Michael Williams from ‘The Wire’ found dead in apartment, possible drug overdose

Michael K. Williams, 54, the famous actor known for his award-winning role in the hit series, The Wire, was found dead in his New York apartment on Monday. 

The deceased actor, reportedly face-down and unresponsive, was discovered by his nephew.

According to early reports, authorities revealed that a preliminary investigation didn’t seem to suggest foul play was the cause of the five-time Emmy nominee’s death. However, police also reported that drug paraphernalia was discovered in his apartment, pointing to the strong possibility that he died as a result of an overdose, Fox News reports.

As the New York Post reported, sources familiar with the scene claimed that heroin was reportedly found on one of the counters in Williams’ apartment.

The drug overdose theory doesn’t come without precedent, as Williams has been open about his addiction issues in the past, even revealing that his role in The Wire, which involved a character who robbed drug dealers, had a very real impact on his personal life.

During an interview with NPR in 2016, Williams admitted that his addiction became so bad that he once stumbled into a church desperately seeking help. He described his encounter with the pastor of the church.

“I was on drugs. … I was in jeopardy of destroying everything I had worked so hard for, and I came in those doors, and I met a man who had never even heard of The Wire, much less watched it,” Williams recounted at the time.

Spokeswoman Marianna Shafran released a statement following the tragic discovery, writing, “It is with deep sorrow that the family announces the passing of Emmy nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams.”

She added: “They ask for your privacy while grieving this unsurmountable loss.’”