MSNBC commentator floats ‘federal takeover’ of elections

If the Biden administration doesn’t like how the states are conducting elections, it should simply take over the elections process wherever it pleases, an MSNBC political contributor says.

Liberals have been howling over Texas’ redistricting plan, with the Biden administration’s Department of Justice filing a lawsuit alleging “that several districts contained in Texas’s new map were drawn with the specific intent of discriminating against minority voters,” The Hill reported.

Just weeks ago, the DOJ filed a separate lawsuit against Texas over a law meant to increase election integrity, according to Fox News.

The solution to voting policies that liberals don’t like, according to Jason Johnson, a professor of journalism and politics at Morgan State University, is a “federal takeover” of elections.

“This is an emergency,” Johnson said on the MSNBC program “The ReidOut” on Monday, before referencing the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education that struck down segregation in schools.

“And I know this is something that hasn’t been done in 50 or 60 years, but you know what happened when the federal government said, hey, Brown vs. Board of Education, we have got to integrate schools?” he added.

“They sent troops. They sent federal officials to places and said, you will let black children into the school.”

Something similar could happen in this case, Johnson said.

“This administration can say, we have concerns about how elections are being conducted in this particular state. We’re going to send officials down there,” he said. “We’re going to send election observers. If we think that people’s civil rights are being violated, we will do a federal takeover.”

Johnson acknowledged that conservatives would not be a fan of this idea, but he claimed it’s necessary anyway.

“I know lots of people are going to scream about this. The right-wingers are going to scream. This is what the federal government is supposed to do. If states are violating people’s civil rights, you`re supposed to step in,” he said.

If the courts won’t rule in Democrats’ favor, liberals must “get aggressive,” Johnson added.

“And we know perfectly well that the courts alone are not going to be good enough for this, because by the time this gets up to the handmaiden and all those other people hiding in the Supreme Court, they’e going to say that what Texas is doing is fine,” he said.

“So in order for this government, for the Biden administration to save next year’s elections, they`re going to have to get aggressive and they’re going to have to get creative about protecting people’s rights.”