Melinda Gates expressed concern over husband’s potential links to Jeffrey Epstein: Report

When news emerged last week that billionaire philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates planned to divorce many were surprised that the couple would go through such a highly-publicized split after 27 years as husband and wife.

Though some speculated that the dissolution was timed to follow their youngest child’s graduation from high school, it emerged this weekend that Mrs. Gates’ desire to end the union may have also stemmed from her soon-to-be-ex’s relationship with convicted sex offender and disgraced financier, Jeffrey Epstein, as Fox Business reported.

As news of the breakup hit in early May, a source suggested to People that the timing of the divorce was “absolutely because their youngest child is graduating from high school, and the idea was that they stayed together through that,” adding, “they limped through until their kids were out of school like a lot of people.”

However, on Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the parting of ways was much longer in the works than the public was led to believe, and that there may have been a much darker reason underlying the decision.

Sources familiar with the situation say that going back all the way to 2013, Mrs. Gates had indicated to her husband that she was uncomfortable with Epstein after having met him, and despite that fact, Bill Gates continued to interact with him more extensively than he admitted.

Reporting from the New York Times in 2019 revealed that Gates had held meetings with Epstein, but at the time, the former Microsoft CEO explained that he regretted that decision and called it an “error in judgment,” but maintained he “didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with him,” according to Vanity Fair.

The truth, however, though, was that multiple meetings between the two did occur over a period of years, even after Epstein pleaded guilty to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and to felony solicitation of prostitution.

The revelation that the connection between Bill Gates and Epstein was apparently more substantial and longer in duration than the public knew reportedly prompted Mrs. Gates to begin consulting with divorce attorneys back in 2019, culminating in last weeks’ startling announcement, according to Vanity Fair.

Given Epstein’s rumored involvement with a long list of high-profile public figures including former President Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, and a host of Hollywood stars, not to mention the horrifying sex trafficking allegations he was facing at the time of his mysterious death, one wonders whether there may be more information yet to come regarding Bill Gates’ ties to this seemingly never-ending scandal.

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  3. Secrets will be shouted from the housetops. I really don’t feel sorry for the Gates. They don’t support the USA.

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  5. His last name was GATES hope the GATES of heaven will welcome him . God is watching . AMEN AND ALLELUIA .

  6. Looking forward to Arise USA which begins May 15th. I had no idea until I saw this notice. Maybe it should be posted on FACEBOOK so all could see that we do have some people riding and speaking for our freedom. I appreciate anyone who can bring America back to her former days of God, love, family, freedom, peace, and unity, one nation under God. Thank you , be safe and God Bless those that are on the “freedom journey”. At 83, too old but I can pray.

  7. I just want to say please be aware of the Arise USA your that starts May 15th and traveling to every state across America, riding for freedom. Sheriff Mack, Robert David Steele, Sascha Stone, Kevin Jennings and many others will be speaking out for freedom all across America.

  8. They all made sure Epstein was killed before everything was found out. May they all receive the hangman’s noose soon.

  9. Who Cares, If Melinda & Bill Gates Split,
    If Bill Gates Had Anything To Do With
    J. Epstein Than He Is Just As Much
    Of CREEP, & Mrs Gates Should Take
    Bill Gates For Everything She Can.

  10. Who the HELL cares about the gates??? I don’t give a damn if they divorce. They have BILLIONS of dollars, and go figure, they have something BIG going on with china!!!

  11. Be sure your sins will find you out Maybe he should concentrate on his marriage instead of trying to dim God’s sun.

    1. I agree with you.
      The man who tries to dim the Sun must be ABnormal!
      No matter how rich he is.

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    1. They both belonged in prison, but someone got to Epstein and killed him when he was in prison, makes you wonder why?? However Gates sould have been in prison along with Epstein for all the damage he has done to this country! Gates works with China against America! I am guessing he has been paying Politicions to look the other way, which is why he is not in prison as well! I am sure Epstein was killed because certain Politicions didn’t want the truth to come out! Every problem we have in this country goes back to a Politicion!

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