Man heckles Jill Biden in Connecticut: ‘You owe us gas money’

With President Joe Biden doing such a poor job in the White House, it’s not surprising to learn that first lady Jill Biden is beginning to feel the heat from a very ticked-off American public, especially regarding issues like sky-high gas prices and soaring grocery costs. People are mad, and rightfully so.

Recently, during a visit to New Haven, Connecticut, which once was a solid-blue, Dem-friendly city, the first lady was brutally heckled over her husband’s poor performance as president.

The man who heckled the first lady shouted his displeasures with President Biden loudly, even going as far as saying that the first couple owes Americans “gas money.”

Jill Biden, presumably embarrassed, pretended as if she didn’t hear anything other than a crowd singing Joe Biden’s praises, shouting back, “Thank you! Thank you for the support!”

According to the New York Post, another man, outside of the ice cream shop Jill Biden was visiting, shouted, “You suck!”

Jill Biden was at the New Haven ice cream shop on a visit with Gov. Ned Lamont (D), who gleefully tweeted a picture of their appearance later that day, bragging on their mutual love for ice cream.

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to drop as the country faces the tightening grip of soaring inflation, and an expected new round of interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, which will likely continue to cripple the economy for the foreseeable future. Voters are expected to take out their frustrations with the record-high prices of goods and services at the polls, come November.