBC jumps to promote her message,” Baker said.