Mitch McConnell introduces new bill to supersede Pelosi’s

Mitch McConnell has come in for a lot of criticism from conservatives over the years, but his latest move is straight-up brilliant.

McConnell just introduced a bill in the Senate to give $2000 stimulus checks to every American. But additionally, it would also create a committee to study election integrity and repeal Section 230, the controversial liability protection for big tech.

Both of the additional provisions will drive Pelosi and her Democrats up the wall. But if they refuse to pass the $2000 checks, they’ll be rightly blamed for hurting Americans already devastated by the pandemic.

After a popular uprising over the paltry $600 stimulus checks in the original bill, President Trump called for $2000 checks for every American and steep cuts in foreign aid and pork projects in the bill. Nancy Pelosi tried to cash in on Trump’s popularity by proposing $2000 for all Americans, but without cutting the wasteful spending.

McConnell’s bill is brilliant because it ties the relief to something meaningful. Pelosi and her Democrats were quick to use the $2000 number to try to blame Senate Republicans for the bill that they wrote.

Now, they’ll have no excuse for their actions.