Montana Democrats sue their state over what they call ‘unconstitutional’ new voter ID law

The state of Montana is being sued by the Montana Democratic Party after their governor signed stricter voter ID and registration bills into law, according to The Washington Examiner.

Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed two bills into law on Monday, including one that put an end to the same-day voter registration and a second that updated which IDs could be used for voting, which would force some voters to present two forms of ID in order to cast their ballots.

The Montana Democratic Party filed their suit on Tuesday, claiming that Gianforte’s decision to sign the bills into law is intentionally suppressing votes.

“These laws violate everything we believe as Americans, and everything we believe as Montanans. They intentionally impede peoples’ voting rights,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Sandi Luckey, according to the Missoula Current.

According to the suit, these bills are unconstitutional and will put an undue and unequal strain on younger voters. This, according to state Democrats, violates their equal protection.

“Montana’s legislators knew that both the Voter ID Restrictions and the Election Day Registration Ban would place heightened burdens on Montana’s youngest voters when it passed both laws,” the complaint says.

“The Montana Legislature heard direct testimony from both student voters and advocacy organizations that both laws would impose barriers on the franchise for young voters; it passed the bill anyway in direct contravention of Montana’s Equal Protection Clause.”

However, the Republican sponsor for the ID bill, state Sen. Mike Cuffe (R), brushed the claims aside, saying that voter fraud was present in the last election and that something must be done to ensure that Montana residents are the only ones whose votes are being counted.

“I’m not saying, nowhere in the bill are we indicating that there is any claim of voter fraud or any wrongdoing,” said Cuffe on the Senate floor in February. “What we’re looking at here is attempting to improve on the system, to make a good sense process better, to ensure that all members all around the state can feel very satisfactory that folks who have signed up to vote are Montana citizens.”

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  1. Voter ( ID ) should be adopted around the world. This would show who actually won the election, unless the Democrats come up with an idea to rig the election again. But there has got to be a way to stop the hiding of ballots and rigging voting machines, the tossing and changing of votes. We the people voted for these Republican and Democrat congressmen and women also the senators men and women. Since we are their boss and put them in office to do a job for us we should be able to have them impeached if they are not doing their job and are lying ,stealing and causing corruption in our Goverment. We need to send them a message and get this term limit implemented on all the officials to put an end to all this sadness in the Greatest Country in the world. God bless the United States of America.

  2. Thank you Montana for restoring some faith in that Great state ! Republicans, hold the line and stand strong !

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  4. Isn’t it super to be able to post here with common sense people…this so called “disease” needs to spread widely….

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  7. I think the new law is great, More states should do it The demoRATS do not like it, cause all they do is cheet and call People names. They have started the racism war and blame it on other people. Double standard crooked commies!

  8. I command this action by this Governor. Every state should want voting integrity no matter which voting event is current.

  9. No sympathy here. By the age of 18 most if not all American citizens have some form of legal picture ID. And the dates for registration to vote in all states is always put up in plenty of time to register. Polls are open in every state throughout the entire Election Day so that voters have plenty of time to go and vote. In fact some places actually close business for the day so all their employees have sufficient time to get to a polling station, some have gone so far as to provide transportation to those who have there is NO EXCUSE for LEGAL CITIZENS to be complaining about voter suppression. Only those who depend on FRAUD for their wins clammer against stringent voting laws.

    1. Amen Lee you are so very correct. Same in my state. That is nothing but a bunch of BS that anyone is suppressed by having to show ID or do their registration in a timely fashion. This is only a issue with the DEMS because they want to be able to stand in front of the polls and pay people to vote for them and use illegals as stand by in case they are not getting enough fraudulent vote ballots.

  10. Dems like CHEATING. That is the ONLY way they can win. Win by getting ILLEGAL VOTES. I say, if dems can’t handle the change, they are welcome to leave their PUBLIC SERVANT job and the salary too.

  11. Majority of Americans don’t want republiCONS, making it harder to vote isn’t going to change that fact, all it’s going to do is strength Democrats to vote in bigger numbers, even millions of republiCONS rejected your commie leader Kim Jong tRUMP, you’re just a bunch of Losers & Suckers.

  12. Democrat claims of voter suppression are largely unrealistic. Democrats want felons, illegals, and others who should not be allowed, to vote. Their main objective is to leave elections wide open for fraud and cheating. They have a long history of lying, cheating, and voter fraud. Chicago is actually famous for dead people voting as are many other Democrat run cities and counties.

  13. He a loser and a fake greg is he been busted for poaching as is he should not be in office need get the puck out of office i will not go by their laws i been here for years wite eyes always lies

    1. Denise , You have to be kidding right. If you dear have to show ID for other things then there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing ID to vote . Get over yourself dear.

  14. Hey hey Governor of Montana good job i am glad you set a precedent And show the Democraps what’s right and what’s wrong. No more cheating

  15. The only reason these Demorats are cpmplaining is that they will loose their leverage to brainwash to vote for the democrats.

  16. Voter ID. works Great for preserving the integrity of our Elections, and it’s Not Racist! All American citizens would show it, Not just people of color! No cost for getting a photo ID. in most states, so it hinders no one!

    1. You should download the LT Gov of NC recent speech. BTW, he is Black. I recommend everyone take note. You will be surprised.

  17. Almost all young people that drive cars can go vote and the others can be driven by parents or friends. Also, in some states, the voting machines are located in the Jr. and High Schools buildings, and often schools are open for school.

  18. Why don’t all the loudmouth liberals simple say OK, we will create a program to carpool any unregistered citizen to the registration office for free.
    Since the Libs are so concerned about racial justice they would of course accept all colors and all ages would they not?
    Problem solved.
    Oh wait a minute if that was done they would no longer be able to complain about voter ID.
    They would have find some other stupid thing to complain about.

    1. I would like to meet that person that lives in our country without an ID. That to me is true freedom.
      I truly want to know how they do it. I will cut mine up.
      I have noticed, that everyone I meet has a cell phone. I would like to know how you activated it with a carrier without ID or a billing address.
      Just thinking out loud.

  19. Hang in there Gov. Do no cave to the loud mouthed minority. You are doing the right thing. You are a shining example to other governors. We must stand up to the leftist that are trying to destroy our county.

  20. To the democrats – OK, no vote ID, therefore no divers license, no liquor check, no social security, no photo ID of any kind. You sure are a bunch of idiots !!!

  21. Funny how when Joe strips our constitutional rights it’s okay but when someone in Montana asks for voter ID it’s unconstitutional. Democrats are so full of crap they must have brown eyes.

    1. OTHER states need to follow Montana’s example!! Georgia did do quite a bit in that direction but could have done a bit ‘better’! Still, they are working in the right direction. Now–since Maine refuses to ‘clean up’ their act, here comes the elections and there are going to be some ‘changes’ made. I, personally, will no longer support RINO’s! We need better candidates here! More choices!

  22. If we have to have a license to legally drive and you have to show an ID to get on a plane and show an ID to cash
    A check or do most bank transactions, then why in the world would we not show ID to vote???

    1. Dianne, you left out having to show I D to buy liquor, cigarettes, cash a check, sometimes even to deposit a check, to buy or sell property. In fact we have to show I D and prove we are who we say we are to do most everything here, SO WHY NOT HAVE TO PROVE WHO WE SAY WE ARE TO VOTE, which is more important than a lot of other foolish things that we have to show I D for, such as, I had to even show an I D to deposit a check into my own checking account which I thought was plain stupid. If someone, other than myself, wants to deposit money into my account then I am all for it.

        1. 🙂 Maybe Americans are waking up…finally…as far as Nesara…do we really want that…should we be fighting against it? It is part of the UN and the UN has the Agenda that keeps shutting down more and more way to supply food for the family, like personal gardens and family ran farms…how? ChemTrails and DEW; does not stop there..these horrific winds are a part of it all…they have ruined our seasons through the Trails…by the way, magnetite is often used…study that one.

    2. The Dems fail to mention that the voter ID law requirement allows for different ways to prove ID not just limited to a DL # or State ID #…. Again, they love to mislead the uninformed through their partner in crime-media. Against anything that doesn’t work for them only. Good for Montana to give confidence back in their election to true Montana citizens.

      1. I guess we can consider ‘any’ information coming from a ‘Dem’ base, to be inherently misleading and not to be trusted. Usually it contains just enough ‘truth’ to make it seem legitimate. However, once examined, we find ‘flaws’ all through it no matter ‘what’ the subject is!! Joe has a long history of ‘deception’ all through his career. Even the other members of Congress were ‘surprised’ when he got ‘voted’ in!! Little did they know about Dominion and it’s overwhelming influence on our election!

      1. Disenfranchised younger voter excuse is a crock. These younger generations have all manner of ID. Montana is a large state so ALL the kids drive, hence a license. Many of the rural kids get license early so they can drive farm/ranch vehicles. None of the so called “cities” in Montana are so large that a voter can’t get to a precinct. I was born and lived in 3 of 4 quadrants of the state and have tons of family & friends in MT. Never had any trouble. Rode a bike across the 2nd biggest city in less than 30 minutes many times. Only one city over 100,000 population. The cities all have public buses too. Lame excuse using the youngers and Dem Exec. Dir. is blowin smoke – not representing what Montanan’s truly think.

        Missoula has always been the most liberal city in the state – Univ of MT located there. The Left hangs there, always has. Certain depts. on campus are very liberal in comparison to all other post-secondary in-state institutions. Gov. Gianforte is trying to fix the damage from the last gov. – Bullock – a dem. Bollock’s Lt Gov ran for office and got stomped by Gianforte. Very few of the 56 counties voted Dem. What does that tell you? They are grasping at any straw they can get and this one doesn’t hold water.

    1. Just goes to show the old addage is correct: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Can’t think of another reason the demos would be against tighter voter ID.

      1. I commend you!! Thank you for standing up for our country and against all the odds! I tip my hat to you!

        I may soon be moving to Montana from New York! It’s long been bad here!

      2. I totally support your governors law!! We know that the only ones being ‘suppressed’ are those intent on cheating at the polls. Well, now it’s just going to be more difficult, isn’t it!! Let me ‘try’ to feel ‘sorry’ for them—mmm, not working!!!! I just wish many MORE governors had the back-bone yours does and were as concerned about the ‘honesty’ in our electoral system!! Thank you, Montana!!

      3. I’m with you people, it’s time that they got honest hopefully, but as much as they cheated last time it was stupid. They bought the last election, paid off a lot of people, mayor’s, attorneys, senator’s, indian tribes, even dead people, that is a great for sure. Sure hope you print this it’s true.

    2. You are right. They are so immoral that it is sickening, and will do anything to keep power- bus people from one voter area to another, change ballots, throw away ballots, make fake ballots…well, whatever it takes to “win”. They have no morals or shame.

      1. They are also displaying a contempt and lack of love for America! Instead of trying to destroy her—so something productive to help improve her. It took centuries to build this country and, yes, mistakes were made along the way. You don’t throw the ‘baby’ out with the ‘bath water’!! Maybe they should start by becoming better citizens themselves. Try volunteer work or something ‘positive’ and inspirational!! That doesn’t include burning down buildings, destroying peoples businesses or attacking our police force!! It also doesn’t mean ‘cheating’ at the polls or anywhere else in life. They could try ‘honesty’ for a change!!

        1. AMEN…I wonder when STATES will get strong enough to say, “we are not allowing Sanctuary Cities?” I think I read that Gianforte did this also! Each and every STATE in the USA needs this legislation…even blue states and if that does not work, we need a President that withholds FED funds. Along with that, it is time Americans give up murder, pure, unequivocal murder!
          Seriously, I mean that…abortion is first degree murder! No prosecution, no nothing but selling a baby’s body for millions of dollars…see how far we have sunk? Think of this also in this realm…like self, you are a minority and part of that is because 45 plus years ago, a baby’s life was able to be taken at will! One form of EARLY GATES’ depopulation! So, say, 50,000 babies are murdered a year, that is not the right figure but example, take that times 45 years…hmmm, seems the roles would read differently?

    3. Exactly correct; for every state that does as GA and MT now, they lose the potential of thousands of illegals voting as well as dead people voting as well as people going from county to county to vote!
      Personally, I cannot stand the MT governor; he came out to welcome all Muslims and illegals to his state during campaign; he illegally shot a wolf out of Yellowstone that was tagged…did not receive one iota of punishment and now he signed into law … encouraging the murder of wolves as well as leaving their babies without parents.
      As many of you know, most of the predator wildlife, both parents will help raise the babies…this is predatory of Gianforte…this is wrong that he did not get punished ….

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