‘Mortally wounded’: Trump describes how he feels Mike Pence fares with GOP voters

One of the hottest topics in Republican politics right now, even three years in advance, is whether or not former President Donald Trump will once again run for office, and more so, who he might select as his running mate should he take that path.

As The Hill reported, one would be wise not to bet on former Vice President Mike Pence taking back his old role, as the former president recently described the Indiana Republican as being “mortally wounded” after he refused to intervene on Jan. 6 during the congressional certification of the 2020 election results. 

Trump’s new description of his former veep came during an event held in Sunrise, Florida over the weekend with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, and the 45th president went into some detail about his feelings regarding Pence’s actions on that day.

“I was disappointed in one thing, but it was a big thing,” Trump said. “Mike should have sent those crooked votes back to the legislatures and you would have had a different result in the election, in my opinion.”

Trump added: “I think Mike has been very badly hurt by what took place in respect to Jan. 6. I think he’s been mortally wounded, frankly, because I see the reaction he’s getting from people.”

The former president isn’t wrong, either, as Pence was widely criticized by a vast portion of Trump’s gigantic base of support. Many had hoped that Pence would stun his former congressional colleagues and use whatever available tools he had at the time to interrupt the process.

The disdain for Pence was especially evident and on display in the lead-up to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, as a number of Trump supporters chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” in front of the Capitol building while the certification was taking place.

Pence, who has stated on multiple occasions since that day that he believes he “did the right thing,” has also made a number of moves over the past several months that some believe are early signs that he’s mounting a presidential run for 2024.

Hopefully, Pence is smart enough to read the room, because it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll ever be able to regain the support of tens of millions of Trump supporters, which he would undoubtedly and obviously need in order to have even a glimmer of hope in winning a GOP nomination for the job, let alone an actual presidential election.