Major US fuel pipeline forced to halt operations following cyber attack

In an event that has the potential to significantly disrupt the nation’s energy resources and cause serious headaches for the Biden administration, major supply Colonial Pipeline was forced take operations offline on Friday as the result of what appears to have been a cyber attack of serious proportions, as Reuters reports.

Early indications are that the attack represents one of the most serious ransomware incidents in history, and underscores the deep vulnerability of American energy infrastructure to hacking of this type. The pipeline company issued a statement on the event, saying, according to Breitbart:

On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline Company learned it was the victim of a cybersecurity attack. In response, we proactively took certain systems offline to contain the threat, which has temporarily halted all pipeline operations, and affected some of our IT Systems

Colonial Pipeline provides roughly half of fuel supply to the East Coast, and should a lengthy shutdown of these 5,500 miles of pipeline be required, prices are predicted to spike during the run-up to the peak travel season this summer, something the economy – still rebounding from the effects of the pandemic – can ill afford.

Amy Myers Jaffe of the Climate Policy Lab sounded the alarm about the potential impact of the shutdown, saying, “This is as close as you can get to the jugular of infrastructure in the United States,” adding, “It’s not a major pipeline. It’s the pipeline,” Reuters noted.

The Washington Post reported that officials from federal law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security have begun investigation the situation, but “do not yet know whether the attack on top U.S. fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline was carried out by foreign government actors or a criminal group.”

Even so, one sources close to the probe indicated that investigators are honing in on a group known as “DarkSide,” that has a history of using ransomware and other extortion techniques, but which has established a pattern of steering clear of targets within post-Soviet countries, according to Reuters.

CNBC reported that President Joe Biden has been briefed on the situation, and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Sunday that federal authorities are working to prevent serious supply disruptions.

During an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, Raimondo declared, “This is what businesses now have to worry about. Unfortunately, these sorts of attacks are becoming more frequent. They’re here to stay.”

Because there is yet to be a projected timeline for Colonial’s operations to come back online, the eventual impact on fuel prices remains to be seen, but the danger to the Biden administration’s post-pandemic economic recovery appears to be quite serious, indeed.

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  3. biden is a joke he’s just a little imp doing obamas & clintons & the democrats bidings but God said it was going to get much , much worse ,,,,, i would love to see Trump back in office ,,,, if some how , some way there could be a way he ( Trump ) could get back in office i would be one to help him if needed
    but Trump isn’t stupid if there was a way i’m sure he would be back by now ,,,, good luck to everyone that thinks Trump should be there now ,,,, the only way we are going to be ok is a civil war ,,, but i don’t want that to happen either ,,,,, china would love to see that happening ,,,, it would make there attack
    that much easier ,,,,


  5. BO BO Biden has always been helpless in everything in Congress for the 47 years that he has been led around by the the likes of OBAMMIE by a ring in his nose. He is a parasite living off the backs of taxpayers and working to destroy this Great Country and now he is trying to finish this life long project to finnaly do the job that BAM BAM BOMMIE has trained him for the last 8 years.

  6. Beware of Illusion and deception by these Marxist. False Flags are how these horrible people gain more control while they destroy our Constitutional Republic.

  7. Biden is against gasoline. I wonder who really is the cyber terrorist. Who realy shut down the pipeline.

  8. Well it’s perfectly clear that IQ is not something you have to have to be a politician. When Joe Biden thought we the people was the government that says it all. Just in case you Millennials or woke people don’t know We the People is the people of America not the federal government or local government. What a flipping idiot wow God save us all because Joe Biden and the Democrat certainly cannot.

  9. I have an idea why can’t someone find a fencing company cable of building the wall President Trump was building and then set up a number you can call to donate to the fund. We the people could put all we could to get it done.Then the government couldn’t complain about cost cause we the people donating.

  10. Biden will have a study done. That means funneling more taxpayer money to Democrat donor consultants, while continuing to pay government employees big bucks.

  11. In my opinion Biden is selling the U.S.A. put to China because of Hunters connections.This is treason at the highest level and should be treated accordingly.The White House needs to drain the swamp as soon as our legal president is back into office.

  12. Biden’s not “help less” just “hope less”!! Time to resurrect Keystone from Biden’s EO as well as drilling on federal lands!!!!!

  13. Who gave this government and/or this website the authority to monitor, censor, delete or, simply ignore the comments that they may disagree with or, don’t approve of? I strongly support our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and I say, right here and now, that this government and/or this website are violating our laws and rights when they pick and choose what comments can be posted and, those that cannot! I firmly believe that a thief is a thief and a traitor is a traitor and so on. Just because someone doesn’t like that, doesn’t give them the right to delete my opinion! As an example, I thought that my vote for a government official counted but, the 2020 elections proved me wrong. Voter Fraud, in some societies is acceptable but, I never thought that it would be allowed here in America. But, although millions of Americans voiced their opinions opposing Voter Fraud, it’s still alive and well here in our Republic!

  14. I don’t believe anything Biden has to say , he is a liar and I wouldn’t be shocked if he did it himself so we had to buy oil from the EU ????????????????? The Dems have a history of causing havoc , when it suits them especially when they want POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Joe Biden is involved in that scam there was no Cyber attack that what they are telling American people Since Biden in office we have All kinds of problems Biden and China are out to destroy our country i like to know why Biden has not been impeached if it was Trump he would been impeached 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. I heard if you open borders someone might come in that we the people can not have.. not that king biden cares about protecting this country.. only if he can get his monkeys off his back from all the not so called stolen as hail elections helpers.. heck swallow there was jet setting all over the world with a chinese spy.. nothing to see he but more democrap actions alltohailwithkingbiden

  17. Evidently, my first comment has been blocked by the “POWERS TO BE”, because they either disagree or don’t want my comments to be shared with others. So, I’ll just say this, if you consider yourself to be a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN the time is now to rise up, take up arms and defend our Republic!

  18. Solutions for:
    Beef up security
    apply all Utilities
    Update IT security systems
    Train staff
    Vet IT staffers
    Set Uniform Cyber rules
    apply nationwide

  19. Biden and the democratic cartel have taken over the country and are out to destroy it. It will be sold to the highest bidder (China)

  20. Doesn’t it seem “convenient “ that another Ill timed disaster hits Americans just as we’re trying to pick up the pieces from the last one?
    I’m not a conspiracy theory nut, but it seems to me that this will be another “tragedy” that will spur more leftist demands for increased garbage legislation to further restrict our freedoms in some way!
    Whether it’s more dependence on Biden’s masters in Beijing or more BS accusations of Right/Republican involvement, I feel that we as Americans are NOT going to like what comes out of this!

  21. This is all about the Marxist theorem to destroy us internally by ruining the economy, dividing people by race and ethnicity, and reducing education to “wokeness” before another war gets started – CHINA. Joe just thinks that he’ll still be president. Nope. Not gonna happen. We’re going to be re-educated for those who survive and we’ll learn Mandarin.. Nice job, Joe.

    1. Within His First 100 days in Office , I
      was believing , Biden was Selling US
      Out . Now , it’s clear . That’s just what
      He’s doing . Now for Sure , we need guns & Plenty of AMMO . God help us
      All .

  22. let biden walk to every where he has to go or give him one of these self driving cars & let him go to sleep in it !!!! he might wake up when he reaches his destination…… when he wakes up if he does he will be happy he rode in the first eletric car that drives its self,,,,

  23. Time to get Trump elected in new election democommies cheated and stole last election that’s why they are so scared of Arizona results ! There have been new elections in lower offices for the crap democommies pulled before! Do this before we have no country we can’t wait four years doesn’t anyone have the Balls to get this rolling ? Or we go to our bombshelters next!!!

  24. Its time for the people of the United States step up and remove the Biden administration from power immediately and permanently

    1. For sure !

      None of this IS Going to STOP until the American Citizens Remove Marxist Joe and along with
      ALL his Supporting Globalist Minions !

  25. Gloria, these people will need to be sent thru a “grifters anonymous” program before they can figure out what work is. Fixing problems is something democrats have never accomplished, fixing elections is another story. Greenie think starts with actions such as China Joe’s and spirals downward from there.

  26. Isn’t it convenient that just as summer comes along out pipeline gets attack so that us poor working people have to pay through the nose to be able to take our families on vacation Being locked up for a year wasn’t enough, now they want to take what little we have left at the pumps, our groceries, and anything else they can take from us so we can’t move once again. Screw this entire administration, I can only hope that one day they have to live from hand to mouth so they can see what it’s like!

  27. This is only the tip of the iceberg. We have government that seems to be anti American. Either that or they cannot or will not do anything to stop this havoc in our country. This is. Venezuela in America. The only real Americans taking any action whatsoever are the Conservative governors of the last decent states of America. You know who they are.

  28. Did Democrats get Trump out of office that’s what they wanted. Maybe they’re happy now. They wanted to New World order in affecting everybody miserable so maybe that’ll make all Democrats happy.

    1. Well, Angela, there are those who thrive on misery but, you know what they say–‘misery’ loves company!!! Seems they’ll have plenty of that very soon.

      1. That’s true, but there is a silver lining! It’s called recount from all the states who said that he won, and the American people know who won the president seat. It ain’t Biden or Harris or Obama. But if we the American people stand up shoulder to shoulder and raise our voices, someone might listen. But I think it’s time to find out what is really going on. You reap what you sow and God will help everyone who truly believed in Him? As many people that I know or have known they trust only one person. That’s the Lord! If you look at what is going on around the world it seems that Hamas has attacked Israel and the Taliban has attacked children’s schools again. So far 85 dead, some missing and a lot hurt kids.


  29. This is serious and the pipe line that Biden so blingly closed down we the America People should demand that work must be resumed on it, The Canadian pipe line is very important to our Country and we guess Biden does not understand that!!!Start the Work!

    1. Hello Gloria. Biden fully understands how important the Canadian Pipe Line is to our country, that’s why he shut it down! He’s forcing Americans to buy oil from his criminal cohorts, the Communist Chinese. The Biden Crime Family are not only thieves, they are traitors that we need to deal with!

      1. Well, now doesn’t this pipeline feed a large section of the country that avidly supports the New Green Deal? This is their opportunity to cut their dependence on those terrible fossil fuels and go green! Show the rest of us how it is done! We will watch avidly from the sidelines and observe how well it works… I can just see it now — windmills &solar panels lifting all those elevators in skyscrapers! Better health thru publicly-supplied stairs! Reduced CO2 emissions—for the UN and DC. Use horse trolleys for public transportation. The droppings can then be used to fertilize the rooftop gardens!!!

    2. he knows, or should I say Obama knows the importance of the pipeline. that is exactly why he shut it down. we can demand that it start up until we turn blue, our voices are not heard, and do not matter to the obiden administration. if our words mattered, we would have gotten forensic audits of all swing states.

    3. Well, guess we will have to wait again till flunkee Biden calls Obama and asks him what he should do. A worthless deadbeat nutty president – that is all Biden is.

      1. NO CHINA JOE THE CHILD MOLESTER is not a president, he’s a FAUX president just like Obama Bin Lying was. THANK YOU DEMONRAT PATSIES, DEAD FOLKS, AND ALL THE ILLEGALS who VOTED for this NIT WIT FAUX PRESIDENT, CHILD MOLESTING GROPER… TREASON is the WORD for these DEMONRATS and should all be brought up on these Charges according to WE THE PEOPLE”S CONSTITUTION given to us by our FOUNDING FATHERS… All these DEMONRAT LOW LIVES do id NOTHING but to TRY and DESTROY OUR”WE THE PEOPLES CONSTITUTION”…

    4. Oh Biden very well understand that, he want ruin our country to make it easy prey for China.

    5. He knows. His cartel also wants you too buy electric coffins on WHEELS. . No gasoline to be refined. But guess what.. electric coffins on wheels must have electricity too charge… Guess who will have their fingers on the electric. GRID., too shut down this entire country. DOESNT ANYONE WANT TOO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT EVERY SINGLE EO DOES. NOT JUST NOW, BUT FUTURE. OBAMAO WAS THE IDIOT, WHO MADE 20 EO’S BUT IT SPIRALED, INTO AFFECTING 100. EVEN THE TRUMP ADMIN. PLAYED HLL CHASING THEM ALL DOWN.

  30. Where are all of the US reserves??? What happened to all of our headway in being a top producer of oil under Trump?? OH yea….now we have Biden, who sold us down the river in that dept. UGH!!

    1. Biden probably can’t find the ENTER key on a computer keyboard….gets Psaki to write his lies for him…

    2. the reserves were shipped to china the week Biden took office. that was the plan. to make us dependent on foreign oil, again. what happened is that biden wrote e.o’s that stopped fracking, stopped the pipeline. no fracking, no new reserves, no pipeline, the oil is being shipped via railcar on railroad owned by deep pockets biden donor who now wants re-payment of his donation. you should read more.

      1. How do we the people go against them? Just like the wall.? Why can’t we the people finish it?im sure these men being laid off “ by Biden”
        Know someone with equipment n how to get it up!! The rest of us can block them or load them back to the outside of the U.S.

    3. the reserves are in Texas,, too many left wingers to try to store it on the eastern section of the uUSA..

      1. Biden is extremely stupidly ignorant. He cannot do anything right for our country. Biden is destroying our great country.

      2. The oil industry was booming in Texas before Biden got in office, now it is dead. The new Green Deal penalizes America for being able to take care of it’s citizens and allows China and India to pollute more than all the other countries combined.

      3. The Reserves are not in Texas!!!! They’re in North East close to Capital!!!!! And we used most of them last decade and haven’t replenished them to this day! Remember, Biden

        1. The reserves Have NEVER BEEN on the East coast, they are stored for the most part in “Depleted” Production areas, Have YOU ever heard of an Oil well in D.C. ? Me neither and I was a Petroleum Geologist ( one of the guys who calculates Reservoir size and flow rates ) In The Patch for Over 35 years

    4. Hey I thought Cali had gone GREEN??? Why do they need gasoline???Or for that fact water??? They dump more water in the ocean to save little fish than to feed it’s citizens. Poor mgmt, poor results.

        1. It was in the process of being built. Creepy Joe shut it down costing thousands of jobs and increased our dependence on other country’s oil. With the apparent weakness for ransomware to the infrastructure of the east coast, I hope they have their electric cars hacked by the same ransomware. Just proves that the environmental wackos don’t think events through fully. What will they do for food when the 18 wheelers run out of gas? STARVE!

      1. Biden is the worst puppet president eve in America’s history after all he is ACROOK and con man all his life hey joe you want to do 50 push ups against all the TRUMP VOTERS YOU SHOULD BE IMPEACHED ASAP U R A LOSER JOE

    5. The oil reserves are still there, but sleepy Joe is not about to tap into those reserves because it would mean that we could pay less for gasoline.

    6. Biden is a disaster & his scheme to confiscate wealth will collapse America. The cost of everything is going up & his policies have weakened our SECURITY & EMBOLDENED our
      enemies. CRIME & SHOOTINGS have increased. We are unable to control our borders & still having riots & destruction in our
      major cities. We must have secure elections so
      our Government is elected by the people & not
      the so-called elites who are in charge now.

    7. Please, those of you retired or at home workers…drive as LITTLE as possible so those who do the work to keep our country running well, can have the gas they require for getting to-from work and what they need to do travel wise on the job. This is not a huge sacrifice but it will certainly make a big difference for those who are on that line to make the country work well!!!
      It’s a good idea for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

    8. Reserves are at the Intake end of the pipeline, ready and waiting, but an Unsecured network, Like an Unsecured border has caused all this Trouble….

    9. Seems, like, Biden energy minister is delighted She wants, all signs, of the modern world removed.

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