Moderate Democrats stab Nancy Pelosi in the back on contested House race

After months of demonizing anyone who expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election results, a contingent of House Democrats have been plotting to upend the outcome of an Iowa congressional contest and unseat the Republican winner.

However, a group of moderate Democrats led by Rep. Lou Correa (CA) have cautioned party leaders – including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – against continuing their bid to flip the seat currently held by GOP Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA), suggesting that the long-term fallout could be far worse than any temporary advantage gained, according to The Hill.

The controversy stems from recent developments in the matter of Miller-Meeks’ narrow defeat of Democrat Rita Hart in the November battle for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District seat. Though Miller-Meeks won by just six votes, her victory was certified by a state board following a formal recount, according to the Des Moines Register.

Hart subsequently launched a challenge of the outcome with the House Committee on Administration suggesting that she was aware of at least 22 legally-cast ballots that were not included in the final tally, with Miller-Meeks subsequently filing a motion to dismiss that petition.

However, earlier this month, rather than dismissing Hart’s challenge, the Democrat-led House committee tabled Miller-Meeks’ request and began seeking input on procedures and timelines through which the contested issues would be moved forward, according to National Review.

At the time, Pelosi weighed in on the controversy, telling reporters that she was open to the prospect of unseating Miller-Meeks, saying, “I respect the work of the committee…we’ll see where that takes us,” adding that “there could be a scenario to that extent.”

Rep. Correa, a member of the Blue Dog Coalition of moderate Democrats questioned the wisdom of that approach, asking why Congress would involve itself in “something that should be a state issue” and declaring:

I want to see what compelling reasons there are for the feds to get involved in this. I think these are issues that right now are probably best left at the state level.

The congressman is apparently not along among members of his party who want no part of the effort to oust Miller-Meeks, with two moderates telling The Hill respectively, on condition of anonymity:

It strikes me as remarkably hypocritical and a dangerous precedent at a time we need to be repairing precedents.

As painful as it was to lose this election by six votes, and although I sympathize with Rita Hart, the state certified these election results. Upending them at this point would only serve to further divide the country.

Though it often seems that their unquenchable thirst for power overrides rationality and fairness in every decision Democrats make of late, it is at least refreshing to see some members of that party placing a check on those like Pelosi who are willing to accomplish through underhanded administrative means what could not be done at the ballot box.

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        1. OOOHHHH……..Nick is a liberal communist that loves Pelosi……..Its called just another NICK liberal empty head.

      1. I really think it was years ago, if she ever had any to start with. She will stoop to any level to get her way.

      2. Good to see there are still ‘some’ in the party with a bit of common sense left!! About time they stepped forward and stood up to Pelosi!! She acts as though she’s been ‘crowned’ Queen and Lord help any who speak against her!

      3. She’s well along the path of communism, along with most of her party (with few exceptions). She & her husband have a lot at stake; i.e. owning shares in voting machines, and God knows what else that invite China and other nations to partake in our elections.

    1. Yah, it is about time for those dinosaurs in the house and the senate, like that “Pilussi” who can’t think anymore or the dwarf Nadler who doesn’t know when he has to go to the restroom and many others, to stay home and let young, updated, educated y less vicious congressmen or women to do the job and take better care of the country and its people, that old but is too drunk with power that can’t see or think right.

  1. Metaphors are nice… But nothing beats the literally accurate. Let me know when the “stabbing” is genuine.

  2. Get that IDIOT out of the Speakers Position in the House …. she is a TOTAL NUT CASE !
    Put her in a Mental Institution for the rest of her life !

    1. Agree! The coup, the deep state needs prison time together, and there so many…politicians, past and present, their appointees, fbi, cia, doj, scotus, white house press…terms limits for all!

  3. Well I do want her out of the House; but, in a mental institution, where the taxpayers might pay her bills?

    1. That is what did it for me. I lost ALL respect for her when she did that…….not that I HAD a lot of respect for her. Telling everyone to come to Chinatown during a pandemic!

  4. Nancy, you Old Drunk, please retire and go home to San Francisco. Just think, you can get sloppy drunk and no one will be the wiser. Americans are sick and tired of your soclialist butt!!

  5. Nancy Pelosi has been in office too long and has lost sight of her purpose to serve the people. She has become power drunk with her position and is a threat to our nation and our freedom. She needs to retire.



  7. Nancy Pelosi has been in office too long and has lost sight of her purpose to serve the people. She has become power drunk with her position and is a threat to our nation and our freedom. She needs to retire.

  8. It’s ok for her to want to get rid of some one because of a few bites
    But it’s also ok for her to steal an election
    Double standard
    For the democratic party

  9. Glad that some Dems see that they will lose this fight in the long run and they still will. 2022 will lose a bunch of seats for the Dems and will cost the old with her status and maybe her seat as I heard there is young GOP lady running against her next year. Could prove old Nancy’s down fall.

  10. These people stand with the one world order will end up getting bit in the rear for not keeping their oath of office to the people

  11. The witch better think twice before she does try to unseat a duly elected representative. The worm will turn and when we are back in power, just think how many dumbocrats including her we can unseat.

  12. Pelosi and her bunch, are no longer the Democrat Party. They are the Communist Dictator Voter Fraud Party. The Democrats should dis-own them. They are even trying to legalize voter fraud. Anything to gain power. They are trying to destroy the U.S.A. Don’t they realize that if the U.S.A. goes down, they go down with it, and there will be nothing left to have any power over. At the rate they are going, they will have a country full of illegal immigrants who don’t care anything about laws. They will have defunded the police, anyway. If they have been successful in taking the guns of the law abiding citizens, there will be no one to protect the politicians, like Pelosi and Biden. The immigrants will kill them or enslave them. They are fools. They would have no money, if they did not have us, the citizens to rob for it. Then they mistreat and abuse us. That amounts to biting the hand that feeds them. What kind of fool does that? And, if we don’t stop them, or they don’t stop themselves, we will have no more money for them to rob us of. They are cutting their own throats, along with ours. And ending the dollar won’t help. It will just put them and us at the mercy of whoever is bigger. What a circus!!! They need to give the White House, and all, to those who rightfully won it in the first place, before it is too late for them to even save us, and them. Then, this whole nation needs to return to the God who guided us, and by His Grace, brought this nation into being, before He loses patience, and destroys this whole mess, along with the baby murderers, and takes those who are His own, with Him. That is where we may be headed. Too many of us are thinking we are His equal, and are playing, god. Satan made that mistake. We all know how that story came out, and how it will end.

  13. Pelosi and Schumer have delusions of greatness but their red clown noses give them away as the clowns of of the Biden-Harris Circus. Pelosi put on your big girl panties, take your hormone shots and wait a week before you speak. Schumer stop being Pelosis monkey on a string and try using your testosterone shots for two weeks before you open your mouth and more stupid falls out.

  14. I read most comments above. It is not just about Pelosi & Schumer . Good place to start! There are DOZENS of politicians in the House that need to retire – they will have to drop dead before they leave . The answer & solution is:
    We must LIMIT TERMS !


  16. Gee it seems that the democrats (or at lest some them) don’t like it when things don’t go their way glad to hear that Pelosi is has taken heat about her stand on the Iowa race

  17. Evidently, everyone is not aware that fancy nancy IS an avowed communist and has been for decades; prior to taking the Speaker’s gavel the first time (2006) she was a chairperson for CPUSA(communist party USA). She had to resign the chair position, prior to taking the gavel, to avoid the “appearance” of conflict. However she IS still conflicted, because she did NOT resign her membership – – “once a commie, always a commie”. Prior to her taking the Speaker position, that year, the CPUSA member roster was visible, publicly, online, for anyone to view. The moment she picked up the gavel, that roster disappeared. There are also 80+ other communist individuals, scattered throughout both houses of Congress. Last I knew, communism was ILLEGAL, in this country, but that law is being ignored!! If we do NOT WANT the USA turned into another Vietnam, we need to be doing anything we are able to do, to get these individuals OUT of any and all public offices and into prison, for treason.

  18. If peelosi does intervene and change the results of this Iowa election it would seal her fate and a lot of other democrats,but,biden and his administration have pretty much taken care of that anyway.They have in just a few months pretty well sealed AMERICA’S fate for a very long time and that is not a compliment.

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