Majorie Taylor Greene RIPS Capitol rioters for ruining election objection plans

Marjorie Taylor Greene is media enemy number 1 right now. The media is intent on tarring all Republicans with the same brush as the capitol rioters, and in their eyes, MJT is an easy mark.

They didn’t count on this though. MJT may be outspoken, but like every Republican I know, including President Trump, she’s not on board with the rioters.

Fox reports:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene denounced the Capitol rioters Tuesday and said they were attacking all lawmakers — Republicans and Democrats — when they stormed the Capitol during the Jan. 6 joint session to count electoral votes.

“The attack RUINED our objection that we spent weeks preparing for, which devastated our efforts on behalf of Trump and his voters,” Greene, R-Ga., said in a tweet.

She continued: “They placed pipe bombs at the RNC and the DNC the night before. They did NOT just target one party. They targeted Republicans and Democrats. They were against the government ALL together.”

“I will be forever grateful to my Republican colleagues who bravely helped the police protect us and blocked the door,” Greene continued. “They courageously risked their lives against the attackers trying to get in.”

MJT also added that President Trump is “the victim of the never ending hate fueled witch hunt.”

That’s what impeachment is about – taking the actions of a few hundred murderous idiots, many Proud Boys and possibly many anarchists and antifa among them, and trying to pin them on President Trump. It won’t stick.