Minnesota National Guard troops come under gunfire during neighborhood patrol operation

The already deteriorating situation in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota went from bad to worse on Sunday morning as protesters and rioters, entering their second week of violent outbreaks, took the situation to the next level.

According to Breitbart, Minnesota National Guard troops reported taking gunfire early Sunday morning, apparently as a result of a drive-by shooting incident. Luckily no troops were killed in the incident and it’s unclear whether or not the shooting was related to the continued rioting and violent outbreak, but with tensions high in the area, it wouldn’t be a stretch to presume the incident is linked.

The Minnesota National Guard’s official Twitter account kept the public apprised of the incident and the outcome in a series of tweets on Sunday.

In a follow-up tweet, it was revealed that two National Guard troops sustained minor injuries as a result of the shooting.

“One Guardsman sustained an injury from shattered glass requiring additional care and was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment. The other Guardsman received only superficial injuries,” the tweet indicated.

The Guard troops were part of a neighborhood security team called “Operation Safety Net,” which is a joint task force comprised of local, county, and state law enforcement officers. Guard troops were activated “as part of the effort to protect people, freedom of speech and property during the Derek Chauvin trial as well as the aftermath of the police involved shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center,” a statement read.

Minnesota National Guard leadership revealed on Monday that some 500 troops have been activated so far, as closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial are expected to wrap up by the end of business on Monday, when the case will then be sent to the jury for a verdict, which is expected to be announced sometime this week.

Only time will tell what the verdict leads to, but if it’s anything other than the murder conviction demanded by protesters and rioters, Minneapolis will likely be in very bad and dangerous shape by week’s end.