Media gets it’s own death notice – Trump’s final revenge

One of the most entertaining-because-its-true takes I’ve seen recently was written by Kyle Smith, a top-notch columnist for the New York Post and National Review.

Smith points out something that President Trump has said multiple times – Trump is the biggest gift the media’s ever received. And without him, they’re dead.

Smith writes:

And if Trump, as a private citizen, should stop providing the media with 24/7 OMG moments, what then? There is no plan B. Covering Biden scandals won’t happen, unless you mean covering them up. Yet the media can hardly portray Biden the way they did Barack Obama, as a bold, visionary, inspiring, energetic pathbreaker.

Biden can’t get through a sentence without a TelePrompTer and sometimes not even then. On the off chance Biden makes it to 2024 without lapsing into a vegetative state, in which case praise of Kamala Harris’ godlike virtues will turn every media outlet into the equivalent of the Pyongyang Kim-Tribune, the media can’t report anything that makes Biden look bad, which means they can’t report anything Biden does.

Judging by the full-bore freakout over a mildly snarky column in The Wall Street Journal suggesting Jill Biden should not be addressed as “Doctor” because she isn’t a physician, the media now considers any criticism of anyone related to the incoming president off-limits.

That’s disturbing, in that Biden will get a free pass. But we already knew that. I’m more interested in the implications for the struggling news industry.

So what will the media cover? And how will they prevent their absolute irrelevance from destroying their entire industry?

The answer is: they will cover nothing, and their death warrant has already been signed. Journalism is already dead in the big media institutions, but it’s alive and well in small news sources online, in talk radio, and even on upstart TV stations.