Meghan Markle exploring possible White House run: Reports

Though Joe Biden has only been in office for a matter of weeks, speculation about the 2024 presidential field is already heating up, with a rather unexpected name now emerging as a potential candidate.

Meghan Markle, also known as the Duchess of Sussex, has reportedly begun networking with high-powered Democrats in furtherance of a plan to become the first female president in American history, according to the Daily Mail.

The media outlet reported that a senior figure in Britain’s Labour party revealed that Markle, wife of Prince Harry, has grand political ambitions in her home country and is hoping to capitalize on the attention garnered by her recent, highly controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she lobbed incendiary accusations of racism at her husband’s family and generated significant backlash.

Though Markle has no discernible experience in politics – her most notable pre-Royal employment was as an actress on the American cable television series Suits – she has been outspoken with regard to her heavily left-leaning views.

Over the past year, however, Markle has voiced support for Black Lives Matter and, through her recently formed Archewell organization, aligned with progressive groups such as Color of Change, the PressPad Charitable Foundation, and URL Media, according to the Guardian.

In what was viewed as a thinly-veiled attack on then-President Donald Trump, last year the Duke and Duchess of Sussex veered from traditional royal protocol and urged Americans to vote in the November election and “reject hate speech.”

Prior to marrying into the British royal family, Markle made her feelings about Trump publicly known, referring to him as “divisive” and “misogynistic” during a 2016 appearance on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

According to comments last week from senior Trump adviser Jason Miller, the disdain is mutual, with the former president reportedly saying about Markle, “She’s no good…I said it and now everybody is seeing it,” in apparent reference to a 2019 exchange in which Trump characterized her criticism of him as “nasty.”

Whether Markle’s rumored political ambitions will actually take root or are simply a public relations gambit meant to bolster her faltering image is something that remains to be seen.

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  1. another Actress thinks she has talent!
    sleeping her way up, and lying all the way..
    She sounds like 2 sandwiches short of a Picnic.

    1. I don’t even know what movie she ever starred in and she wants to be President? LMAO, I could be President then!

    2. Ha ha ha ha ha. This 4th or 5th rate actress got shot down by The Queen for trying to either grab a Title for marrying Harry, claiming she would move to England if they made her Queen. Ha ha, there are sooooo many LEGITIMATE candidates already in line, PLUS, she’s not even British. NOW that power and money grabbing little witch wants to run for President????? What a wonderful imagination she has – must be because she thinks she’s special – special kind of nutcake!

  2. Any decent person would never vote for that nasty sknk just because she can’t get her hands on royal money because she has to do charity work and she is above everyday citizens pure evil

    1. When she doesn’t get Royal money,she starts to put dirt on the Royal family! Run for President? Ha,ha,ha!

    1. Destroying two families, hers and the Royal family, lying, and sleeping with whoever was desperate enough, etc..

  3. Worthless piece of 💩… How many times have you turned your back on people & spread your legs to get ahead. You are a DISGRACE **** Just go away.

  4. Who would vote for her?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 AH, I think you have to go through a process, like being in Congress, or holding some kind of a political office! It’s also nauseating to think of! 🙊😩🤐🤬🤢🤮



  6. She is no more presidential material than Joey Briben Biden. Far too much drama following her. Besides she has no experience for presidency. She failed as a royal and that would have been a good practice for the top position but being president would prove much more difficult!
    Meghan should be satisfied taking care of her family.

  7. Maybe Joe Biden will sniff her hair top and bottom! That’s all we need as President is a whiny elite that thinks she knows it all!

  8. When do we say enough, where do we draw the line. Are we going to talk, guess, condem what the left is doing to our culture, our God give human rights being taken away, our country being trampled from within and out and with the president and democrat left blessing.
    So each one please decide what/where is your limit. Those who are worried, fearful of losing the country to China, Iran. N Korea with support by the left democrats and led by democrat politicians who have become filthy rich doing business with the communist countries. Where is you enough,?

    1. It was enough for me before the election now it has run over the red line and I will do every thing I can to stop the left they are getting away with killing our beautiful country and our freedom Please Please Please people get with the program and get those filthy liars and crooks out of our political world and get some decent people in I don’t understand why the Republicans can’t see thin and do something about all the illegal thing that have been going on they just don’t seem to care Trump was the only one that seemed to love this country and do every thing he could do to protect our country and our God given rights by the Constitution of the United States of America this is my rant like it or not

  9. Well maybe I will run against the Duchess. I have about as much qualifications as she does. I will oppose every thing she’s for. I will close borders, make funds and equipment available for police. Enforce all immigration laws, make concealed carry a shall issue law. Make sure schools teach a broad spectrum of subjects and not revisionist subjects. Enforce voter ID laws. Reduce taxes. Any thing the liberals and leftist are for I would be against.

  10. This piece of crap don’t deserve to run president ,even Canada didn’t want her why would we want her, she trash and trash needs to be put out to the street with the rest of the garbage

  11. If this empty headed, gold-digging snowflake couldn’t stand life “in the palace”, or endure the rules of the Royal Family, how does she even begin to imagine she could tolerate the pressure of life in the White House? A “whining snowflake”, really?? That’s no better then the dementia zombie currently in place.

  12. Is this a joke…No chance in hell she would ever get to be President of the US. She would not get my vote for garbarge collector.

  13. the girl is not a duchess, she is a mediocre actress with dreams of grandour!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh the arrogance of fools

  14. She messed up the Royal family big time. I guess she might as well try to mess up the U.S. as well.

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