Man spews profanities at Asian woman on public transit – racist media silent

An early March exchange that turned racist was filmed by one of the participants and uploaded online after incidents of anti-Asian attacks have gained media attention. But the video isn’t getting any traction in the media – and there’s only one reason why: it shows racism committed by a person of color.

The incident, originally reported on March 19 by the Miami New Times showed the man begin to yell obscenities at the woman after she asked him to wear a mask. The man seemed to take offense at the delivery of the request and began to yell: 

“Mind your goddamn business, Chinese lady. Ugly ass c—-,” the man said using an Asian slur. At another point in the exchange, he responded to the reiteration of her request saying, 

“I don’t give a f*** what you saying, man. I got daughters older than you. Mind yo’ g** d*** business, Chinese lady. Ugly-a** c****. Mind yo’ g**d***business, man.”

According to comments the woman gave to the Miami New Times, the man continued to call her names and make racist comments directed at her until he left the bus.

“I don’t care about you peoples, man. Go to hell, dog. This America, Jap,” he continued.

In the video, which can be seen below, the woman can be heard responding that she is American, which solicited a middle finger and a request to his partner to “Smile for the camera. Smile for this c****.” He also at one time said “F*** your daughter” “f*** your father” and “f*** your culture.” 

WARNING: Strong Language 

In The Washington Examiner’s coverage of the incident, commentary writer Eddie Scarry questioned why the “perfect for cable news” video wasn’t everywhere, especially considering their coverage of the surge in anti-Asian sentiment. 

“Could this be because, once again, the man in the video is demonstrably not a white supremacist? He is black.”