Media, politicians eerily silent on Chicago gun violence, with 28 shot and 4 dead last weekend

Unfortunately, 2021 isn’t off to a great start as far as mass shootings and officer-involved shootings are concerned. Over the past few months, there have been multiple, high-profile instances of each, and Democrats, along with their allies in the mainstream media, are seemingly milking the coverage of those events to push their own narratives.

However, as usual, what the aforementioned groups aren’t talking about is the fact that the bulk of gun violence in the United States happens nearly every weekend in America’s largest cities, especially Chicago, where according to the Chicago Sun-Times, a staggering 28 people were shot. 

Of those 28 shot in Chicago last weekend, four of those victims succumbed to their injuries, further adding to a disgustingly high death toll in the Democrat-run city for 2021 and seemingly total silence on the matter from politicians and the media.

What’s even more insane is the fact that 28 gunshot victims in Chicago over a weekend is on the lower side, as just the weekend before that one, at least 34 people were victims of gun violence in the streets of the Windy City.

Among those shot and killed in Chicago was a 17-year-old teenager who was sitting in a vehicle with several friends. Two men pulled up, exited their vehicle and began firing on teenager in the car, killing him and wounding his friends.

Others who were shot were simply standing on street corners or in neighborhoods, with many of them likely victims of — or involved in — the city’s out-of-control gang violence epidemic, a problem that Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) seems to turn a blind eye to most of the time.

Democrats and media pundits pushing tighter gun control legislation know that the best way to tug on Americans’ collective heartstrings is not by talking about what’s happening in the streets of Chicago or New York City, rather, they’ve honed their exploitation skills of mass shooting events in places outside of where the most gun violence takes place.

Another sad fact of the reality is that the only victims who receive any attention typically seem to be those who die at the hands of police officers, whether justified or not. Riots will break out in an instant when a young Black man or woman is killed in an officer-involved shooting, but when a young Black person is killed because of Black-on-Black gang violence, those same people go on about their daily lives.

The gun violence epidemic in the streets of America will not be affected by any new gun control legislative policies, as those who use guns in the streets to commit crimes do not worry about background checks or whether their magazines are within the legal capacity range.