Man who threatened Donald Trump’s life on phone call hit with multiple charges

Former President Donald Trump was not immune from crazy, left-wing elements who sought to do him harm. One man who made a threat on the former president’s life in late 2020 and into 2021 just found out that making such threats against elected leaders can lead to serious consequences.

According to The Hill, Thomas Welnicki of Rockaway Beach, New York, was charged over the weekend with “knowingly and willfully threatening to kill, kidnap and inflict bodily harm upon a former president.”

Even worse, Welnicki was caught because he made the threats in several phone calls with members of the Capitol Police. On five occasions, the disturbed man expressed his desire to assassinate Trump, saying during one call that if the president didn’t lose in the 2020 election, he would “acquire weapons, and “take him down” himself.

During the calls, Welnicki reportedly bragged about his ability to easily obtain the weapons necessary to murder the former president, saying at one point, “I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I will stand up to fascism.”

The New York man also called a U.S. Secret Service number at one point and left several voicemails in which he not only threatened to take Trump’s life, but the lives of at least 12 unnamed lawmakers that Welnicki claimed “backed” the former president at the time.

“Oh yeah that’s a threat, come and arrest me. I will do anything I can to take out [Trump] and his 12 monkeys,” Welnicki reportedly said, adding that he was under the impression that there existed a $350,000 bounty for murdering the 45th president.

Court documents revealed a series of additional voicemails and transcripts from Welnicki’s conversations which revealed that the man was clearly mentally ill. The calls included detailed requests about Trump’s family and whether or not he could receive permission to protest outside of Trump’s residence, among other bizarre remarks.

“The new Civil War could break out and taking up arms against the government is justified when ballots don’t matter,” the man said in his last documented call, which took place on Dec. 2 of 2021.

Not surprisingly, most of the liberal mainstream media has been silent on the development, but one can be sure that if a conservative made similar threats to a former Democratic president, it would make the breaking news circuit.