Man spews profanities at Asian woman on public transit – racist media silent

An early March exchange that turned racist was filmed by one of the participants and uploaded online after incidents of anti-Asian attacks have gained media attention. But the video isn’t getting any traction in the media – and there’s only one reason why: it shows racism committed by a person of color.

The incident, originally reported on March 19 by the Miami New Times showed the man begin to yell obscenities at the woman after she asked him to wear a mask. The man seemed to take offense at the delivery of the request and began to yell: 

“Mind your goddamn business, Chinese lady. Ugly ass c—-,” the man said using an Asian slur. At another point in the exchange, he responded to the reiteration of her request saying, 

“I don’t give a f*** what you saying, man. I got daughters older than you. Mind yo’ g** d*** business, Chinese lady. Ugly-a** c****. Mind yo’ g**d***business, man.”

According to comments the woman gave to the Miami New Times, the man continued to call her names and make racist comments directed at her until he left the bus.

“I don’t care about you peoples, man. Go to hell, dog. This America, Jap,” he continued.

In the video, which can be seen below, the woman can be heard responding that she is American, which solicited a middle finger and a request to his partner to “Smile for the camera. Smile for this c****.” He also at one time said “F*** your daughter” “f*** your father” and “f*** your culture.” 

WARNING: Strong Language 

In The Washington Examiner’s coverage of the incident, commentary writer Eddie Scarry questioned why the “perfect for cable news” video wasn’t everywhere, especially considering their coverage of the surge in anti-Asian sentiment. 

“Could this be because, once again, the man in the video is demonstrably not a white supremacist? He is black.”

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  1. Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

  2. The media is just the propaganda machine of the commiecrats and just as guilty as the commiectrats for these criminal activities, and I have to include those who voted this trash into office thinking they were going to be able to steal more from taxpayers.

    1. 1000% correct, Don !!!
      This is what the media has become , a propaganda machine for the communist party in power … just like Pravda used to be in USSR!!!

  3. This is just a sad commentary on the amount of mental health issues that exist in this country…I grew up in Miami and this kind of behavior on a Metro bus is just sickening…Exhibitions like this man’s are not a judgment on entire groups (as these kind of outbursts can come from any ethnic or racial group)…Crazy is a group all unto itself (hope no one will believe that I am being insensitive). I feel sorry for all involved…
    Sometimes…poop just happens…

    1. I would just take a wild guess, Ernst : how about Antifa, BLM, and all the rest of the marxists infiltrated into our schools, universities, media, Hollywood, big tech … you know , the ones that demanded to destroy everything about our country, our way of life, the ones destroying our statues, our history, the ones that are demanding
      “ reparations “ to be paid by the “ whites” to the
      black people , the ones that blame all the “ bad things happening in the world “ on the white people …. who’s financing them ?
      Google, Facebook, Tweeter, Amazon, Soros etc …

  4. We all have prejudice. We are all sinners. Even the people that do not believe in God. They are lost, so are not capable to understand. Cannot ignore God and then expect God to listen. God is not a bank. Ask for something when it’s needy time. The people in charge are the racists or just evil. They act like they know everyone. I and others have helped more people than all of them put together, 1000 fold. They cannot understand what it means when people actually do something that isn’t political. Called common sense. We do not look at color, race, how old they are, what kind of car they drive or do not drive. That is what Jesus did. Not perfect, but allowed to make mistakes. That is why Jesus died. Until people ask God for forgiveness in Jesus Name they will continue to follow these shallow beliefs like lost sheep. Each person is responsible, or irresponsible for their own soul.

  5. Doesn’t fit the MEDIA NARRATIVE! A bunch of COWARD in the MEDIA! White people need to punch any media in the face! They are COWARD to be honest!

  6. Again, black people are demanding reparations so they don’t have to work or get an education for their own betterment. Why should they, they get everything free; all they gave to do is be a racist and bland the95 poor s4lves on the white peoples.

  7. We all mistake ethnocentrism for racism…it is difficult to bridge the culture gap for a great many people who have only experienced negative interactions with other ‘races’. In the young man’s eyes he was being persecuted for choosing not to follow the norm, and blamed her for being ‘rude’ enough to call him out on his actions. His reaction was predictable, considering the culture he was raised in.

  8. When you are being paid big bucks by people like Soro you only report what they want you to report and since this piece of Garbage hates this country along with Gates and some others like him they tell the worthless media what to say, how to say it, and which reporter has the honor of telling the lie the way they want it done. Asian Americans have nothing to do with anything other then ones that have been sleeping with congressman in DC that are spys in the first place. The other people are going to be in the same boat with the rest of us that are being treated badly by the ignorant people that only hear hate in any language . But it is true that Black Americans are not all bad but the ones that are they are really bad and need to go to jail along with everyone else that is destroying this country and think that they are the superior group and should be treated different from everyone else. You folks can thank the administration that you put in the white house for this being like it is.

  9. The fact that the Media doesn’t cover this type of thing is an issue that needs correcting. What is more important and more critical is our actions and words as a civilization. We no longer have respect for anything that is not in agreement with us. If it looks different than us then it needs to be eliminated is the thinking of today. Folks, we need to take back this nation.

    1. i dont think this will change, everybody talks big but in the end nobody will do a dam thing to change, just p & m


    1. Sure, the media can hear us !
      But obviously they don’t give a damn about the truth !!
      They are not in business to tell the truth … this is not the marxists do !!!!

  11. Biggest racist is hold up in the White House Birds big buddy China Joe Biden he going to put y’all back in chains

    1. To Raymond:

      Exactly right !!!!
      Media doesn’t see it the same as we do because they belong to the same “ clan “ , the marxists!!

  12. Oh I can believe it, it’s happening even in the bay area of CA; several clips shown on the news attacking Asian-American were done by African-American men but no mention or comments by the media.
    Fake news main stream media will only comment that there’s been an increase and blame Trump!

  13. Doesnt it just make you so proud of the media now. They were suppose to report the news, not their opinion…. but of course there is always retractions to their lies…..So who do you trust, if there is ever a civil war in this country you can include the media… stirring the pot. They are fear mongers and liars. I dont trust any of them very far.

  14. My take is that these wanna-be KGB agents who order others to wear masks or maintain s pacings need to STOP. Why do YOU wear a mask? To keep germs out, right? Since you’re protected, why should I have to wear a mask?

  15. Did I miss the news media reporting on the deadly shooting in Chicago or how about the Dallas nightclub shooting, oh wait, there weren’t any racist biased white people involved, so nope!

  16. Sounds like the norm in this country, they think people of color are incapable of being racist. More and more you see more blacks attacks whites or others but people turn a blind eye. Blacks are more racist than any other race.

    1. Totally agree with you. A while back I was asked what races are the worst racist areound. and, imho, I said newyoricans and american blacks. My mom was born in PR but I always consider myself an American. I was also suspended from youtube for answering a black thug moron (he had his picture on his post) who called me a traitor for saying I disagree with the current open borders. So I responded in kind and youtube suspended me!

  17. Hey, we’re building back better ,right? There’s hateful people in this world, just give them the silent treatment, there will Always be Bigots around, just look at our senators, Democratic ones that is. Duckworth, Hirono.

    1. Us whities……. God forbid you should be white now days…..but the ones that make the issues are the hypocrites. Who’d thought….right.

      1. unfortunately, although you are right 99% of the racial attacks are PERPRETATED against whites not blacks, the rest of us that are in between continue to have racist acts against one because we disagree with the racial bias most blacks have against anybody. I mentioned that I disagree with the crisis at the border and was called a traitor to my people” by a racist black thug. He came back with a slew of insults about mexicnas, which I am not, hispanics which although I have those genes I consider myself an American not a mexican american. and I responded in kind. youtube suspended me!.

  18. Why am I not surprised that nothing has been shown or even mentioned by the media, very simple reason the guy who was running his mouth off is not white the incident doesn’t fit the garbage the left is spouting

    1. Black people can be racists if they want; they are never called out for their racism, and you can see them being racists everyday.

    2. Correct Bob – He’s must be a Black Bidenite ? Seems as though MANY of them are coming out of the woodwork ? Have ya noticed ? Thanks so much Barry Soetoro.

    3. The so called “culture destroying american family values is “negro culture!!” If you will excuse me for even calling it “culture!” I’m not too sure what it really is!

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