Mayor Bill Deblasio struck by electric scooter

Socialist mayor of New York Bill DeBlasio was hit by an electric scooter in New York today. Apparently, DeBlasio was struck on the arm by a man and his daughter riding the scooter.

He wasn’t injured, although the riders had some scrapes and bruises.

Coincidentally, DeBlasio is a huge fan of electric vehicles, who recently made the news after New Yorkers painted an explicit mural on city streets attacking him and fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

Few people have ruined more lives than DeBlasio in recent months, as his horrific socialist dystopia continues it’s downward trend.

Miranda Devine, writing for the New York Post, notes that:

Everyone thinks Mayor Bill de Blasio is a clown who’s ruining New York…You trash the quality of life, handcuff the police, let crime rip, force out small businesses and residents who have to sell their properties at fire-sale prices, and of course it’s more affordable. No one will want to live here. This is de Blasio’s cunning plan.

“Help me tax the wealthy. Help me redistribute wealth. Help me build affordable housing in white communities,” he told WNYC last week. Indoor dining can’t restart because it’s for rich people, he said.

Like any Marxist revolutionary, he couldn’t care less about thousands of out-of-work restaurant workers lining up at soup kitchens in Queens.

That’s the way the left likes their people: desperate supplicants waiting obediently in line for the crumbs off their table.

We’re glad no one was seriously injured in the scooter accident, but you certainly can’t say the same for New Yorkers living under DeBlasio’s administration.