Mike Pence stands strong against Democrats trying to remove Trump

Don’t believe what the “divide and conquer” radical left is telling you about Mike Pence.

According to Breitbart News, “Vice President Mike Pence is against invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump as calls grow to oust the president in the wake of Trump supporters rioting in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.”

Of course, Pence has taken some heat from Trump fans in the last two days, because he refused to do something that he didn’t have the power to do. Trump himself has admitted defeat at this point. But Pence has been a strong, loyal, and steady ally of Trump’s for four years.

No one should be doubting his loyalty at this point. And if Nancy Pelosi thinks she can bully Mike Pence into “removing” President Trump, she’s in for a disappointment.

First of all, Pence doesn’t have the power to remove Trump unless he’s incapacitated, which he is not by any medical definition. And no, disliking his rhetoric doesn’t mean he’s incapacitated. Pence is a man of principle, so he won’t go above his constitutional powers, as we already saw in the electoral certification battle.

Second, Pence is well aware that the media’s sudden fawning over him isn’t real – it’s a calculated attempt to cajole him into doing what they want. They’ll be furious when he doesn’t, but Mike Pence has been in the game too long to care about that.

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  1. GOD will have the last laugh, the longer it goes the more corruption comes out into the light. BUT America is the great abb-a-lone we are the nation that sits on the waters, produce 60 per-cent of all pro-nog-er-fee and killed more babies than any nation. America will pay for it’s sin, BUT the good news is the Christians that knows JESUS will be gone. GLORY TO GOD

  2. I feel Pence did wrong not to call so it would go before getting truth about the election which we all know it was rigged. Pence had better not let us down a second time by allowing them to hurt him more. He is leaving and leave it at that. He is a better person than any of them. I feel so for our president and praying he will have peace. Peace you had better not betray this country again. He is leaving and let him doing it in grace since there is nothing but thieves there.

    1. DR. SHIRLEY- I guess you missed your calling, you should have been a lawyer not a doctor, you stated “we all know it was rigged”, it seems funny that some 60 plus judges didn’t know as they all sent Trumps lawyers packing. By the way I did not know as nobody had any proof.

      1. Verne, evidently you did not see any of the videos that I did that showed blatant cheating. That was part of the proof. Also, Biden on national TV saying they had the best program on cheating as Obama did. Biden is a sick imbecile whom has no right to be POTUS which I am sure will be shone in the next 4 horrible years. Brace yourself Verne–you are in for a big disappointment.

  3. Again, accusing Trump supporters as the rioters. THE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS DID NOT CAUSE THE RIOTS. This was an organized plan by the democratic party to bring in buses full of BLM and ANTIFA members to storm the capital building. They were positioned by personal, dressed in Trump gear, carrying American flags. The doors were opened, deliberately, to allow the rioters in, then using tear gas to force people back, shut the doors. This was PLANNED. This was also another means to accuse Trump, claiming he incited people to riot. TOTAL LIE.

  4. Its Sad DAY in America when Truth is SyQuest by not looking at every vote and checking to make sure they are legal.
    They have lost my confidence. Pray for your emery’s If there where Transparence you would know that most are brought and sold for money .
    No ethics absolutely no Honor. They would think the more they say it it becomes truth. Stalin Thoth So !! NAH
    Deny Deny you still Nancy Chuck Joe Kamala MARK rich dude Lie !!!

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