Minnesota National Guard troops deployed in wake of police-involved shooting

With the nation already on edge awaiting the outcome of the Derek Chauvin murder trial in Minneapolis, protests and looting in response to a fatal officer-involved shooting in a community just miles away are now making an already-tense situation even worse.

As Fox News reports, upwards of 500 Minnesota National Guard troops have already been activated throughout the Twin Cities area this week, though that number is slated to grow in the wake of racial unrest following the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright in nearby Brooklyn Center.

In anticipation of the approach of closing arguments in the trial of Chauvin, the former Minneapolis officer charged in the May, 2020 death of George Floyd, Operation Safety Net was put into place to prevent a repeat of the violent, destructive demonstrations that ravaged the region last year. However, amid a new wave of protests stemming from the death of Wright, tensions have escalated dramatically.

The incident involving Wright unfolded on Sunday afternoon when he was pulled over by Brooklyn Center police on suspicion of a traffic violation and it was determined that he had an outstanding arrest warrant. Reports have suggested that Wright began to resist arrest and attempted to drive away from the scene, at which point he was shot by one of the arresting officers, as Minneapolis CBS affiliate WCCO noted.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon subsequently announced his belief that the officer in question meant to use her Taser to subdue Wright, but inadvertently grabbed her service weapon instead, accidentally discharging a single, deadly shot, as Fox News reported. Bodycam video of the incident has since been released, and it reveals that a 26-year department veteran – since identified as Kimberly Potter — shouted “Taser!” no fewer than three times before Wright was shot, after which she exclaimed, “Oh s***, I just shot him,” as USA Today reported.

Within mere hours of the tragic incident, hundreds of protestors hit the streets, with looting and destruction picking up speed as the evening progressed, according to the Star Tribune. The New York Post reported that police employed flash bang grenades, tear gas, and rubber bullets in attempts to disperse the crowd, members of which threw projectiles such as rocks and broken concrete at officers before an unlawful assembly was declared.

Clashes between protestors and police did not abate on Monday, however, as a second night of unrest gripped the area despite authorities’ declaration of a 7 p.m. Curfew, as Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reported. Hundreds of demonstrators amassed outside the Brooklyn Center police station, where police in riot gear stood guard with no National Guard presence noticeable the immediate area.

Looters reportedly trashed a Dollar Tree store and a Boost Mobile outlet in an adjacent shopping center, and roughly 40 arrests were eventually made, according to MPR, for offenses that ranged from curfew violations to rioting. Though protestors attempted to breach a barrier that had been built surrounding the police department, they did not succeed, but multiple officers were injured after being hit by thrown debris, according to local Fox affiliate KMSP.

With the Chauvin case moving toward its conclusion and outrage over Wright’s death reaching fever pitch, only time will tell whether local police, state authorities, and National Guard troops will be able to prevent a repeat of the devastation from which Greater Minneapolis is still struggling to recover nearly one year later.

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    1. I can’t understand why some people think mouthing off to a cop is smart or asking why are you talking to me or trying to wiggle is a good idea. I knew a street person in Philly who walking down a street at about 2: A.M. when a police car rolled up and asked where he was going. They repeated the request and he gave more lip. Mind you now, they hadn’t asked to even walk over to the car. Finally, they took him in because he wouldn’t give his name and discovered out standing warrants. If he’d answered their questions they would not have run his name. That’s when they told him they stopped not because he was black but because he fit the description of the man who had robbed a convenience store about 4 blocks away. I told him a white guy would have been treated the same way being the only one on the sidewalk for about 5 blocks or maybe more at that time of the day. A few years later he went to prison for armed robbery.

    2. So funny HOW ignorant these people are… 95% of humans KNOW to OBEY THE LAWS, except of course WDC ! These morons are TOLD TO RESIST by Hillary Clinton and her TRIBE of trash.

      1. Wow, is the witch still alive? I heard she was attacked by a bear and she bit the bear and it died and so did the witch. Water was thrown on the witch and she melted away only to containment the surrounding water supply.

      1. Yea. The police protect good people and the military is trained to eradicate bad people. Let the military do their job it won’t take long before the problem is solved

      2. I agree 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

    3. Umm, you end up arrested, injured, or dead. What else would a smart person expect?

      Oh yeah, the dead man in question had not been taught to be smart or he ignored his parent(s) warning about being respectful toward officers just doing the job they were hired to do. I watched the footage. The officer definitely thought she was going to tase the suspect with a warrant attempting to flee. She immediately realized her mistake and was obviously not intending to kill the man.

      Largely his own actions in the past (the outstanding warrant) and present (his attempt to resist arrest and then to flee) led to his death. The officer would have no reason to draw a Tasar or any live round firearm otherwise. It’s a tragedy brought about by a young man perhaps thinking he is invincible or maybe thinking that he didn’t want to go to jail on his outstanding weapon-related warrant and then have to go to court. How stupid is that? How tragic for he, his family and friends, and the police officer?

      Then the community members looting a cell phone store, and a dollar store afterward? In what way can that criminal activity relate to this death? It does not and it can’t. It’s just thuggery coming out of sheer mean and ill-mannered people, who think rules are made for others rather than everyone.

      1. Note , all the looters, or should I say the majority of them, are 14/15 yo. black boys and girls. It’s all down to the parents again.

      1. Why would they want work boots? None if these oxygen thieves work, they want to live off the government tit.

  1. Make a public announcement that a strict curfew will be enforced and that anyone caught outside will be arrested.
    And if you are engaged in riot, looting and or starting fires, you will be shot on site. No arrest or detaining will be done to people actively causing mayhem, stealing and destruction of property. Consider it a ‘Martial Law’ situation…

    1. We are on the brink of Martial Law as long as biden is in office. The democrats have this nation ALL MESSED UP NOW!!!!!!!

      1. The Dems love chaos. Then they can get more power and control over the populace by telling us that they want us to turn everything over to them in order that we be “taken care of.” An ancient ploy. Dependency on our part is their strength.

    2. Funny it appears the only way that takes place is like Jan 6 and innocent people arrested in DC because the Mayor set a curfew later in the afternoon and many people didn’t know it and the FBI arrested them and their were charged along with the others on that day. It only appears to happens if they think it is Republican or white “whatever” behind it. The new laws for our nation. Defund the police and anyone that thinks they should have a fair trial.

  2. No More Rioting Governor. Give the Guard the Shoot To Kill order. It Will Put a Stop To This Madness.

    1. Anthony Manzo
      I believe we should put these leaders, press, and ALL who say they are PEACEFUL DEMINSRATIONS, in a special CROWD CONTROL UNIT and put THEM on the FRONT LINE to show the POLICE haw to handle these PEACEFUL DEMINSTRATIONS. These people are like JOE & KAMILA, sitting in the WHITE HOUSE saying there is NO CRISUS at the BORDER which is 2,000 miles away. They would not have lasted one day in PATTONS THIRD ARMY.

  3. No use in contacting the Department of Justice, the Attorney General says there are no terrorists after dark. Since when?? How many Federal or even State employees have to die or injuried before he wakes up. Maybe he takes his naps in the bunker with Mr. Biden

  4. Yes, running out of a store, with loads of new sneakers under your arms, certainly justifies your anger.

  5. Why waste time and effort on arrest that will go nowhere. They are going to stop after all buinesses move out. They can always burn more cars and buildings for weekend entertainment..

  6. Many of these rioters are gang criminals or communist revolutionaries. For this reason deploying snipers is the safest way to take down vermin with weapons, including bricks and rocks. Goliath could tell us if we could ask him that a rock is a deadly weapon. In the case of fire bombs, shoot the fire bomb and let the vermin experience what they intended to do to others. Rather than advancing in a line to disperse, which pushes vermin into other areas and encourages looting, surround and pinch off groups to be quickly arrested. Let the national guard build prisoner of war camps to house these vermin until they can be permanently sent to prison, evaluated for dangerous mental illness, and discharged if found to be of no further danger to the public. Enemies, who use deadly force, should face the same rules of engagement.

  7. The folks protesting in Minneapolis are uncivilized!!
    Let them know if they do not follow curfew they could be hurt because the guard has been given the ok to use physical force!

  8. Shout out to the Minnesota State Troopers, they have been there for all the protest this past year. Thanks for your service. You all our the best at what you do. The state of Minnesota is lucky to have you!

  9. When you put up with the “largely peaceful protests” this is what happens. When you arrest, detain and then due to political interference, release the violent without charges, where’s the deterrent from a repeat of their actions again?

    I get that people are upset, but before there was any official information released, people were rioting, and that isn’t acceptable in any society. That kind of behavior should never be tolerated or accepted by society.

    We need to stop making excuses for the Thug Behavior. That means Politicians, local, state and federal need to STFU, until the investigation is complete, especially the Senile Fool sitting in the Oval Office.

  10. These people are out of control and looking for any excuse to riot,loot stores,throw items at police who are just doing their job to keep these thugs from burning down the city. He knew he had a warrant so get arrested.mommy and daddy will bail you out like last time. That’s no excuse for the police woman shooting him. She should know by now where her taser is located/and her gun is located. She’s been on the job for 26 yrs.NO EXCUSE.

  11. All of this nonsense over two thugs not doing what they were told to do. And liberals think this is ok. No accountability and defying the law brings chaos.

    1. I totally agree with you. If you are a law abiding person you do not have to worry about the color of your skin. I would !ove to see a count of white people who were shot for Not following a police command or for fighting back. I think it would be eye opening.

  12. I want to ask something about Michigan….!!! (I Live There) We now have the HIGHEST return of the VIRUS in the Country…They said on T.V .that all these illegal people coming to our borders are being flown or put on bus to States up-north…Is this why we now have a State that is ready for Lock-down again…Our Gov Whittmer is Cuomos best friend….What are they planning now..????? I have never hated Demos so bad in my life…Wake up people they planned all this……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree 100%.. This all was planned.. The virus coming here.. The lockdowns.. That we have to rely on the govt for income with these checks.. And now reperations for slavery.. Hey man, the Irish people were slaves 1st in this country. So where’s the Irish peoples reperations??? This moron in office and his thugs are turning our country into chaos.. Racial problems.. They make us worry about racial stuff instead of seeing what they are doing to us.. And what happens when China takes Taiwan?? We are suppose to fight for them.. We might go to war!!! And nobody is talking about that!!! This is crazy.. All these inner terrorists groups need to be stopped!!! They are not an idea they are terrorists.. Anti Americans.. If u don’t like it here leave!!! All of you.. Hell…. Your BLM owner bought 4 homes in white areas for over millions of dollars.. That’s what you get for giving money to a scam group.. The black people should be pissed about this.. That money was supposed to help their communities.. See.. Even their own kind is screwing them.. There’s just so much BS here… And it all has to stop.. ALL LIVES MATTER.. White people have it hard too.. We all do.. Lets get together and fight the govt. For fair treatment for all.. Not just one minority group.. It must all stop!!!

  13. It is way past time for the gov. & mayor to be held accountable for what took place in their cities last summer.
    If the constituents of these cities do not do a recall they deserve what they get. These non humans need 1 warning that they will be shot as terrorists if they use these terrorist tactics that do nothing but destroy property and lives!!!!

  14. The law does not state that you can not shoot a fleeing criminal. It simply states that you can not shoot the fleeing crimson more that 43 times.

  15. Isn’t amazing how many idiot blacks won’t obey the commands of the police officer and usually they end up in jail; tasered, etc., because they don’t listen.

    The other stupidity is their looting and destruction of property etc., as if they “deserve” to rob, etc. They attempt to steal mostly…so why shouldn’t they be arrested, tasered and they hate being arrested, because they got caught. They need to be held accountable just like any other person for their crimes. They are out of control.

  16. If that guy had not tried to run he would still be alive today, I understand that he also had a warrant out for his arrest on other charges, as for the riots and looting all these people are doing is hurting themselves by destroying the local economy very stupid, very stupid

  17. Am completely amazed that rioting, pillaging and disrespect of the law is acceptable behavior and those attempting to put a stop to it are being demonized

  18. Let democrat cities burn and when they are done looting and rioting, and there is no food or other basic needs sue the democrats and George Soros pay for it. We all know who is doing it and why.

  19. I don’t care if you like it when I say it, but the truth is the truth: The only thing these “protestors” know how to do, and do well, is abuse drugs, steal and kill. It’s inbred into them and they live up to it – EVERY SINGLE DAY IN EVERY SINGLE TOWN IN THIS COUNTRY.

  20. This will soon be what all cities will turn into… the democraps will not stop till they have everyone against each other… that way they can take each group down 1 at a time…

  21. It pains me to say that the comments of most are very true. Perhaps its time we get down on our knees and seek divine help to help preserve our great nation before its too late.

  22. How stupid can you be? If the Police or some form of the law tells you to stop running you STOP, period. Bad things happen when you resist. What do you say we elect GOOD politicians, this way we should not have to many problems. Stop the word changing that’s a lot of bull. Be truth full and do the right thing’ and tell the frigging truth.

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