Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer faces IRS complaint over controversial trip

Amid growing questions about a March private jet trip to Florida during a COVID-19 surge in her home state, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has been hit with an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) complaint filed by conservative advocacy group Michigan Rising Action, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Whitmer has been on the defensive in recent weeks, attempting to explain the circumstances surrounding her travel to the Sunshine state while simultaneously cautioning Michiganians to avoid similar journeys as case numbers spiked at home, as the Detroit Free Press noted.

Though initially reluctant to disclose much information about the trip, which she said was made to assist her ailing father who lives in Florida, Whitmer eventually stated that a nonprofit entity formed to help fund her 2019 inauguration paid the majority of the $27,521 cost of the private flight and that she personally reimbursed $855 – the supposed cost of a first-class ticket to her destination, according to the Examiner.

Whitmer’s chief of staff, JoAnne Huls, explained earlier this month that “Due to ongoing security and public health concerns, we made a decision to use a chartered flight for this trip. The governor’s flight was not a gift, not paid for at taxpayer expense, and was done in compliance with the law.”

Eric Ventimiglia, executive director of Michigan Rising Action, is not so convinced, however, saying in a press release, “Governor Whitmer’s use of 501(c)(4) funds for personal benefit is a clear violation of the law and we’ve asked the IRS to launch a full investigation into the matter,” adding:

From her blatant hypocrisy to the litany of ethical and legal violations, Governor Whitmer has spent the last two months misleading the people of Michigan about her trip to Florida. It’s time for her to be held accountable.

As Fox News noted, Ted Goodman, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party says that Whitmer’s lack of transparency in the midst of legitimate questions about her travel is “downright insulting” to citizens of her state

Local Detroit area investigative reporter Charlie LeDuff has been in dogged pursuit of the truth about Whitmer’s trip since it first came to light, and he has hinted in recent days that there could be even more nefarious details yet to emerge.

In a recent article for Deadline Detroit, LeDuff implored Whitmer to make even further admissions, saying, “Come clean, Madam Governor. Tell the people who was on that plane with you. Tell them, Madam, or I may have to,” suggesting that despite her office’s claim to the contrary, no official business was taking place en route to Florida, increasing the likelihood that violations of federal tax law will be found.

Given reporting this month that Air Eagle LLC, a company owned by a number of wealthy businessmen whose jet was used to take Whitmer to Florida, is not even licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to charter aircraft for passenger use, the beleaguered governor may have even more explaining to do than initially thought, especially now that there is a whiff of potential bribery in the air.

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  1. “RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME” WHITMER has continued to misuse her power to keep the economy shut down, while the BIDEN ADMIN SENDS THE VIRUS RELIEF CHECKS, FINALLY, after blocking Trump from doing so and loading the bill with things that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VIRUS, AND PLENTY TO DO WITH ENSURING THE DEM PARTY BECOMES THE ONLY PARTY IN THE US! BIDEN says, don’t worry, we will create jobs WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT! Just like Russia, and China, eh Joe? BY THE WAY, UNIONS ARE ILLEGAL IN CHINA! I KNOW AS I HAVE AUDITED HUNDREDS OF FACTORIES THERE! Because jobs are tied to the government, the “employees” are beholding to the government! That means the DEM PARTY! As Lenin said, “You control a mans daily bread, you control the man!” WHITMER FORCED ELDERLY CARE FACILITIES TO TAKE IN VIRUS PATIENTS IN DIRECT CONTEMPT OF SCIENTIFIC IDENTIFICATION OF THE ELDERLY AS AN “AT RISK”GROUP! SHE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE BEFORE SHE DESTROYS MY STATE!

  2. And yet, Newsom is the only state governor facing a recall. And since when did anyone trust the IRS?

  3. Under the Jail Please! All of them are worthless and all feel they are above the law to include the crazy leader in MI

  4. I was born and raised in Michigan. Since This Whitmer is govenor now am glad I dont live in Michigan after living there many years.

  5. She is in the wrong political party to be held accountable for her corruption. If she was a republican then they would turn over every rock in trying to find something to charge her with but she’s a democrat so status quo we won’t know as usual.

  6. Watch as the IRS will most likely roll over and pee in the air on this case. Being one of the “untouchables” must have some perks.

  7. Hopefully the law we have to follow will apply to this DNC Elite which follows no rules.

  8. There are so many reasons to LOCK UP Gretchen Whitmer, I guess the lies to the IRS are a good place to start.

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