Media gets it’s own death notice – Trump’s final revenge

One of the most entertaining-because-its-true takes I’ve seen recently was written by Kyle Smith, a top-notch columnist for the New York Post and National Review.

Smith points out something that President Trump has said multiple times – Trump is the biggest gift the media’s ever received. And without him, they’re dead.

Smith writes:

And if Trump, as a private citizen, should stop providing the media with 24/7 OMG moments, what then? There is no plan B. Covering Biden scandals won’t happen, unless you mean covering them up. Yet the media can hardly portray Biden the way they did Barack Obama, as a bold, visionary, inspiring, energetic pathbreaker.

Biden can’t get through a sentence without a TelePrompTer and sometimes not even then. On the off chance Biden makes it to 2024 without lapsing into a vegetative state, in which case praise of Kamala Harris’ godlike virtues will turn every media outlet into the equivalent of the Pyongyang Kim-Tribune, the media can’t report anything that makes Biden look bad, which means they can’t report anything Biden does.

Judging by the full-bore freakout over a mildly snarky column in The Wall Street Journal suggesting Jill Biden should not be addressed as “Doctor” because she isn’t a physician, the media now considers any criticism of anyone related to the incoming president off-limits.

That’s disturbing, in that Biden will get a free pass. But we already knew that. I’m more interested in the implications for the struggling news industry.

So what will the media cover? And how will they prevent their absolute irrelevance from destroying their entire industry?

The answer is: they will cover nothing, and their death warrant has already been signed. Journalism is already dead in the big media institutions, but it’s alive and well in small news sources online, in talk radio, and even on upstart TV stations.

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  5. At 90 years of age, I am more concerned about the future of our country than ever before. I have a daughter, one granddaughter and one great granddaughter who will have to live with whatever happens to this nation if Biden actually enters the White House as president. I do not worry about myself as my time on earth is limited, so it probably will not affect me that much except to cause extreme stress for the time I do have left. I pray every nite that God will take over the mess created by us humans. I cannot stand cheaters and cheating, and it seems to be rampant now as a result of what I will always believe was a rigged election. I was a registered Democrat at one time but switched to the Republican Party over 50 years ago. After the Democratic fiasco that took place during our 2020 election, there is no way I would ever rejoin the Democratic Party. May God forgive them because I am not sure this nation can!

  6. This fraud was to give Obama a third term. He will be pulling the strings. He is bent on destroying this country. He is not who he pretends to be. He was probably elected using the same methods of fraud. He finally admitted he was born in Kenya. He is a lying fraud, an illegitimate president. We suffered through 8 years of that narcissistic ego maniac as he micro managed everything. God help us if we have to do it again! All of the corrupt poll workers, sleazy computer programmers, media, corrupt judges and politicians have sold their souls and deserve whatever punishment they receive. You are so stupid that you can’t see that you have sentenced your own children and future generations to communism. Once you have served your usefulness in perpetrating this fraud you will be expendable. Good riddance!

  7. The news outlets have killed themselves by covering for killary, Obutthead, the Biden’s, Piglosi and others. But they asked for what is going to happen to them. We, the people have had enough of them, we want the truth, straight answers and honest news reporting. Clearly, the msm outlets have no intention of doing any thing decent as far as honest reporting. So—- we turn them off, and go to real honest sites for honest news. Now, the social media platforms, google, twitter, Facebook and others need to suffervthe same fate. Go to Parler and others, not the commie run outlets.

  8. Every body concentrated in senil Biden but how about Kamala? He is out in couple of months if not days but the tragic of America is the communist Kamala, that is the plan made for the fraud , to put that women to government all of us for ever, like castros clan

  9. Politicans need to be changed as they start to smell corrupt… you know like when a fish starts to smell. Time to throw that one out and head to the store to get one that won’t hurt your family. Media is complicit in all the corruptness for who really knows how long. Not all thank goodness but it seems to be most… makes me really appreciate and respect the ones who are honest! Maybe they are like fish too………

    1. Yes…probably so…yet God is in control. There is a reason for everything…we get to sit back and watch and pray!! I believe that one way or another these people that appear to be getting away with murder will have to pay the price. Either in this life or after, they will have to give account to God for their cheating and corruption. They continue to wear those blinders…looking the other way when anything good happens to Trump (not recognizing his accomplishments) and looking the other way when anything bad happens to Biden. (His apparent corruption with China and “Russia Gate”.) I cringe to think of what a Biden/Harris administration can do to harm this nation permanently. I pray the Lord will come quickly!!


  11. only listen to fox and newsmax hope trunk gets back in if he don,t our country is gone yo many politicians in china pockets our supreme court is useless , am not a politician and do not understand how the dems can break the election and constitution laws and still have votes count makes no sense. somebody has to do something right before jan. 20th to keep trump in

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