Meta moves to Texas planning to build the tallest building in Austin

Facebook parent company Meta, has announced that it is leasing space in Austin, Texas as the most recent tech giant to leave the Golden State in favor of greener pastures. 

According to a report in The Washington Examiner will be taking a massive building in the Lone Star State to avoid the high taxes, massive cost of living for employees and over-regulation of corporations synonymous with the causes the corporation supports. 

“Months of speculation have come to an end as California-based Meta Platforms Inc. — the parent company of Facebook— recently leased the entire commercial half of Sixth and Guadalupe, the 66-story high-rise under construction downtown that will be Austin’s tallest building when finished. The social media company has also pledged hundreds more jobs in the Texas capital,” the Austin Business Journal reported.

“The lease is the largest ever in Downtown Austin,” Austin ABC-affiliate KVUE reported, going on to say that it will eventually become Austin’s tallest building to date.

It appears to be a trend among California businesses to assist the Democratic leadership in creating a completely unsustainable environment with their donations, grow their business to a massive size, and relocate to Texas as a refuge from the monster they created. 

Currently, 35 major companies are relocating or opening new sites in the city of Austin, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce and it might just be the beginning. 

While the west coast has been attractive to many of the rich and famous, companies such as Facebook, Oracle, HP Inc., and 8VC as well as possibly Tesla, are looking to move away and find better prices on housing, less taxes, fewer restrictions and avoid the burdens of regulations their taxes and substantial support assisted in implementing. 

Zuckerberg has specifically criticized Texas policy and spent millions of dollars attempting to influence its elections, apparently looking to both appreciate what is happening in the Texas economy, and corrupt it simultaneously. 

“Unfortunately, this also represents another troubling development,” The Examiner reproved. “Liberals such as Zuckerberg work to create an ideological utopia in which their own companies evidently cannot survive or at least cannot thrive optimally. Then they abandon the places they helped destroy and move on to start the process all over again somewhere else.