Mass Firings Announced – Americans Stunned

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  1. The Looney Left has always played one race against the other hoping to increase their power through chaos. Let’s not give it to them. So what if they attempt to cancel white folks for being white or try to make black folks believe they were cancelled for being black. Every citizen must look within, identify their strengths. and use them to better their own lives. Don’t play the victim game.

  2. Will all voters please become evenly informed Right and Left before you pick a candidate to vote for.
    so they can judge all people and particularly candidates by their education, ability, experience, honesty, and (now, I have add)
    mental status. I believe it was Martin Luther King ,who stated to the effect, a persons character was far more important than skin color.

  3. I believe it was Martin Luther King ,who stated to the effect, a persons character was far more important than skin color.
    I hope we can elect our representatives on that basis.

  4. God made mankind in His own image. That makes us all image bearers. God made no reference to any skin color, or hair texture, or any of the things some of us get so hung up on. He simply called us all mankind. If there were different races, or going to be different races, He would have specified such. He did not. Common sense then should tell us then that there is only one race. There may be different cultures, and ethnicities. This just makes things interesting. I believe He arranged that for our entertainment, something to study, and enjoy, like all the different complexions, and eye colors, and hair colors, its all very interesting, and delightful. The best way to get rid of racism, is to realize and accept the fact there is only one race, and it is called human. As far as slavery is concerned, it has been with mankind almost from the beginning. Every complexion, or ethnicity of mankind has at one time, or another, either kept slaves, or been enslaved. That is because there have always been some of us who are so small minded, that we believe we have the right rule over some other group of humans, and control them, and their lives, and make them work for us, while keeping them, poor, and dependent, on us for handouts such as we care to give them. Well, we have some people, right now, right here, who are trying to enslave some of us. Three guesses, who? And we had better fight to keep our freedom, and independence, or get ready to live on their plantation. And to do that we must concede the idea of there being any such thing as separate races, and join forces as fellow humans, and learn how to love, and accept, each other, so we can get along with each other, and work together.

  5. Racism is always wrong! It should not be tolerated in any case in the USA, especially by government. Firing someone because of their white race is as wrong as firing someone because they are black or brown or eastern or whatever. It’s time to go back to Martin Luther King and judge everyone on the content of their character — NOT their race.

  6. So where is the ACLU to defend each and every white person fired
    This is 100% discrimination.
    I pray NO ONE shows up or supports this leftist liberal firm ever again.

  7. I feel Obama do more to hurt race relations in this country than any other person. We as a nation are all privileged. We have a right to work for what we achieve. I worked for everything I have ever gotten. I have also been denied promotions because I am white.

  8. Well well well your actor buddies who will act as if they are concerned about everything. As long as they get paid. My have the tables have turns. Except when they over look your bid for next job because you are white. They can always try and act better.. … in life and with your common man

  9. Americans must rise up and be heard our country is being destroyed from within, Pelosi Adam Shiff the so called squad and many more are in politics for their own benefit they don’t care about the American people they care about absolute power and all the money they can get. The clock is ticking each day they push radical laws down our throats they rigged the election they call all white people racist they want to over turn two Republicans that were elected by THE PEOPLE. They straight out lie to the American people . The time has come to SAVE America . Call you senators ,Congress your state reps the Supreme Court Demand we remove all the anti Americans in office NOW, demand voter IDs and proof of residency. Time to end this communist takeover.

  10. we need to remove that trash oboma snuck into America they do not fit in/ oboma should go too

  11. The was or still maybe on TV called “Blackish” and I’m surprised that it was ever allowed on TV!


  13. The Democrats have caused this racism in this country. This new administration is so bad for this country. They support BLM burning down cities and call white people racists. They say hire only dark skinned people, white people not allowed. If too much white we will destroy you. This is the Democrats theme of the day.

  14. If they are firing people because of being white, they need to get rid of Black Miss America, BET television, Black Caucus and anything else that is for blacks. Can you imagine if there was a White Miss America or a White Caucus? I am sick of this crap. This country is being ruined one day at a time.

    1. You are exactly right I’m with you 100% Americans have to take back our country before it’s too late

  15. This whole thing is a crock. Discrimination is wrong no matter what color it is. There are plenty of shows with majority of blacks too but we don’t single them out. Whoever is coming up with this garbage needs to go find a hobby or seek mental help because they have become the real problem. We are a fair country and don’t need pathetic troublemakers looking for a fight every time they blink their eyes!

  16. Cinderella was white from the beginning. So depicting her as white is a problem? People are sick to destroy everything white. Loony tunes…

    1. I totally agree and what if a cinema company used a white person to portray Nelson Mandela or or the Zulu chief, Chaka. That would be enough to begin WWIII. I certainly saw no riots anywhere when the theater in NYC used a black actor to play Hamilton. The play only received raves and accolades.

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