Media COVERUP In Progress – Shooter Was A…


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  1. At this point in our country all media is only a hollywood scrpt. Not real honest news. Why go look for a story when you can just make one up. Just wish i could change this awlful channel. But with democrat cummunism we only have 1 channel. Govt. Sanction of course. King biden says all is good that is all you need to know. Or else censorship on your facistbook and the twit account…..

  2. We have NO media in the USA it’s china’s media and nothing but a bunch of lying sob just like the demorat party they cover for there damn RAG HEADS

  3. I’m anxious to see Mike Lindell open an
    Network, when he does I’ll disappear from the FB, Twitter, and even YouTube!

  4. Trump is the DAMN BEST PRESADENT this country has ever had. this BAFOOM that made a mockery of our voting system is a disgrace and needs to be IMPEACHER with the rest of his far left SOCELIST! this country does not need or deserve this looser.

  5. I gave up listening to main stream media long ago, still don’t pay any attention to most of the news unless it is local

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