Media, politicians eerily silent on Chicago gun violence, with 28 shot and 4 dead last weekend

Unfortunately, 2021 isn’t off to a great start as far as mass shootings and officer-involved shootings are concerned. Over the past few months, there have been multiple, high-profile instances of each, and Democrats, along with their allies in the mainstream media, are seemingly milking the coverage of those events to push their own narratives.

However, as usual, what the aforementioned groups aren’t talking about is the fact that the bulk of gun violence in the United States happens nearly every weekend in America’s largest cities, especially Chicago, where according to the Chicago Sun-Times, a staggering 28 people were shot. 

Of those 28 shot in Chicago last weekend, four of those victims succumbed to their injuries, further adding to a disgustingly high death toll in the Democrat-run city for 2021 and seemingly total silence on the matter from politicians and the media.

What’s even more insane is the fact that 28 gunshot victims in Chicago over a weekend is on the lower side, as just the weekend before that one, at least 34 people were victims of gun violence in the streets of the Windy City.

Among those shot and killed in Chicago was a 17-year-old teenager who was sitting in a vehicle with several friends. Two men pulled up, exited their vehicle and began firing on teenager in the car, killing him and wounding his friends.

Others who were shot were simply standing on street corners or in neighborhoods, with many of them likely victims of — or involved in — the city’s out-of-control gang violence epidemic, a problem that Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) seems to turn a blind eye to most of the time.

Democrats and media pundits pushing tighter gun control legislation know that the best way to tug on Americans’ collective heartstrings is not by talking about what’s happening in the streets of Chicago or New York City, rather, they’ve honed their exploitation skills of mass shooting events in places outside of where the most gun violence takes place.

Another sad fact of the reality is that the only victims who receive any attention typically seem to be those who die at the hands of police officers, whether justified or not. Riots will break out in an instant when a young Black man or woman is killed in an officer-involved shooting, but when a young Black person is killed because of Black-on-Black gang violence, those same people go on about their daily lives.

The gun violence epidemic in the streets of America will not be affected by any new gun control legislative policies, as those who use guns in the streets to commit crimes do not worry about background checks or whether their magazines are within the legal capacity range.

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  2. The Story of Chicago is truly disturbing & sad. However, we can see that & even write our feeling & objections as to why the politicians do not do THEIR JOB to put an end to this way of life. There is but ONE Explanation as far as I can see. It must be PROFITABLE for them. In what manner I do not know. I could not understand the reason as to why, many years ago, we began seeing the enormous increase in Abortions. Now we know that it has become a Very Profitable Enterprise in harvesting fetal tissue, bones & organs for sell to the highest bidder. Maybe there is now a for Profit enterprise for Human tissue, organs & bone for sell to the highest bidder. Chicago is not the only place this is happening. Other big Cities in CA & NY have a HUGE homeless population living in their streets, scaring off visitors to their State. Yet they do nothing. If they are losing money that would be generated by Visitors to their Cities then there must be some sort of reparation to off-set the loss.

  3. Gun violence seems to be in neighborhoods that already have gun control which is proof it does not work. The bad will always find guns
    so taking away guns from good people makes them more vulnerable to the bad. Gun control does NOT work.

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  5. What a dump.. would not even visit this state ever. Let them burn their homes, stores they shop in near them, cars in the street, shooting each other left and right. Their mama is going to have to take a train to get to the grocery store.. all others burned, looted out. A dog never poops where it sleeps. Even a dog smarter than these clowns

  6. Leave our guns alone! Guns don’t kill!
    Read, what Victor Cleaner wrote a couple of hours earlier!
    This is what we need our arms for!

  7. Chicago is the “Perfect Example” of what NOT TO DO, about gang violence . . . but its NEVER been about “The People” anyway, Demorats are ONLY “Worried” about . . . THEMSELVES. Its starting to “Come to a Head”, it started with President Trump being CHEATED out of the last election, an “We the People” started making SERIOUS NOISE . . . if the Demorats continue STEPPING ON the “Rights” of the people, people are NOT going to stand for it, an their going to POINT IT OUT, in this case to the “Demorats” . . . it will be like the end of the last election, times “10”, an they will be COMING FOR THE DEMORATS, “Pitch Forks” IN HAND . . . “This” ALONE, is why the Demorats are after our “Gun Rights”. . . anything else said on this matter, is nothing but BULLSH_T. . . there it is !.

  8. Agree with all posts! How is Lightfoot STILL in office? She is doing nothing to protect the city, she should be ousted! What does “ Obama almighty” have to say about his “ supposed” home town? Do I hear crickets? They want a nationwide race war going on, that is the plan!

  9. The media only cares about colored folk getting blasted when they can blame it all on whitey. Otherwise, they couldn’t care less.

  10. Some day, God willing, this censorship of free speech will end. It it does not this country is doomed

  11. Agree with Doug …but you have to have a Mayor with guts and a “can do attitude” that is willing to enforce the rules until the work year is needed is done. Like Giuliani did in New York City years ago.

  12. I have tried 6 -7 times to submit my post and it is constantly rejected.
    How much are the gangs paying them to stop the freedom of speech?

  13. The idiots operating this site are biased.
    Mention that Chicago’s shooting problems are likely gang related and your post will be banned.

  14. Al Sharpton owes HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in back taxes???? He is not locked up. If you are the right minority the laws don’t apply to you. You have been abused. This is correct about he abuse.

    The problem is this minority seems to forget, disremember just WHO started their abuse. It was NEGROES who hunted, captured, and sold them in Africa.

  15. Unfortunately the liberal politicians use anything horrifying to their political advantage. They could care less about people dying in our cities or the welfare of American citizens and legal immigrants, what a scam and shame. I am still baffled that they were able to pull off the biggest election fraud in the world, I never thought this could happen in the USA! I am disgusted and shocked, terrified of what is coming, happy that I trust that God is in control.

  16. Blacks have to stand up for all these killings. It is their children losing lives.If white people say anything they are considered racist. BLM are communists and don’t care about innocent people being shot. Mothers against drunk drivers got fed up an did something. Black moms need to do the same that is something we will back.

  17. Leave our guns alone… Guns don’t kill, it’s the IDIOTS that pull the trigger. With the border wide open for all the illegal aliens to come in our country, we may need our guns to protect our families.. Law abiding citizens need to keep our guns…. the criminals will always have guns no matter what.. So leave the law abiding citizens alone!!!!!!!

  18. Think maybe it’s racist to say black on black? Getting tired of woke media only reports on white on minority. What about the number of whites killed by police, it’s
    more than minorities by police. Tell the truth once.

  19. Here’s an idea- Mandatory 10 yr. prison term for any crime committed with a firearm. 30 yr. mandatory term for killing someone in the commission of a crime. Worth a try & better than what we have now! Finding an honest judge is a different matter.

    1. That has been done. RECENTLY. Federal law. But the feds almost never enforce it against the minorities doing the killing.

      1. Lots of gun laws get broken in all the major cities dominated by colored folk but they go scott-free as charges get dropped by colored prosecutors whose main goal is to keep their homies out of jail.

    1. Because you have uncontrolled animals literally getting away with murder.
      Maybe an easy way to stop the gang violence in Chicago is to send in the KKK to have a come to Jesus meeting with the blacks.

  20. NOBODY “cares”, especially these so-called Officials that are in CHARGE, after all, it’s been going on for years there in Chicago, so they must all LOVE it….they sure LOVE, LOVE, LOVE antifa/blm, so “why” should the msm even report about this/them = this is NORMAL in Chicago/country = get USED to it, but DON’T get “used” to Police shootings when a PERPETRATOR is RESISTING Arrest, then there have to be BIG PAY-OUTS to families and the Cop/s need to go to Prison…..How TWISTED…..!!!!

  21. But anyway it is necessary to be highlighted that, what These idiots never did and never will realize: how scary repellent for the rest of the world and even most powerful countries outside America is the very fact that in the USA – as the only country in the world – millions of privately owned arms are in private hands of ordinary citizens! Hence every armed citizen is in fact the member of military with no cost to the budget! Government has nothing to worry about our safety! Just make outer shell!
    Such a country as ours never could and never would be invaded and occupied by any enemy, because every armed citizen at home lives in his own fortified castle! This is the real strength of our country and our nation and nobody but insane idiots could deny it! Every idiot, who will take arms from hands of millions American citizens is a public enemy of everyone of us and should be shot on spot!

  22. I blame the mayor for some of this, she does nothing to try and stop it, she needs to be replaced period.
    Call in the guard. Hire more police.put people in prison jail.
    This only shows how weak and scared you are.

  23. The radicals and the Deep State are just about control and nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter if it’s free speech or gun control, however have you noticed the double standard when something serves their agenda? Glaring hypocrisy! Liberalism is the scourge of freedom! Fight it!!

    1. Civil War is getting closer every single will be fought for the same reasons as the first,namely States rights, crooked polititians, and unruly blacks. The South will indeed rise again

  24. Pistol permit holders are involved in less than one percent of crime that is lower than the police. Why are we the target of the DemocRATS? Life in prison for using a gun in a crime. If you shoot more than one it is the electric chair. Areas with the toughest gun laws have the highest crime rate doesn’t that tell you something?

  25. I find it ironic that Biden is pushing for gun control and now we have all these shootings,coincidence I don’t believe it

      1. Yep just like the way he is letting unvetted illegal aliens into the USA, While Covid19 is ravishing the world and 600.000 Americans have already died from it. But hey let’s invite people to cross our borders without first medically checking them for infectious diseases. He can ban ALL guns because of a few shootings yet will let people come who could infect and kill thousands. Makes sense to me(not).

  26. I am not surprised at the shootings in Chicago and the fact that the media has not really covered them, guess there were no police involved, but still it is a sad state of affairs that this is continuing

    1. The sooner the powers in charge admit that they have an out of control problem, the sooner they can address the issue. Marshall law. Stop and frisk, targeted law enforcement measures come to mind. The community and police need to come together to work together to effectively solve the problem. It may be painful to start with, but may be the only way. They have a war on their hands, and war needs drastic answers.

      1. That is just what the dems want, a cry for martial law. But it will be the peaceful citizen who loses his weapon of protection

      2. Agree with Doug …but you have to have a Mayor with guts and a “can do attitude” that is willing to enforce the rules until the work year is needed is done. Like Giuliani did in New York City years ago.

    2. True! The Mayor and the police chief are just helping get rid of the blacks….they love killing each other.

    3. Media isn’t covering,St louis,detroit,flit,dearborn,New York City,maryland,New Jersey,dc.portland ,La, KCMO AND KS WICHITA, 0oakland,phoenix,bakersfield,laredo,el paso(has the largest ISIS TRAINING CAMP. I COULD GO ON A MILLION BE WORDS,CITIES,STATES

  27. Hang on just a little bit more folks soon as dip Shi- Joe Biden puts his new gun laws into effect all people breaking laws and killing people with Guns will end zip zap smack

      1. Equalizer: the problem with your invitation, is that it won’t be Hiden’ Biden, or his pal “Beto” O’Rourk, it will be everyday members of LE, who most of us respect, even admire. And I can hear the dems now, decrying the fact that “brave cops all over America as laying down their lives”. But they won’t say a word about the fact that they are the ones instigating the situation. Oh, no, it’s all those “gun nuts”, and “we’re gonna take their guns and end this senseless slaughter”, all the while ignoring the mayhem happening in the dem run cities. They know how to lie, and get away with it, especially since the MSM are in the tank for their lunacy.

        1. LEO will not be that stupid to follow those orders. If they do, Open season, they are no better than the Marxist that sent them. Just a simple fact. Retired LEO.

      1. Sadly Id have to agree, Dems are stupid vote chasing manipulative gansters who exploit certain situations to gain some advantage. This is not the America of the people, by the people & for the people !! Time we fire the trickers & take back our America & follow the US constitution !!!!!


      1. Obviously Black Lives Don’t Matter! The Leftists in the media only use them as cannon fodder to stoke the division of racism in the country.
        We saw that Clarice Cullars is just another opportunistic leftist, who has enriched herself personally through BLM. She doesn’t give a damn about black people getting killed or killing other black people!
        She has isolated herself in the white neighborhood to get away from the 🖤 people she says she cares about. Sounds kinda like Mad Maxine!

      1. Chris says read 2 Timothy 3rd chapter All, Accept Jesus Christ into yours hearts before it’s Too late people, the time is Now !!!!

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