Media insiders saying Brian Stelter might be fired at CNN

CNN’s Brian Stelter might have to look for another position the wake of CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s resignation over an affair with a co-worker, according to The Daily Mail.

Zucker reportedly began his affair with staffer Allison Gollust during the COVID-19 quarantine, but didn’t report the issue to Human Resources for the network, and continued to push for transparency from his anchors and others in the media. 

Stelter should be “looking for another job” according to someone with knowledge of the network cited by The Daily Mail. Another claimed that “the network needs to step up and fire Brian Stelter who is currently the chief media correspondent for CNN and host of the CNN program Reliable Sources.

The insider from CNN, who requested anonymity, said of Stelter, “He is allegedly our top media reporter – yet he failed to report on the scoop that everyone in the office knew. And if he wants to say he didn’t know, he is truly terrible at his job.”

Another source said Stelter had “been Jeff Zucker’s water boy for years and no one believes he didn’t know about all of this,” and that it was hypocritical for Stelter to be “sitting on his moral high horse” and “ripping Fox and every other media outlet that Jeff tells him to.”

“He’s been sitting on his moral high horse doing Jeff’s bidding and ripping Fox and every other media outlet that Jeff tells him to while his ratings crash and burn. Where was he on the biggest story at his own network after chastising everyone else?”

A source told the Daily Mail that “everyone knew” about the affair that had been an “open secret for years” to the point that Warner Media separated Zucker and Gollust last year.

“That wasn’t enough of a hint this was going on in plain sight?,” the Daily Mail’s source added. “Jeff took Allison to every job he had – after they left NBC, he tried to get her on Katie Couric’s show which failed, then he placed her at his friend Governor Cuomo’s office, then took her to CNN as soon as he was he got that job all while failing upward along the way,” they said. 

At one point, Gollust and Zucker reportedly lived in the same apartment building with their respective families and have worked together for more than two decades. They have both since divorced and their splits were reportedly due in part to their relationship with one another. 

According to Politico, who cited two unnamed sources, the “secret” is only out in the open now due to Cuomo’s legal team who brought up the romance in negotiations over his $18million severance pay that is coming after accusations against the former CNN host due to alleged sexual and professional misconduct. 

“Jeff’s affair with Allison has been going on forever – not since COVID!” one source told “Everyone has known it but he still denied it. It was part of the reason for his divorce, but not the only reason. It was inevitable that it would come out – he should have been upfront sooner.”