Maricopa County Supervisor resigns after comments about election review were leaked

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri announced his resignation on Tuesday after a recording of comments made at a March meeting were leaked. 

According to a report in the Washington Times Chucri criticized two of his GOP colleagues for opposing the 2020 election results review called upon by the Republican lead Senate.

The meeting, which was reportedly surreptitiously recorded featured Chucri suggesting that his fellow Republicans were concerned about losing their hotly contested races.

The supervisors apologized in a statement announcing his resignation where he claimed that his comments were out of line, adding “the political landscape has changed for the worst this year.”

“The environment is wrought with toxicity – and all civility and decorum no longer seem to have a place,” Chucri said. “The fixation with the 2020 election results and aftermath have gotten out of control.”

One of the former supervisor’s colleagues, Bill Gates, said Wednesday that he was surprised by Chucri‘s decision and said he suspects his resigning colleague is attempting to garner goodwill with fellow party members:

“I would chalk it up to an example of someone telling people what they want to hear. I really do,” Gates told The Associated Press. “Those were the two that led that recall effort against us. And so I think that he thought that’s what they wanted to hear.”

Maricopa County was one of the most contentious election areas from a dispute-fraught 2020 presidential election. Republicans in the Arizona legislature requested an audit of the results.

According to the Times, Now-President Joe Biden reportedly won the county by 45,109 votes, and won the state with a slim 10,457 vote margin.