Mike Pence: “if you don’t vote, they win”

Trump fans have been following the saga of Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, who are challenging the election results in Georgia. In recent days, Wood and Powell have taken a strange tack, urging Republicans not to vote in the Georgia runoff election, in protest of the November vote.

Now, vice-president Mike Pence has come out strongly against that view. 

In a speech at a rally for GOP candidates Kelly Loefller and David Perdue, Pence put it bluntly: “if you don’t vote, they win.”

Breitbart reports:

Vice President Mike Pence warned at a rally Friday for Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler that Georgians who refrain from voting in the upcoming Senate runoff election would be handing a win to Democrats.

Pence said at the rally, “I know we’ve all got our doubts about the last election, and I actually hear some people saying, ‘Just don’t vote’” — a comment that comes after attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood told people this week not to vote in the upcoming runoffs because of allegations that voter fraud occurred in the presidential election.

I have to admit, while Sidney Powell did great work in the Mike Flynn case, her latest calls to not vote struck me as insane – possibly even traitorous. False flag anyone?

Breitbart continues:

“My fellow Americans, if you don’t vote, they win,” Pence said to the crowd of several hundred. “If you don’t vote, there could be nothing to stop Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi from cutting our military, raising taxes, passing the agenda to the radical left.”

If the Democrats win both Georgia seats and Joe Biden survives legal challenges from the Trump campaign, they would control the House and the presidency with the Senate deadlocked. Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris would decide any votes in the Senate that end in a 50–50 tie.

Pence said a Senate majority “could be the last line of defense” for Republicans but reiterated comments he made at a rally last month that President Donald Trump is continuing to pursue lawsuits over the election results and that they would fight “until every illegal vote is thrown out.

I’m with Pence. The Democrats need to be stopped. Any calls to boycott voting would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. And there’s also this: