Montana Governor signs statewide ban on sanctuary cities

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed into law a piece of legislation that put a strict ban on sanctuary cities across the state, according to The Washington Examiner.

The legislation, named HB200, would ban local law enforcement from adopting sanctuary city policies and goes so far as to put into the record punishment for cities that don’t comply with state law concerning illegal immigrants. 

The Republican governor made comments before signing the bill, saying, “We are a nation of laws, and immigration laws will be enforced in Montana. 

“Criminal, illegal aliens who pose public safety threats to our communities have no sanctuary in Montana.

This is not the first time the state has attempted to enact legal punishment for local municipalities that attempt to defy state law. 

In 2019 the state legislature passed a similar bill, but the former Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock vetoed the measure in a move that left conservatives and the victims of crimes committed by illegals at a loss for recourse.

The state’s decision to enforce the criminality of illegal aliens comes as the crisis at the Southern border f the United States is growing to a fever pitch. 

Conservatives have long wished for local and state governments that would honor the federal laws that punish those who enter the country illegally, especially those who have a criminal record. 

Unfortunately, criminal activity by illegal aliens has continued, unchecked in some cases, because of the difficulty of tracking, and evicting, a person whose records aren’t passed between local, state, and federal officials, as they often aren’t, in sanctuary cities. 

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  1. Finally a smart person sticking up for his citizens rather thinking how to keep his high dollar backers happy

  2. Thank you Montana hopefully all states will realize its time to follow the laws we already have. No funds for sanctuary cities or states that have them.

  3. God Bless Montana! Hopefully more of the Republican Governor’s will grow a backbone and outlaw sanctuary cities and start enforcing immigration laws. We have the Constitution and Rule of Law for a reason.

  4. When cities claim sanctuary status the federal government needs to prosecute the mayor, sheriff and all involved for obstruction of justice and send them to a federal prison and not club fed. Next mayor will think twice before wanting to go to prison for ten years. ICE will have all the access they need. That city should also loose their federal funds for two years.

  5. I live in “The People’s Republik of Kalifornia”. If we can push through the recall of governor “Nuisance” & replace him with one of our good Conservatives,, we might have a chance to accomplish simikar legislation. There are a lot more of us in California than many realize.

  6. FANTASTIC!! Laws should always apply to everyone in America. To give illegals a different set of Laws is unconstitutional and wrong.

  7. FINALLY ! A governor with ball to fallow the constitution ! I just mite have to move there ! I say if U want ILLEGAL ALIENS in your state , U pay for them ! they SHOULD NOT be allowed in ! THEY ARE ILLEGAL ! THEY SHOULD B IN JAIL ,then DEPORTED ! They broke the LAW ! STOP THEM FROM comming IN !

  8. ALL states need to do this–if you can NOT come into the country under legal means then don’t come at all

    1. you’ll never get all the states because the blue states will not do it.. WE NEED MORE RED STATES IN THE USA

  9. Bravo Montana…..sanctuary cities do NOT provide sanctuary for its legal , law abiding citizens ……only the illegals ……they should not get any federal funding as they are in violation of federal law … we need common sense border regulation and control ……otherwise there is no country or law and order……just chaos

  10. I work with several Hispanic American citizens. NONE of them want an open border; they came here to get their children away from the drug cartels, corrupt governments, and crime in their countries. One of them said, if this doesn’t stop, America will be just like Mexico & South America…a crime infested slum.

  11. I am very glad to see the governor of Montana who following the laws of this country and his state and following our constitution as our for father wrote it.

  12. This is great news just hope more States do the same to Enforce Our Law’s and Constitution..
    As it is Biden and his Administration are committing Treason by Aiding and Abetting Illegals ..

  13. A breath of fresh air from Montana! Now if we could get the same kind of sane thinking in CO! Instead of Boulder & Denver running the whole state & trying to give illegals free housing, it’s about time Pusillanimous Polis & the Kolorado Kamikaze Klowns put legal citizens first!

  14. Nobody is above the law!
    Not even pelosi , clinton’s, schumer,bedin,harris and the rest of
    Dems. They all belong in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Enzo… of course they are above the law…. they’re Democrats! (Sarcasm intended) If they adhered to the law, Trump would still be president!

  15. A Democrat told me he is alright with illegals coming here. That is how we got here. Stupid is as stupid does. Untill i told him all the perks that come with being illegals.

  16. I am so proud of that governor for standing his ground against sanctuary cities. No state needs any sanctuary city in their state. It would be nice if the other 49 governors would follow the example that Montana’s governor set for the country.

  17. Gov. Greg Gianforte of Montana is correct; SO FAR the Unites States is a nation of Laws. Illegal immigrants are just that — illegal.
    I don’t understand why I have to obey the law and illegal immigrants don’t.

  18. This “sanctuary” city crap is got to be the the stupidest thing that the idiot polititans have come up with. It is something to get Demorats votes just like defunding the Police. This is the only way the Demorats can get elected is to buy or steal elections. There is no way any decent voters would vote for these crooks to run this Great Country.

  19. I was raised on a cattle ranch in Montana and it was a fantastic place to grow up. We had hundreds of acres to roam on, ride our horses over and fish in the river. We did not have to be afraid. We knew all our neighbors and our grocer and our teachers and our banker by their first names. This is the epidemy of the freedom of being an American and it would be horrible to allow any stupid President or alien’s to change our beautiful country. THIS IS WHAT BEING AN AMERICAN IS ALL ABOUT—THE FREEDOMS OUR CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES US. We all had guns but they were for hunting meat or birds for our food. We did not think of using them against people and we carried them for protection from bears and wolfs and cayotes, WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY AND NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO EVEN TRY TO TAKE OUR FREEDOMS AWAY FROM US. WE ARE AMERICAN!!!!!!!

  20. Good to know another State Gov. not afraid to say NO to the lefts ridiculous schemes. Kudos for you Gov. Gianforte maybe by August we’ll have the rest of the Red states following suit.

  21. All states and out sided properties owned by the u S Government should all have the same law. NO EXCEPTIONS

  22. The vigilantes protected Montana gold miners and citizens over a 100 years ago and now it appears Montana has a Governor with some balls that will not allow “illegal aliens” to commit crimes against its citizens and simply hide in these cities without recourse’s. Good to see someone with common sense.

    Former Montana Resident and hopeful that Montana’s actions, can be followed in Colorado in the near future. Time to get back to basics, if you commit the crime you do the time, including ” illegal aliens as well. The U.S. has welcomed all aliens into this country for the past couple of hundred years with open arms, but the “Legal” way. Democrats, get your head out of the sand or wherever else it is and smell the coffee. “Illegal is Illegal.”

    1. Commie Colorado? Comrade Polis and the AMD Party will do everything in their power to secure more leftist voters, even at the expense of the safety and security of Colorado citizens.

  23. And I thought Biden took an oath to uphold the constitution. It’s time someone charged him with treason Then maybe the idiots in congress will think they may be next and do something We need Sam Adams

      1. Put the illegal’s in the valley of the rich people out there !!! Hell they wanted them here so damn bad !!! Take them there by the plane loads and flood the valley with them !! Be sure to give them t-shirts that says show me where polosi’s houses are at she wants us here !! And bus them to her fort polosi in Washington DC !!! What the hell isn’t any different than any place else t-shirts again we a relatives of aunt Nancy and uncle chuck please lead us to them !! Uncle Joe done lost his marbles !!! What a democratic freak show they could screw up a one car funeral on a one way street !!!!

      1. No worries for Montana or the illegals. They will reach Colorado first and be welcomed with open arms by our beloved communist government who still enforces mask wearing by the fearing ignorant patsies. Such a disgusting state and full of lunatics, crime and intense evil.

        1. You are so right about Colofornia. I used to love the state I was born in, but I can no longer stomach what those scum bags from California have done to it…so we are leaving. I praise Montana for taking those steps to make their state a better place to live.

          1. i hope the illegals coming in swarm arizona so the people there can get a taste of what they voted for!

    1. Good for Montana. The illegal immigrants are causing havoc on the borders of Tx , Az and Ca. Burglaries, Drugs, Robberies. Property damage. I could go on. But good for you.

      1. All this mayhem caused by ‘illegal’ immigrants and supported by sanctuary cities is only enforcing the mindset of people to vote for Republican candidates! Just be sure the candidate of your choice isn’t just another RINO–research their history before voting!! Unfortunately, Maine didn’t have much of a choice!! We need more honest, dedicated people to run for office!!!

        1. You are an idiot. The republicans had our border secure. Biden and the idiot Democratic Party opened this Pandora’s box.

      2. Cheers for Montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stopping sanctuary cities is not what America is all about. That is why we have police, ICE and other wonderful people who can help keep people safe. That is what America is all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. China would never put up with it!!! Just America and their tyrannical government that doesn’t give a good, sweet darn about the safety of its citizens!!

    2. Great to here some states are smart. Our is not. We have a democrat governor. Have you seen Phila with all the homeless. Awful. Failures with drugs, alcohol, ect a real mess. Same as Calif.


      1. I now know where I will be relocating to when I retire in 3 years. Montana here I come !! YeeHaw !!

    4. exactly. The process of developing santctuary cities is BS. If you want Thunderdome like cities set them up as survival by the fitest!

    5. Robert I agree with you and it is good to see people follow the laws that have been plsace for dyears.

    6. Now if we can get the other 49 states to do the same all would be much better. I/m especially thinking of CA where I am.

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