Majorie Taylor Greene RIPS Capitol rioters for ruining election objection plans

Marjorie Taylor Greene is media enemy number 1 right now. The media is intent on tarring all Republicans with the same brush as the capitol rioters, and in their eyes, MJT is an easy mark.

They didn’t count on this though. MJT may be outspoken, but like every Republican I know, including President Trump, she’s not on board with the rioters.

Fox reports:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene denounced the Capitol rioters Tuesday and said they were attacking all lawmakers — Republicans and Democrats — when they stormed the Capitol during the Jan. 6 joint session to count electoral votes.

“The attack RUINED our objection that we spent weeks preparing for, which devastated our efforts on behalf of Trump and his voters,” Greene, R-Ga., said in a tweet.

She continued: “They placed pipe bombs at the RNC and the DNC the night before. They did NOT just target one party. They targeted Republicans and Democrats. They were against the government ALL together.”

“I will be forever grateful to my Republican colleagues who bravely helped the police protect us and blocked the door,” Greene continued. “They courageously risked their lives against the attackers trying to get in.”

MJT also added that President Trump is “the victim of the never ending hate fueled witch hunt.”

That’s what impeachment is about – taking the actions of a few hundred murderous idiots, many Proud Boys and possibly many anarchists and antifa among them, and trying to pin them on President Trump. It won’t stick.

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    1. They tell the pepole that there opinion matters. Then have a election just to steel it away from the pepole that voted. Just because they don’t like who you voted for. Then go agenst the law to try and put the person out so he cant ever run again.and put someone they wanted in office.that has a criminal investigation on him Sounds like to me they are really trying to hide what they have opinion but it looks like we have a bunch of crooks in office we all need to drop to are knees and pray for America.

  1. Four years attacking Trump ,even before he was sworn in. The hatred by all these Democrat ,and some republicans Rinos, would have buried any weak person. Trump had the courage to face all that anger and still did more for the country than the last three presidents. You know it’s true, he will go down as one Great president. That’s my opinion. Wake up folks we need to put down the media and Biden , for years from now we will be a communist country run by China.

  2. Mr. Trump will easily get past this show and then make plans for payback remember mid terms 2022 take the house and shut the left down! It is so true what goes around comes around!

  3. Well put, anyone can edit speeches, conversations, videos etc to paint the narrative they want to sell. By JN 6 it was common knowledge that the election had been stolen and that no judge, court including SCOTUS was interested in even seeing evidence, because if they did, they would have to take a stand for truth! Ask yourself why 100% judges refuse to see anything, why Dems afraid of conducting full audits at disputed states. Why did not one single judge order audits to help Trump voters accept his defeat. By not doing this one easy request, they participated in inciting the attack by radicals, not the Trump supporters. Why were they all so afraid of having all disputed states conduct full audits to have only verified and legal votes counted??? And, Why would Trump risk his Presidency that he knows is backed up by hard evidence still to be revealed. And being the Patriot he is, loving this country it’s constitution, it’s founders and honor for what we represent participate in this stupid and horrific attack on our Capitol He is too patriotic for taking part in stunts like that, but guess who are not patriotic, guess who hates our country, the democrats!!!! This story is far from over. re read Trumps EO 18? dealing with election interference abroad and domestic that he wrote in September 2018, updated in Dec 2020 extending it for another year. This means it is in affect now! Perhaps he sent a copy to Pelosi, about the time she went into an impeachment frenzy with such frenzy. Read the latest Times article of how a highly coordinated, (Google, Twitter, face book, cnn, abc, msn, big Corp and their wealthy friends), was successful. Ongoing collusion such as weekly zoom calls, donations given to remake the voting processes with lack rules of what constitutes as a valid vote, suppressing Hunter Biden story after lie that it was disinformation, Zuckaburg donating 300 million for creating and enacting a system for large ballot volume election to include changing voting rules through illegal means at state level and illegal counting votes processes.
    Again I encourage reading Trumps EO every word!!!

  4. there wont be any election according to dems they control everything so how do you plan on voting, they cheated this election , so we wont be having elections, so how is that going to work.

  5. President Trump will be exonerated, the impeachment sham will blow up in piglosi’s face and the demonrats will again be defeated! Once that is done, articles of impeachment should be brought against Piglosi, Schumer, biden, Harris and all their cohorts! And start prosecuting antifa and “ black lies matter” operatives, someone will roll over on those who paid for this “ insurrection” and they will pay!

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